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How grandmothers can take a stand against fake news

My musings today, darlings, take on the unacceptable behavior of adult men and women who find nothing wrong with telling lies. You can be sure our grandchildren, so impressionable, are taking this in with the rest of the world. These lies are known to the public as “fake news.” It is a most hateful and bitter dialogue, filled with untruths. Some of the so-called “leaders” of our country care not about our young people. Their negative behavior, the lowest standard of moral principle, is far-reaching. It is in every form of media: newspapers, television, magazines, radio, the Internet, the mouths of politicians on both sides of the aisle, professors, classroom teachers, movie stars and many others across our beautiful United States of America. It does not matter to these people that they are exposing their abhorrent behavior to our “grands.”  What can a grandmother do? Plenty!

We are teachers: Grandmothers are superheroes. We come from love. We are not the disciplinarian; that is their parent’s responsibility. Most grandchildren feel, when they have a problem, their grandmother is there to lend a helping hand; without judgment. I remember my grand, Skylar, dropped her computer and cracked the glass. Who did she call for help? Me. I recall her saying, “Honey please don’t tell my parents. They will be angry and tell me I was irresponsible.” I immediately promised, “it was our secret.” I knew it was an accident. I knew my granddaughter took care of her possessions. Together we figured out a solution; the computer was repaired and our bond of trust grew and we became even closer. The strong bond between grandmothers and grandchildren allows them to feel we are fair teachers who they can believe in and trust. 

How to educate your grands to know right from wrong

  1. Read them stories that show right from wrong and then talk about moral values and explain the dangers of lying and hatefulness.
  2. Watch movies together that are non-violent; where the heroine or hero always tells the truth, no matter what, and that love conquers over hate.
  3. Take them to places you volunteer and work together so they learn the moral values of giving, tolerance, and gratitude.
  4. Listen to your grands: This is really important. Growing up is hard. Grandchildren are confused. They could take the positive path or fall into the wrong group and have serious problems. Ask them questions about their values. Give them advice.
  5. Consequences for improper behavior: Do not be a goody-goody grandmother when your grandchild misbehaves. Speak up in a non-confrontational way and give sound advice, possibly relating a story of when you misbehaved and paid the consequence. This is called real love, grandma. Your “grand” knows you really cared.

What to do to help your grandchildren know right from wrong when you live far away

With today’s technology, you can be a wonderful long-distance grandmother. Skype, text and email your grands. Other actions at your fingertips: send movies and books through the mail. Remember where there is a will…there is always a way.

Grandmothers definitely make a difference in their grandchildren’s moral code of ethics. All it takes is your caring and loving ways.

  1. I just had a lovely one on one overnight with my 9 year old granddaughter! We connected on so many levels. She is me at that age. I love how she takes interest in the artistry and history of family heirlooms – big (furniture) and small (trinkets). Not all my 5 kids are interested in the family keepsakes (from both sides of the family), but she is – YAY! She loves the plans for the family farmhouse we are renovating for retirement…when I mention having all the grandkids there often, she said she wants to come alone! (Which is saying a lot because she adores her cousin, I can understand why she’d need a break from a sister though, ha ha!) That tickles my heart…having that connection from the past into the future….one project I want to do with her is documenting all the “things” from our current home and our future home so she (and the others) know where everything came from. Within all our conversations about “stuff” there are stories, values, and lessons taught. These are great conversation starters. She didn’t get on the internet once! I love being able to reinforce her parents’ values and adding my own brand of richness to her life. I look forward going treasure hunting with her in our homes for years to come, and the conversations that will spark! She always goes home with one of my treasures, plus some valuable insights in how to be sweet in this rough around the edges world! Thanks for this very important reminder to us grandmas! Blessings to you and your grandchildren! They are blessed to have you!!!

  2. Thank you, Honey! I’m a very active grandmother, and it’s good to read advice from another one. I’m glad for the inspiration!

  3. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Thanks for standing up and putting into words this very message..

    Shine on, Grandmothers!

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