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The Buzz: Fake News and Fashion Make Fascinating Bedfellows

Happy February, darlings! It’s been another busy, but wonderful, week for me, filled with delicious food, bold styles, and new challenges. I hope the same can be said for you!

A weekday warm-up

This past week was another cold one in my sweet home Chicago. And so, contributor Irina Fursman’s story about healthy, hearty comfort foods was just the thing to warm me up.

Irina shared, amongst other healthy eating tips, that meat cravings can be signals from our bodies that we need to add more protein or iron to our diets. You can read about her tips for satisfying that craving here. Did I mention that Irina is a  Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Reiki Master? She really knows her stuff and I’m so grateful for her inspiring addition to this week.

Fool me once…

My musings this week, darlings, also took on the unacceptable behavior of adult men and women who find nothing wrong with telling lies.

You can be sure our grandchildren, so impressionable, are taking this in with the rest of the world. These lies are known to the public as “fake news.”

It is a most hateful and bitter dialogue, filled with untruths. It is in every form of media: newspapers, television, magazines, radio, the Internet, the mouths of politicians on both sides of the aisle, professors, classroom teachers, movie stars and many others across our beautiful United States of America. But I believe as a grandmother I can stand up against fake news! Read up on how to educate your Grands to know right from wrong.

Sitting pretty 

On another note, I love anything that helps me feel beautiful, inside and out. Don’t you? Some days, that’s lunch with a girlfriend. Some days, that’s the confidence that comes from swiping on my favorite lipstick and donning a new outfit. Every day, it’s the feeling I get when my husband, my Ultimate Concierge, kisses my cheek in the morning. It’s the pride and complete adoration I feel for my children and “Grands.” It’s the warm sensation that spreads from my fingertips to my toes when my dog, Orchid, nuzzles next to me as I write my daily musings to you, darlings. Read why I believe life can be beautiful at every age.

My best looks of 2017… and what I know about style

This week, I reminisced about my year in style with a roundup of my very favorite looks… the ones that made me smile.

Plus, some thoughts about what my most favorite, fashionable ensembles have taught me about style after 50 and feeling confident at every age. You can read all about it here.

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Have a fabulous weekend, darlings!

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  1. I think of Donald Trump when the phrase “fake news” is used. Now you are accusing professors and teachers of giving “fake news”. What makes you such an expert? You are nothing more than that silly woman who calls everyone Darling. Stick with what you know.

    1. I am not accusing Professors or teachers of giving fake news. I was shocked, concerned and disappointed to read it in my newspapers. Maybe it is fake news?

  2. Omg it’s amazing how rude people can be. Honey you are doing a great job with your blog,
    You are positive and always have tips and advice that are so helpful. Keep doing what you
    do! You are kind and knowledgeable!

  3. I agree, Rebecca. I look for Honey’s writings daily for positive reinforcement and encouragement for my day. If I need more, I search out previous blog articles. There is so much negativity in the world these days I find myself becoming negative about things and I so appreciate Honey’s attitude and “personal” touch with each of her writings. I don’t mind being called darling every day!

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