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I’d Rather Have Popcorn Than Cancer

Emotional Wellbeing After 50

A few days ago, I had a ‘honey bee’ meeting at my home. The honey bees are my team of fabulous women who help manage my website, Honey Good, an inspirational site covering every topic imaginable for women over 50.  I meet with my honey bees face-to-face on a monthly basis to make business decisions; review new topics for women, such as physical and emotional well being after 50. We plan our editorial calendar, discuss all avenues of Social Media including Facebook Live episodes and Instagram videos and my photo sessions.

This meeting was to plan the month of February; the month I call ‘the month of love.’  My editor and Social Media manager, Carolyn, asked me if I had decided on a topic to muse about for Super Bowl Sunday. We then discussed that today, February 4, is also World Cancer Day, a topic that has touched me personally, as it has so many of us.

“February 4 also happens to be National Popcorn Day if you prefer that topic,” Carolyn added.

In less than a second I blurted out, “I’d rather have popcorn than cancer!”

The honey bees eyes opened wide. After all, darlings, my answer was startling. I started to laugh and they followed suit because my idea for a title was ludicrous.

Carolyn jumped in, “It is a great title about an important day! Write a story.”

“Write a story? How am I going to write a story about Cancer and popcorn?” I countered.

“You will figure it out, Honey. I know you will,” she replied.

On a more serious note, the thought of Cancer was at the top of my mind because I had my scheduled CAT scan the following day. Super Bowl Sunday was two days away and I connected the two. My first thought about Super Bowl was not the favored team, but my favorite snack… popcorn!

And, as many of you know, I am a survivor who has had her ‘taste’ of the terror of Cancer. Because of luck and pro-active behavior, regarding health, I continue to ‘taste’ life. I am smiling. I am grateful. I will munch on my favorite snack, buttered popcorn with salt, with my darling husband, Shelly, my Ultimate Concierge, and several friends on Super Bowl Sunday.

I think to myself, “How am I going to tie popcorn, cancer and the month of love, February, together?” I sit at my laptop and ponder. I contemplate. I reflect.

Finally, it comes to me. It is all about love.

February is known as the month of love. Please, darlings, start by ‘loving yourself;’ your body. Cater to it, protect it, love it by making appointments for your physicals.

I ask you to treat yourself more generously, by taking care of you.

Remember, a healthy lifestyle for women over 50 is a balancing act between your physical well-being and emotional well being. How many of you take the time to appreciate that your emotional well being after 50 is just as important as your physical health?

Love your thoughts and your attitude, ‘your emotional wellbeing,’ darlings!

On a light note, because it is February, the month of love, and the 14th is Valentine’s Day, I ask you to think about sitting down now and making a list of things you would ‘love to do for you.’ Normal things as well as out of the ordinary things that will put you on an emotional high.

I’ll go first…


1) I will enjoy popcorn with butter and salt on Super Bowl Sunday. It is healthy for me to indulge because I believe in all things in moderation. I will not deny myself what I love nor will I gorge myself. Moderation is a healthy life choice for me.

2) I will buy a beautiful flower for my desk.

3) I will spritz myself every morning with my favorite perfume.

4) I will enjoy a French pastry with my coffee.

5) I will splurge on the newest shade of red lipstick for Spring.

6) I will do something totally out of the ordinary! What should that be? I am thinking…

7) I will look for a new sacred place to write, with Orchid by my side.

8) I will continue to tell my husband, Shelly, ten times a day, how grateful I am that he is my soul mate.

9) I will take long walks for mental relief and good physical health.

10) Lastly, I will love, honor and respect my physical body and I will love, honor and respect my emotional well being after 50 by believing in my unique point of view. And, I will eat popcorn until I am completely satisfied… smiling all the while.  

And lastly, on World Cancer Day…

In honor of those who have lost the fight.

In support of those who fight at this very moment.

In celebration with those who have beat Cancer.

Today is World Cancer Day and I stand with each and every one of you.

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  1. Thank you, dear fellow survivor! I’ll try to remember to wear my favorite scent, I’ll work on my own writing, and my pastry of choice is going to be a cinnamon roll from Bridge Bread, a wonderful group in St. Louis that helps people earn their way out of homelessness working in their bakery. (My popcorn choice? Chicago mix of caramel and cheese!)

  2. Beautiful meaningful thoughts. You are so right about so many things. Hugs from a survivor! Are you leaving the desert for good ?

    1. I knew that ….we just have been eating popcorn since the 19th caz we love it so much. Thank you for telling me that because now I can stop eating popcorn! LOL. Warmly, Honey

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