Honey Good at a chair by the window overlooking the city with her laptop in her lap, smiling at the screen showing why you should consider journaling.

Why Turquoise Jewelry Never Goes Out of Style

The world of fashion is fickle. I prefer the word style and believe that a woman’s style transforms over time — it’s her biography! Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, leaving closets overflowing with what were once considered must-haves. But amidst the ever-churning cycle of fads, some classics transcend the whims […]

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How I Organized My Closet and Brought Peace to My Mind

*Affiliate Disclosure An organized closet profoundly affects one’s ability to have an organized mind. Trust me, I now know. And what better time to organize your space (and mind) than at the start of spring! Being a creative person, I needed the guidance of other women to help me simplify and organize a part of […]

Organization, Self Care

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black cowboy boots for women showing how you can wear this style or change it up with any cowboy boots for women

Black Cowboy Boots for Women and How to Wear Them

Black cowboy boots, well, every color cowboy boots, darling, are more than just a footwear trend – they’re a timeless statement piece, a symbol of empowerment and effortless cool. Forget the dusty stereotypes of saloons and rodeos; these boots are strutting down city streets, gracing music festivals, and adding a touch of Western sass to […]

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Honey Good's arm with bracelets and watch

How to Shop for Statement Accessories

Today, the great fashionista, Andrea Pflaumer talks about how to shop for timeless statement accessories, especially handbags and watches. Enjoy, darlings!  *Affiliate Disclosure It’s pretty much universally understood that the right statement accessories make the outfit. You can wear a pair of Target jeans, a simple tee, and Keds sneakers, but add a gorgeous bag, […]

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Energy Level: How To Promote Positive Aging, Honey Good

Seasonal Foods to Enjoy This Winter & Why You Should Add Eat Seasonally

Have you heard that we should be eating our foods according to their season? It’s called Seasonal Eating. Remember those grocery trips where everything looked… the same? Same old apples, same tired spinach, same “meh” taste buds? Well, darlings, there’s a delicious secret hiding plain sight: eating with the seasons! It’s not just some newfangled […]

Home, Self Care, Wellness

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