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33 Fun & Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Your Grandkids

Easter Sunday is around the corner which means you may be looking for some fun and unique Easter basket gifts for your grandchildren. I put together this list of Easter gifts that work great for an Easter basket, and I’ve also included a few Easter gift ideas for teens as well as Easter gifts for adults. You know I am all about gifts from the heart, and sharing moments in time is a wonderful gift, so many of the Easter gifts include activities you can enjoy with your grandkids. Nothing could be better!

Whether you’re sending an Easter gifts over the miles or you’re fortunate enough to deliver that Easter basket in person, here are my current favorites! And please note, even if you don’t celebrate Easter, these could be considered gifts for Passover or even just beautiful spring gifts.


Easter Baskets for the Grandkids

These sweet baskets will last more than one year and can be filled with Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, or any of the goodies below. For the youngest kids, I love the adorable G6 Collection Handwoven Rattan Basket in a pig design as a nice alternative to the bunnies. The Ollie Ella Blossom Basket comes in five shades including pink, natural, and yellow. Surprise a set of siblings or cousins with matching baskets that double as storage in their rooms with the set of two Baum Round Taper Bunny Baskets.

For older kids and teens, the Green & Blue Braided Storage Basket gives off a more sophisticated Easter basket vibe. For any older kids including adult children and grandchildren surprise them with a sturdy option they can use year after year around the house. I really love the color of this set of two Wire Baskets in Robin’s Egg Blue. And finally, this Woven Basket from Terrain is perfect when Easter has passed to use for harvesting goodies from the garden or taking to the Farmer’s Market.


Easter Basket Stuffers for Your Grandchildren

Grandchildren of all ages still appreciate a spring themed gift or two. Here are some options I adore.

Easter Basket Gifts for the Youngest Ones: Babies and Toddlers

Read together with your favorite littlest bunny with this sweet, interactive board book, Hop, Peek-and-Flap. For Easter basket stuffers, the Happy Spring 5-Piece Finger Puppet Set features baby-safe finger puppets of bunnies, chicks, and a lamb. Wrap those babies up in a bunny-themed set from Carters complete with a tiny-eared bunny hat. It’s gender-neutral colors make it easy to pass from baby to baby over the years. I also love this bunny-themed, cotton blanket that’s fancy enough to throw over a chair and cozy enough to swaddle your favorite wee one.

For a bit of a splurge that won’t quite fit in a basket, pop a festive bow on one of these gifts that encourage kids and their grandparents to stay active! I love this Tender Leaf Toys Running Rabbit Ride that’s suitable for ages 18 months and up. Imagine scooting down the sidewalk with a little one on this adorable thing! Toddlers can embrace spring on this Scoot bike. Go for a walk in the park in the nicer spring weather and let them scoot along to their heart’s content.

Easter Basket Gifts for Kids

I’ve mentioned my favorite gifts are the gifts of time together, so many of these gifts I’ve chosen for grandchildren can become bonding experiences for you and them, or for your adult children to do with their children.

  • This set of Easter gnomes Bingo cards can be played by the whole family.
  • If your grandkids enjoy Jenga or other skill games, this wooden stacking game can be customized before you play. It comes with a set of pens to decorate the blocks.
  • For an ongoing activity that brings the right amount of wonder, this set of growing creatures, including a llama, a mermaid, and a unicorn, grow when placed in a jar of water. If you have grandkids at a great distance, you can send them a set of these then keep one for yourself, and show them on a video chat the progress of your growing collection.
  • Peeps are a signature treat this time of year, but for a sugar-free version, try these adorable Peeps hair clips.
  • If you’re looking to add a unique Easter basket gift, check out this set of plush, velveteen carrots.
  • And naturally you’ll want to add in a plush toy, like this Kids Soft Cuddly Friends Pipsy Chick. Honestly, it could be a stand-alone gift it’s so precious.

You can also bake some cookies, and this sweet set of cookie cutters will nestle perfectly in any Easter basket. And, of course, no Easter basket is complete without classic chocolate Easter Bunny like these high-end ones from Saks. And if you prefer your Easter baskets filled, you can also count on Gbds Somebunny Special Easter Gift Basket with a plush bunny, marshmallow Peeps, Cadbury eggs, a chocolate Easter bunny, and assorted other treats in a beautiful 11-inch white Easter basket.

Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

Teenagers may have outgrown the great Egg Hunt but they’re still kids and it’s nice to give them a more sophisticated Easter basket. Here are a few Easter basket ideas for teens that won’t cost a fortune and will bring your grandchildren joy.

Easter Gifts for Adults

Whether it’s your adult children or your adult grandchildren, a thoughtful gift that celebrates spring is always welcome. Remember, when in doubt, you can always send Easter flowers or candy. But if you’re in the market for some Easter gifts for grownups, here are a few ideas.

Stories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal

Stories for my grandchild book

Stories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal is a wonderful way to share your stories and pass on your wisdom.

I sincerely hope that you’ll consider adding my book to your grand’s basket, Stories for My Grandchild. It was written with love by me but its purpose it for you to pass on special stories to your grands! In it you’ll find prompts to bring out your best stories that your children and grandchildren will cherish for years to come. Buy Stories for My Grandchild here.

I hope you find something wonderful and heartfelt you can give from this list. You might also enjoy my post: Ways to Bond with your Grandchildren.

*Honey Good may receive a small commission on items purchased from links on this site. This is at no additional cost to you.

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