the challenges of Grandmotherhood, article written by Christine Crosby

The Challenges of GRANDmotherhood

I was recently honored to be featured in GRAND Magazine (read the feature here). Learn more about this priceless (yet free!) resource for grandmothers in today’s story written by the editor, Christine Crosby. Enjoy, darling! Grandmothers play an indispensable role in the success and well-being of society, serving as pillars of wisdom, love, and support […]

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Honey Good writing her thoughts with a melancholy look, musing on why her daughters are estranged from her family estrangement

How to Say Goodbye to an Estranged Child

As a good mother, you can never truly say goodbye to your estranged adult child, but you can shift your focus to yourself and your life’s passions in order to live your best life possible. That is what I have done, and though my heart aches, I no longer dwell on what I cannot change. […]

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Honey and shelly with butterfly background


Darling, have you ever used a loom? I think the loom and the threads we weave are a perfect metaphor for the relationships after 50 that we create and maintain. You know, and I know, that life after 50 is rich and colorful in so many ways, possibly the most vibrant aspect are the unique […]

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