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Easter is just a week from Sunday, have you thought about what gifts you might get for your grandkids? Or your children, nieces, or nephews. You know I am all about gifts from the heart, and sharing moments in time is a wonderful gift.

This list of gifts for Easter includes activities you can enjoy together. Nothing could be more special.

If you are not fortunate enough to be with your grandchildren, due to distance or other circumstances, you can be together in other ways. My recommendation is to use a device, such as my favorite Google Nest Hub Max, and enjoy time together, even when separated by distance. When it comes to the activities — buy two, one for you and one for them, you can do them together on a video call!

By the way, if you do not celebrate Easter, many of these gifts could be Passover, or “just because” gifts for spring.



The first gift idea on the list combines two things children love, to color and eat cookies! Easter Cookies Decorating Kit – Fun for kids of all ages, this kit comes with edible markers, for mess-free decorating!

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Paint & Plant Stoneware Flower Gardening Kit- easter gift for grandkids

The second Easter gift for your grandkid will bring joy and create memories. Paint & Plant Stoneware Flower Gardening Kit. Paint the 3 stoneware pots, the stoneware tray, and plant markers, and sow the Marigold, Cosmos, and Zinnia flowers – with vibrant colors and pleasant scents. 

Get the kit here on Amazon.

The Best Easter Gift You Can Give Your Grandkids is Time Shared Together

Paint & Decorate Your Own Wooden Magnets Craft Kit – Butterflies, Hearts, Flowers easter gifts for grandkids

The next gift idea is perfect for spring or Easter. Paint & Decorate Your Own Wooden Magnets Craft Kit – Butterflies, Hearts, Flowers. Each set includes 4 paint pots, a paintbrush, 12 gem stickers, and glitter glue for decorating. In addition, boys would love this too! 

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Magic Rainbow Scratch Paper - Easter gift ideas for grandchildren

Magic Rainbow Scratch Paper. Directly scratch the surface of the black scratch-off paper with the wooden stylus to reveal the amazing colorful patterns underneath. Most importantly, it’s a great way to encourage your kids to write fun notes and draw pictures for each other and family. 

Get the kit here on Amazon.

Easter Egg Dinosaur Toys for Kids - Dig up 12 Eggs & Discover Surprise Dinosaurs

Next up, the perfect gift for the budding scientist in your life. Dinosaur Egg Toys for Kids – Dig up 12 Eggs & Discover Surprise Dinosaurs. Curate their curiosity with these dinosaur eggs! 

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Paint Your Own Turtle Stepping Stone

For the next gift idea, we have a Paint Your Own Turtle Stepping Stone. This lovely keepsake will be the gift that keeps on giving. Whether your grandchildren place it in their own garden, they will think of you. Or perhaps they will gift it back to you for your garden! 

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Paint Your Own Suncatchers- perfect gift for Easter for grandchildren

The next idea for an Easter gift for your grandkids is beautiful a suncatcher. Create Your Own Window Art – Paint Your Own Suncatchers. Give the gift of smiles with a hands-on craft that will bring light to your life! 

Get them here on Amazon.

Stories for My Grandchildren, by Honey Good
And next, Stories for my Grandchild- A Grandmother’s Journal. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my own book. It is the perfect gift and keepsake for your grandkids on any occasion!

I hope you found something on this list of Easter gifts and activities for your grandchildren. At the very least, I hope that you are brainstorming ways to be with them, whether you are near or far. To sum it up, your time is the best gift from the heart!

What is one gift you’ve given or received from the heart? Please tell me in the comments!

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