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Does ‘beauty’ matter to you?

 Honey Good asks 'does feeling beautiful matter?'

I love anything that helps me feel beautiful.

Some days, that’s lunch with a girlfriend. Some days, that’s the confidence that comes from swiping on my favorite lipstick and donning a new outfit. Every day, it’s the feeling I get when my husband, my Ultimate Concierge, kisses my cheek in the morning. It’s the pride and complete adoration I feel for my children and “Grands.” It’s the warm sensation that spreads from my fingertips to my toes when my dog, Orchid, nuzzles next to me as I write my daily musings to you, darlings.

Life can be beautiful at every age… don’t you agree?

But it’s up to us to see the beauty. It’s up to us to embrace beauty, from the deepest darkest corners of our souls to the smiles on our lips.

Today, I’m “musing” about the beauty of the outward sort. Does feeling beautiful matter to you? My readers often encourage me to write about fashion and beauty, and yet, sometimes I hesitate.

The reason? I am loathe to be judged by the person I am on the outside. Isn’t that how we all feel? Haven’t we ALL been there, dear readers?

However, truth be told, I view the way I dress and present myself very similarly to the way I wrap a gift. I take great pride in buying gifts for others. I consider the gift wrap to be nearly as important as the gift inside because truth be told … it is all part of the experience! My gifts always include a wrap that has been chosen with careful attention to detail. There is always, always a handwritten card with a heartfelt sentiment.

Over the years, I have received many heartfelt gifts from friends and loved ones. They have all had different “wrapping.” They were all beautiful. Some gifts are wrapped in newspaper because the person who shares it is just as passionate about recycling as they are gift-giving.

Some gifts are wrapped impeccably by some high-end department store. For the person that shares it spares no expense in making sure the present is “presented” flawlessly

Some sentimental gifts are pushed into the recipient’s fingers with enthusiasm — no wrap or box in sight! Some of my very favorite gifts were unwrapped, accompanied simply by a wet kiss and an enthusiastic plea for approval, “Do you like it, Mom?!”

Sometimes the simplest of “gift wrap” is the most stunning, don’t you agree?

Let’s talk about feeling beautiful

And so, I ask, how do you present yourself to the world? And how much does your “gift wrap” matter to you?

I invite you, darlings, to join me LIVE on Facebook this Monday, February 5 at 11:30 AM CST / 12:30 PM EST / 9:30 AM PST to discuss beauty.

What does beauty mean to you? Is it important to you? How do you embrace your own beauty… inner and outer?

We’ll talk beauty trends for Spring – from bold lips to retro lashes. At this point in our lives do we care about trends? Let’s discuss!

I’ll open my beauty bag and share some of my favorite beauty tips, tricks, and products. And I want to talk about one life-changing beauty product that I know you will want to try!

And the only thing needed to make the day beautiful is your presence, of course 🙂

Join me!

  1. Dear Honey,
    I would dearly love to hear the conversation on beauty but I’m not on Facebook. Hopefully there will be a way to access everything on line.
    I’m 66 years old and outer and inner beauty IS important to me. Maybe I am being delusional at this age but I still try to present myself to the world with beauty in mind.
    Great subject!

  2. Love your thoughts! Feeling beautiful and looking beautiful, are in direct connection to our self confidence! At least, that’s how it works for me! Also, sometimes when I’m feeling a bit unsure about myself……the simple act of putting on makeup, tousling my hair, and putting on a cute piece of clothing, plus my large silver hoop earrings…..makes me feel beautiful and confidant!

  3. I remember as a child sitting in church behind a very old lady but I couldnt help but notice that she was immaculately and beautifully dressed from top to toe! She was all alone. Who was she dressing for? For God ? For herself? Perhaps both.
    I was so impressed, inspired and touched by this! The fact that she had made such an effort to present herself was not only a pleasure for everyone around her but to me it expressed such a fantastic spirit! To me it said every minute of my life counts and I will be my best. To this day I never forget this. I love to dress up myself and I believe if you have made that kind of effort to begin your day then surely the rest of the day is going to be absolutely extraordinary! And I am primarily doing it for myself! I believe if a woman looks her best it will give her more confidence …and that can never ever be a bad thing!
    Beauty is so uplifting! It brightens up everyones day! As the french say there are no ugly women only lazy ones!
    When I see a man or a woman who is beautifully dressed I always appreciate that and make sure to compliment them!
    I live in London now. Men barely seem to notice women here (unless they are very young, sexy or naturally very beautiful) who, in fairness, often have so much to do in their lives, workwise and homewise and not a lot of time so there doesn’t seem to be a lot of incentive. They are appreciative however when the sun comes out and women wear less clothes!
    In contrast, when I lived in Italy, even when I went to my corner shop for a pint of milk in the morning the shopkeeper would always notice if I was wearing a new scarf or a different shade of lipstick and compliment me. As a result I noticed women were a lot more inspired. They were complimented and appreciated by men and women daily and I think as a result in general have a much higher self esteem than their British counterparts….

    1. I so enjoyed reading every paragraph of your message. You are wise and charming. Personally, I think you belong in Italy where you will be appreciated and valued. I love the stunning city of London. I love the warmth of the people of Italy. So lovely chatting with you in words.I will look for more of your messages. Warmly, Honey

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