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The Buzz: Are You Getting Enough Beauty Sleep?

Beauty Sleep

Rise and shine! Good morning, dear readers. Grab a cup of fresh coffee and let’s talk about the beauty sleep you likely just awoke from…

It may seem obvious to many of you, especially in our age of wisdom, just how crucial sleep is to our overall wellbeing. Even without entirely grasping what sleep does for us and all the benefits it provides, we know that going too long without it makes us feel vulnerable and groggy. On the other hand, getting a good night’s sleep can help us feel more vibrant and visible than ever!

So why do we sleep, anyway? 

As it turns out, scientists aren’t entirely sure why we sleep, but they know this everyday occurrence has many more pros than cons! Understanding their current theories can help each of us deepen our appreciation of sleep in our lives and it may even encourage you to grab a few extra Zzz’s tonight! You can read all about them here.

What effects does sleep have on our memory?

If you’ve ever spent a night tossing and turning, you probably recall having a more difficult time taking in new information the next day. Not getting enough rest also makes learning something new, as well as processing and retaining that information harder. Have more questions? Read more about sleep, learning, and memory here.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? 

Often times, night owls get a bad rap because conventional wisdom is that morning people are higher achievers, go-getters and have their lives more together as a whole. But where does that leave the rest of us? The general population might tell you you’re lazy, but what if going to bed later at night was actually an advantage? Find out why your sleep problem might not be a problem at all, here.

So, has all of that information made you sleepy? Hopefully not, but if it has, that’s probably a good sign that you didn’t get enough sleep last night. If you’re still wide awake, please read on for the week in review! 

Beauty Sleep

The Week in Review

A Much Needed Reminder About What I Need in the “Game” of Life

Have you ever forgotten something that is important to you? Have you ever gotten so caught up in the game of life that you let something precious slip off your radar?

That is exactly what happened to me and this week I shared the story about how I plan to fix it… Read it here!

Staying Connected on Grandparents Day… No Matter the Challenges!

There’s nothing more exhilarating than welcoming your first grandchild into the world. As a grandmother to 25 darling, delicious grandchildren that I call my “grands,” I can truly say it’s a joy that is indescribable!

But staying connected to family, and capturing the moments that matter, all while leading a relevant, bustling life of your own, can be challenging.

To celebrate Grandparents Day on September 9, in partnership with Tracfone, this week on the blog I shared four easy ways that rookie grandparents can stay connected… no matter the distance between you and your family. Read the story here!

Our House is Stocked for Our New Arrival

The countdown is officially on! On September 5, my Ultimate Concierge and I will officially have a new puppy. Naturally, I’ve been busy hiring a new trainer, ordering food and making sure our home is stocked with fun toys!

There’s STILL just one thing left to do… name the little pooch! That’s where you come in! I would love to hear your favorite names. Find out how you can submit your best ideas… I can’t wait to hear them. Read the story!

Beauty & The Beautiful

Writing stories for the last several years on has made me realize how lucky I am to be able to express my personal thoughts on what it means to be a woman over 50 in today’s world. Through the good and the bad, I know I have this community to share in all of life’s trials and tribulations, and for that, I feel grateful.

This week on the blog, I shared a true story that has helped me redefine not only what it means to be a beautiful woman but what it means to act beautifully. So what does true beauty mean to me? Find out… Read the story!

When Retirement is Just Around the Corner

Is your retirement just around the corner? Whether you answered yes or no, it’s never too late to start planning!

Did you know nearly half of Americans who haven’t reached retirement predict that they won’t be comfortable once they get there? Don’t let that be you, darlings!

This week on the blog, Honey Good Contributor, Ryan Eaglin, shared his expert advice on the three steps you can take TODAY to feel more prepared for your retirement tomorrow. Read the story!

Snowbirds, How Do You Survive and Thrive Living In Two Places?

With retirement in your near future, have you ever considered escaping the cold and finding a second home for a few months of the year? My ultimate concierge and I have had a wonderful experience doing just that, however, it did not come without some trial and error!

In order to help make sure you’re asking yourself the right questions before taking the plunge, this week I came up with a list of tried and true things I wish I had asked myself before we decided on a location for our second home. Are you prepared to be a ‘snowbird?’ Find out… Read the story!

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