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The Best Gardening Tools for Women Over 50

Gardening is great for your health, but not just because it’s a physical activity recommended for healthy aging. There’s scientific evidence that digging in dirt releases serotonin, the chemical that acts as an antidepressant in your brain. As our bodies age, some of the more labor intensive aspects of gardening can become difficult.

The good news is that there are many gardening tools and gardening products designed to age with us: whether it’s garden kneelers or easy-grip gardening pruners, at Honey Good, we love anything that helps us garden smarter.

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Here are our favorite gardening tools for women (and men) over 50

Honey Good in garden with the right gardening tools

To be an expert gardener, you have to have the right gardening tools!

Gardening Tools: Pruning Shears

Sometimes the act of just chopping off the bad stuff is a meditation (and a metaphor) in itself. A good pair of pruning shears is an essential tool for any gardener, but things like arthritis or repetitive stress on our hands can limit how long we can spend pruning our roses. These Zenport Ergonomic Pruning Shears don’t take as much effort to squeeze and chop, making them easier to use overall. Similarly, the Zenport Carbon Steel Small Handle Pruning Shears are more suited to smaller hands and are easier to handle. 

Photo of beautiful secateurs courtesy: Terrain

Gardening Tools: Secateurs

Secateurs are smaller and lighter than most hand pruners, and they allow you to be more precise as you’re pruning and ideal for harvesting herbs, vegetables, fruits like strawberries, and cut flowers. Being lighter in nature also makes them easier to handle and keep in your pocket as you stroll the garden. For a truly exquisite pair the Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball Secateurs are hands-down some of the best secateurs on the market, though they are a bit of a splurge at $76. They’ll last forever though and are delicate enough to harvest greens. 

Garden Shears 

Garden shears have flat blades (not curved) and are best suited to shaping herbaceous perennials and harvesting herbs like chives, rosemary, and greens.  The mini, single bow Zenport Heavy Duty Herb and Onion Shears are just 4.5″ long carbon treated blades are used for close shearing of sheep wool, harvesting delicate plants, and topping onions during harvest. Double bow, spring-loaded action automatically opens blades after each cut.

Photo of electric gardening tool courtesy: Wayfair

Can’t Live Without Gardening Tools: Hedge Trimmers & Hedge Shears

If you’ve got a hedge border at your house, the chances are you already own a pair of hedge shears to keep it tidy. However many of these hedge shears have heavy wooden handles and can exhaust the forearms. Instead, try a lighter weight pair, like these Zenport Telescopic Hedge Shears which extend to make it easier to reach farther away without having to climb on a ladder or bend over. 

You can also simplify and purchase an electric hedge trimmer. As long as you find one that is lightweight and easy to use, it makes hedge trimming happen in the blink of an eye. This 2-in-1 Electric Hand Held Gardening Tool by iYofe can be used for hedge trimming as well as pruning and even has a grass shearing attachment which swaps out easily. The entire thing weighs less than two pounds and lasts an hour at full charge, plenty of time for you to shape your topiaries and then retire to the shade for a lemonade! 

Photo of the best gardening tool, the Hori Hori, courtesy: Terrain

Hori Hori Knife 

One of the best gardening tools out there, the Japanese Hori Hori Knife. It can dig, edge, chop, and help ease root-bound plants out of pots. This Barebones Classic Hori Hori has a wooden handle and the blade can be resharpened. 

Gardening Gloves

If you want to keep your nails looking their best and avoid having to scrub your hands too much, a good pair of gardening gloves is a must. They’ll also help with grip and prevent blisters and small scrapes. These High-Performance Gardening Gloves from Womanswork have a beautiful floral pattern, reinforced fingertips, and are machine-washable. 

Photo of adorable spring-themed garden clogs, courtesy: Zappos

Garden Clogs

Preventing falls as we age is important, so a sturdy pair of gardening shoes should be near every home gardener’s back door. Look for shoes that are waterproof and easy to slip on and off but that also offer toe protection. The Hunter Gardening Clogs have a rugged sole and the quality you’d expect from Hunter rain boots. These Western Chief Gardening Clogs are a less expensive option, still offer a solid sole, and come in the most gorgeous shade of yellow that just scream, “Welcome, Spring!” 

Photo of a beautiful linen apron for storing handheld gardening tools courtesy: Terrain

Garden Apron 

Wearing a sturdy apron in the garden gives you a place to keep your pruning shears and secateurs along with twine or twist ties, plus your phone and keys just in case. This olive-colored Lithuanian Linen Apron has serious Martha Stewart vibes in the best way possible. 

Garden Kneeler 

Give your knees a rest by using a soft foam garden kneeler of some kind. The Gardener’s Select Garden Kneeler is excellent for anyone who has mobility issues: turn it one way to be a kneeler with handles to help boost you up, flip it over to be a seat. The Gardman Premium Kneeler is a simple garden kneeling pad that is extra thick for added comfort. Just remember to keep those gardening tools nearby! 

Photo of expanding rake courtesy: Terrain

Rakes & Leaf Blowers 

Gardening tools like rakes are invaluable, but the weight and repetition of using them can be difficult, especially if recovering from surgery or illness. A lightweight rake can do wonders for anyone wanting to get back into basic yard work. This durable Expanding Telescopic Rake has an adjustable head making it easier to get into beds or borders as well as rake leaves or larger areas. 

Raking can be cardio but sometimes it can also be too much! That’s why you may want to invest in a cordless leaf blower. You want one that’s as lightweight as possible and doesn’t have a cord that gets in the way. Top brands to consider are Stihl Leaf Blower or the rechargeable Ryobi Leaf Blower. This lightweight Leaf Blower from Blue Ridge packs a lot of power and is just under 6 pounds.

Weeding Tools 

Long-handed weeding tools are the gardening tools that help you keep your garden beds and sidewalk cracks weed-free without having the need to bend over or use harsh chemicals. This Long Handled Spintiller Cultivator does the job of multiple tools, including being a hand-held cultivator to break up the soil before planting. This AMES Stand-Up Weeding Tool is lightweight and helps you pop those weeds out of the soil without a huge effort. 

Photo of raised wooden bed for planting flowers, veggies, or herbs, courtesy: Wayfair

Raised Beds for Planting 

Having a garden bed at or near hip-height is a game changer for many older gardeners or anyone with limited mobility. You get all the benefits of a raised bed including digging, planting, and harvesting, without the added challenge of having to bend or get down on your hands and knees. Many of them are even on wheels that you can move around a patio or deck. The Konkol Raised Garden Bed is made of wood. These are often called Garden Tables because they are at a table-height. The Eden Raised Garden Bed with Greenhouse has a detachable greenhouse covering for the transitional time when it is still cool at night and seedlings are young. 

Flexible Garden Hose

Nobody likes wrangling a garden hose! A flexible hose won’t get tangled, is less likely to get holes and need replacing, and is way lighter and easier to handle. The GrowGreenBrands Flexible Garden Hose is a space-saver and expands 

Shop the Gardening Tools

Whether you’re growing from seed or small plants, want a culinary garden on your patio, or you just want to keep at the garden tasks you’ve always loved, we hope some of these gardening tools make that happen for you as we welcome spring. 



—Amber Guetebier 

Amber Guetebier is Honey Good’s Editorial Director and a former landscaper with a passion for unusual plants, surpassed only by her passion for the written word. 

*Honey Good may receive a small commission for items purchased through links on this site. This is at no additional cost to you.

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March 19, 2023


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