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Reinventing Yourself in 2020

Reinventing Yourself in 2020

It is 2:22 am. My ultimate concierge and my personality plush pooch, America are fast asleep. Our home in California is as still as can be, but I’m not. My mind is deep in think mode; filled with a million thoughts and pictures of people. My heart is filled with joy and sadness as I look back on 2019. Within these first 18 days of January, the past year in my life has weaved in and out of my mind as I take inventory of important events, how I handled them and what I learned from them.

Life for every GRANDwoman is very complex because of the people, situations and the satisfying and exasperating events we deal with. Looking back on 2019, when I faced exasperating situations I would say to myself, “deal.” And, when I was just plain content I would think with a sigh, “I am so grateful.” Therefore, I will continue to ‘deal’ and to enjoy the feeling of gratitude in 2020 because that is what GRANDwomen do.

Do your own personal due diligence, and delve into your thoughts and write them down.

I think it is prudent for all of us to write down important personal incidents that had a significant and positive psychological impact on us in 2019. Remember that every negative has a positive. There were a number of notable occurrences in my life; some very serious, some very laughable, some very sad. They all had a transforming effect on me. They touched me in one way or another, and I grew.

A Few Categories to Reflect On

Travel sparks a curiosity. Retirement opens the gate to a new life style. Moving brings new friends from a new community. New acquaintances bring in new personal growth.

Positive conversations with family and friends, observation of the actions of others, reading stimulating articles and books, the death of a loved one or close family member, and the loss of a friendship can all be very transforming events that lead to new awareness. Certain situations spark new emotional awareness. Writing them down opens a doorway to growth.

Pinnacles in Life

During the year of 2019 certain events had such an impact on me that I reached a new pinnacle in my life. At times I felt powerful and introduced positive changes that will stay with me forever. I can never go back.

I am forever more my own woman. Everything in my past has led me to this point. I am a woman who is very comfortable with my credentials. Yet, I still have a ways to go because I see a whole mountain range to climb. I just have more tools and skills to climb it. And, so do you.

What is a pinnacle in a woman’s life?

It is experiences occurring over a specific period of time that create major life changes which transform you. The first pinnacle is from birth to 34 years of age. The second is 35-43. The third is from 44-52. The fourth is from 53-onward. Think about the pinnacles in your life and how they can enhance your life in 2020. GRANDwomen spend time thinking.

When I was in the third pinnacle of my life I would never have said the things that I say now:

“If you don’t want to talk to me, that’s fine…I wish you well.”

Or, “If you were unkind to me, it is all OK…I learned.”

Or, “I must be true to myself even when I stand alone.”

If I Could Wish Upon A Star Right Now

If I could wish upon a star I would wish our family still had our young family member. May she rest in peace. And, I would wish my grand daughter Skylar had not been diagnosed with Cancer.

If I could wish upon a star I would shout out… “Listen very closely to your heart. Your heart is your guardian angel.”

If I could wish upon a star I would shout out… “Listen to your instincts.”

If I could wish upon a star I would wish… “Darlings, make 2020 your year of reinventing yourself in some marvelous manner that will make your heart sing to the rooftops. Feel your GRANDwoman spirit.”

If I could wish upon a star I would shout out… “Thank you, thank you for all my blessings.”

Onward Into 2020

I plan to seize the moment and take chances. Also, I will continue to be a frazzled, dazzled GRANDwoman with Moxie.

I will continue to revel in my pioneering spirit.

I will add new accessories of all types to my life; from fashion accessories, to new acquaintances, to fresh ideas, to exciting travels. This excites me!

I will subtract all that distracts me from thinking and feeling positive and vibrant. That includes, people and things.

I will continue to be authentic, empathetic, resilient, forgiving and loving. And, I will always be grateful.

I will try and stay in the moment and not be distracted and improve my computer skills.

Darlings, please write a list of your plans for 2020.

For my Darlings who are struggling.

Stay hopeful.

Set a goal. Make a plan.

Stop and smell the roses, and appreciate what is free.

Raise a glass to yourself… it is time for you to live in 2020.


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  1. I Loved this and needed to hear these things. My husband and I went through some very difficult times with his health, mine, and our marriage. I am happy to say we weathered all those storms and are doing better than ever. For various reasons there are a few friends that have made it clear they do not want a relationship with my husband. There are times in social situations where they have been plain rude. These were friends for 40 years that we have so much history with. I was crushed and hurt. My husband is hurt. I finally got to a point where I felt I miss move on but it’s very difficult. I’m in a better place with this than 6 months ago. Any other words of wisdom? Thank you Honey!

    1. I wrote to you on Ask Honey and answered your question as best I could not knowing what the various reasons were. Go to and look for Ask Honey. It was Thursday. Warmly, Honey

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