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New year's resolutions for women over 50As a woman over 50, I have created a fair few New Year’s resolutions in my time. Often, we as women 50 plus, have resolutions that revolve around different versions of the same things — get/be healthier and improve finances or savings. And, of course, there are other repeat offenders. And while, yes, those are admirable goals, I say we look at resolutions in a different way this year. 

New Year’s resolutions have been around for around 4,000 years! The ancient Babylonians are said to have been the first to start the tradition. Not to mention they were the first to hold celebrations in honor of the new year. And while they celebrated mid-March, as that was when the crops were planted, there were a few other key differences as well. For instance, their version of New Year was observed during a 12 day-long celebration. Their resolutions were more in the vein of making promises to the gods that they would return things borrowed. Also vows that they would pay their debts. 

The history of New Year’s resolutions has evolved since then. They are no longer religious (for the most part) but more secular in nature. They tend to be more focused on the “self” rather than higher beings. 


Don’t you think it’s time for a New Year’s resolution makeover? It’s time to think about, not just changing the things we don’t like about ourselves. But rather what kind of person we would like to be in the new year!  While, in my view, there is no wrong or right way to dedicate yourself to resolutions in the new year, it might be time to look at your goals in a different light. As women over 50, I say we do what feels right to us. To me, that is what will bring enlightenment, empowerment, and luxury into my life.

New Year’s Resolution #1: Live a Luxurious Life

I love the word luxury. You’ve heard me say it before. My definition of luxury is not tied to money or brands, but rather a feeling. As I said in a recent post, “Luxury, to me, is a ‘lasting’ state of great emotional comfort. A material possession brings a woman instant comfort, like a shooting star. An emotional state of luxury, that I find intoxicating reminds me of the North Star, shining bright and stable.”

As you consider what resolutions you will make, I would like you to keep this sentiment in mind. Do you have things in your life that are stable, bright stars, or are you chasing shooting stars? Consider what will bring you the luxuries of peace and comfort, joy and love. 

Another luxury to consider giving yourself is time. Perhaps there’s a commitment on your plate that you have continued due to feelings of obligation — I say let it go. Do not feel guilty for this, you are being true to your heart. 

Resolutions for Women Over 50 #2: Seek Enlightenment

The next New year’s resolution to consider is to seek enlightenment. To me, this is always seeking to improve yourself and become the best version of who you are. 

I am a positive person. And though life in Elsewhere has weighed heavy on me, I have made it a point to assess where I am at, emotionally, and work my way back to positivity. It has not always been easy, I will be honest with you. 

To me, a positive attitude is something that you can learn. Perhaps you weren’t born with it; it is not in your genes. I assure you it can be learned. How? Practice makes perfect, dear reader. Even if pessimism is deeply ingrained in you, if you have the will to change, you most certainly can. If you’re not sure where to start, read books on your road to enlightenment. The Happiness Advantage is a wonderful choice. “Happiness is not the belief that we don’t need to change; it is the realization that we can.”

Being a happier, more positive person will uplift you in all areas of your life. It will transform and enlighten you. 

Ways to Seek Enlightenment:

  • Read enlightening books
  • Listen to enlightening podcasts
  • Widen your circle to include people you admire
  • Seek to learn more about yourself (start a journal)

New Year's Resolutions for Women Over 50New Year’s Resolution # 3: Seek Empowerment

Finally, as a woman over 50, I would have you seek empowerment as your final new year’s resolution. This can be a lonely time in our lives if we allow it. We have retired from our career, and/or our children are out of the house. Perhaps we have lost a spouse or have divorced. I say make it a time of fellowship with other women. Women need women, dear reader. Please join my Facebook group GRANDwomen with Moxie: Where Loneliness Disappears. Empower yourself with the communion of other women. 

Furthermore, knowledge is power, dear reader, and we must always be learning. To be empowered is to have the foundation of a mountain — it does not mean we should be unmoveable. We should learn from those who have different experiences than our own. This empowers us with a fuller understanding of the world. 

Ways to Seek Empowerment:

  • Take a class (online or in-person)
  • Learn a new skill
  • Read!
  • Consider getting a coach (ie career, health, or life coach)
  • Take up a new hobby


To conclude I hope that you have found this post empowering and enlightening. I hope that I have inspired you to bring luxury into your life on your own terms. We as women over 50 have earned the right to create our own traditions and this includes our New Year’s resolutions. It is my hope that you have your best year yet. 

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Please let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you!

Warmly, Honey

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December 29, 2021

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