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Here’s why you should be grateful and why you should pass it on

I’ve talked many times in the past about how important gratitude is in your life. And for this Thanksgiving, I just wanted to remind you darlings how crucial it is to feel gratitude and pass it on.

There are benefits that grateful people enjoy. Being positive is good for your health and there are lots of ways to remind yourself of what you have to be grateful for. I wrote about some of my tips for living a grateful life here. So what and who in your life should you give thanks?

Most recently I wrote about my gratitude for all the people who bring joy to my life who might not fall into the family or friend categories. You have them in your life too. If you think about the barista who always makes your coffee just right or the kind coworker who always smiles and says “good morning” you should remember to count those people among your blessings. Don’t forget to thank them for these things that may seem small. They make your life a little brighter. You can read the story here.

Having friends with whom I “click” is also a point of great gratitude for me. It is something I can’t describe other than feeling like these women with whom I have grown close are kindred spirits. I have made it a point to make time for these relationships darlings because these relationships feed my soul.  If you have these women in your life tell them how much they mean to you. Read my story about how I have formed these close friendships here.

And last, but certainly not least, I am grateful for my beautiful blended family and my husband and ultimate concierge, Shelly. I wrote about him and my gratitude for his kind words and attitude in my recent time of illness. My love and gratitude for him were overwhelming and it really made me think of the power of positive words. You can read that story here.

Darlings, it’s important to pass this gratitude on. It may seem like something that people will inherently feel, but in the past, I have shared how to instill this mindset in your grandchildren. I wrote a story of tips that you can read here. The hardest tip for use grandparents might be to resist the urge to shower them with material things. We want to give them everything, but honestly dear readers, the most important thing we can give them are memories and life lessons.

I am grateful for and all of you. I just love this community and your comments and conversation. Happy Thanksgiving and may you find something to be thankful for all 365 days of the year!

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