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Feeling Your Best: My Personal Tips and Tricks

February is off to a beautiful start, darlings! Filled with love and inspiration, it is a wonderful month to take some time for yourself, to improve your health and to support those around you. This week I took some time to reflect on some tips and tricks to help me improve my own habits, create new friendships, and always feel confident!

Don’t forget, a healthy lifestyle for women over 50 is a balancing act between physical well-being and emotional well-being. So take some time to focus on improving your healthy habits. But remember, a little overindulgence never hurt anybody! Here are some ways I plan to take care of myself this February. 

After all, it is the month of love!

Start by Loving Yourself

And speaking of love, why not start by loving yourself! As I’ve told you before, I truly believe 80% of beauty is our inner beauty, and only the last 20% is our outer beauty. This week I shared my favorite beauty products and trends that help me feel bold and confident during a Facebook LIVE event. It was so nice to connect with you all, my dear readers, but in case you missed it, check out my product roundup here. But always remember, darlings, never worry about what other people think. Rather, stick with the classics and wear whatever makes you feel great!

Two more important stories on HoneyGood.com this week were about topics that can be hard to talk about: having difficult conversations and change. Much of the mail we receive from all of you speaks about fear of change and how letting go of past relationships can be difficult pills to swallow. But darlings, you are not alone. Change is going to happen, so why not have the courage to choose the direction in which you want to go? Bring only the best of your past with you, and walk into your future with confidence, self-trust, enthusiasm, and those who mean the world to you. Always allow yourself the courage to change, and learn how to have those difficult conversations. And furthermore, read this is you are considering making a change right now but are afraid to move forward.

On a rosier note, with Valentine’s Day only a week away, I shared some truly stunning red dresses just for fun and inspiration! The red dress is timeless. Sexy. Ageless. Don’t you agree? I know for me, the color red makes me feel great in my skin. But as I mentioned previously, it is crucial to always do what makes you feel great, whether that means treating yourself to a fresh manicure or simply taking a long back for some alone time. But if a red dress is right up your alley, check out these fabulous deals!

As many of my stories demonstrate, there is every reason to believe a woman’s lifestyle can improve after 50. And one of the ways we can continue to improve our lives is through genuine friendships, bold new and old. Friendships must be watered and nurtured in order to grow like a beautiful flower, and this week I shared five ways that I connect with new women and form friendships that I deeply admire.

What are some tips and tricks you use in your own life to be the most vibrant version of you? 

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February 10, 2018


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  1. Susan says:

    Dear Honey,
    Love your inspiration! Can you talk a little more on not worrying about what people think by sticking to the classics? I want to be happy with what I am wearing but sometimes the classics seems boring or dowdy. The red dresses you featured were all lovely but I love to step outside of the box. Not skirts to short or anything obnoxious but something unexpected.
    What do you think or does anyone else have ideas?

    Happy Valentines!

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