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Beauty After 50 on Facebook Live… and Everywhere!

Happy Monday! I hope you joined me this morning for a beauty-full start to our week with a Facebook LIVE event that was all about beauty after 50.

If you missed it, please head to Facebook now and watch the video and then add your two cents, darlings! I would absolutely love to read about your beauty tips + tricks after 50, too. And, if that doesn’t satisfy you, here is a roundup of the products I use every day and my thoughts about feeling and looking beautiful at every age.

beauty after 50

Beauty After 50

Q: What does beauty after 50 mean to me? 

A: I truly believe, as I’ve told you before, 80% is inner beauty, and only the last 20% is our outer beauty. But I also believe that to feel visible after a certain age requires a little time. Even if I am just going out for a walk with my girlfriend, Louise, I always take a few minutes to put on a little blush and lipstick so I feel confident as I walk out the door. And don’t forget to walk tall and smile!

Q: Let’s talk trends. Vogue named red lips as a big beauty trend for spring, and Harper’s BAZAAR says spider lashes a la the 1970s are all the rage. Here’s what I think! 

A: First and foremost, I think beauty after 50 calls for our own “trends.” And while there’s nothing wrong with that, it is always fun to try new ones!

Whichever trends you decide to choose, I think it’s important to always stay true to yourself. That being said, I probably won’t try spider lashes, but maybe I will pick up five shades of red lipstick and love them. Never be afraid to take a risk!

Q: What are my beauty staples?

A: Every day, I use my Fresh soy facial cleanser, a sunblock, and Sisley primer. And depending on the climate I am in, I also work grapeseed oil and organic coconut oil into my routine. Creme de la Mer is another skin product I swear by, and a little goes a long way, so in my opinion, it is worth the higher cost. Our skin is very important, so I believe in quality over quantity, but you have to find what works best for you.

Now let’s tackle some questions from you, dear readers and as always, please feel free to comment below with your tips, tricks or questions for beauty after 50. (You can also jump into the conversation on Facebook here.) 

Q: Mascara smudges under my eyes as the day goes on. Suggestions?

A: I don’t personally have that problem, but I do wear mascara on both my top and bottom lashes. I love my Chanel mascara, so I might suggest trying that. I also don’t wear waterproof.

Q: What type of moisturizer do I use on my whole body to avoid dry skin?

A: I spend a lot of time in California and in the desert, so to keep my skin from drying out, I trust my Creme de la Mer moisturizer. I like to use this product all over my body, and sometimes in very dry heat, I also use my organic coconut oil and grapeseed oil. These oils can be any brand, darlings, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a specific one.

Q: What do I do about facial hair on my chin?

A: There are a number of ways to manage this problem, but I would suggest waxing the hair!

Q: How do I take care of dark circles under my eyes? 

A: I feel very fortunate to not have dark circles, but if I did, I would go into a department store and ask a manager for a product suggestion. That way you are sure to have good results!

Q: What are my natural hair tips?

A: I get this question a lot, but I don’t go to the salon very often. I actually cut my own hair with the scissors right in my kitchen. And while I don’t suggest this method for everyone, what I do suggest is using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner and towel drying your hair. A quirky tip I have for you is to put a dollop of mayonnaise in your hair and just let it sit in your hair while you walk around the house for a few hours. This is helpful for sealing in moisture and adding a wonderful shine!

Q: Let’s talk about lipstick!

A: If you experience feathering, you can pick up a reverse lip liner from your local department store. I wear Tom Ford and NARS, which both go on beautifully and stay all day long.

Q: My advice for heavy-looking eyelids is…

A: In this case, I would go to a surgeon who operates on upper lids because I believe one way to repair something as fragile as your eyelids is with surgery. However, there is also something to be said for embracing our true selves as we age. This is something I struggled with for a long time, and while I know I’m not perfect, I try to focus on the parts of my body I love.

Q: What kind of blush do I use?

A: I use NARS Mata Hari to achieve my rosy glow because as many of you may know, we do begin to lose color in our cheeks after 50.

Q: What does one do about thinning eyebrows? 

A: I go to a professional every 1-2 months to have my brows dyed, but an easy fix at home would also be to use a brow brush with a pomade that matches your hair color. This is fast and so easy!

Q: How do I embrace my own beauty, inner and outer?

A: I am a very warm person, so I try to showcase that to everyone I meet. I smile all day! Plus, walking on the sunny side of the street can go a long way, darlings! Another tip I have is to dress for yourself. Don’t worry about what other people think. When in doubt, stick with the classics and wear whatever makes you feel great!

A final note

I have decided to try to do more Facebook LIVE events because I LOVE connecting with you all. My dream, my inspiration above all else is for to serve as a community, a sisterhood for wise + wonderful, visible + vibrant women over 50. Thank you all for your participation in this community. Your kinship + knowledge are priceless.

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  1. Thank you Honey; you are a true girlfriend. My over 50 is fast approaching 76. Every day is a glorious gift. I am a widow I intertwine my grieving with family, friends, devotion and love for all. It is a beautiful balance. I exercise 3 times a week at a Curves Gym and never leave my apartment without my morning routine which consists of a ‘made bed’ and full face makeup. I am deeply involved with my church, a woman’s philanthropical educational organization (P. E. O) that believes in the advancement and education for all women; I volunteer for Human Resouraces that assists with a better life for men and women with mental health issues. I am involved in my church, am a voracious reader and belong to the same book club for 20 years. You are an inspiration to all women. When I see or hear the ping that Honey Good has arrived — I’m right on it. Blessings to you my dear. Hugs Margaret O’Brien

  2. Good article Honey Good. I am always interested in what women over 50 use in skin care and cosmetics. Chanel has some great products but mostly I have tried all samples. I try to take very good care of my skin. I am dehydrated most of the time as I don’t like water. Cosmetics gives me a rush even though my health has prohibited how much I can get out. Thanks for the informative article on some of your favorites.

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