Our House is Stocked for Our New Arrival

August 28, 2018 By
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Our New Arrival

My Ultimate Concierge and I, on September 5, are flying to Coral Springs, Florida, to pick up our new arrival, our new bundle of joy weighing in at approximately 11 pounds. We are feeling so positive about our decision to bring a puppy into our home, though we have not stopped grieving over the loss of Orchid, whose daily presence brightened each day of our lives for eleven and one half years.

We realized our lifestyle lacked the uncomplicated and loving relationship between man and pooch.

I yearn for a relationship that is 100% emotionally uncomplicated because of a simple formula called unconditional love. My Ultimate Concierge and I will have that once again. And, we as a couple, will enjoy sharing our love with a pooch.

A Blessing in Disguise

I had wanted a female soft coated Wheaten Terrier. However, the litter of nine has seven males and two females and the females were taken. I was disappointed, but after some thinking, I realized it was a blessing in disguise because I knew I would compare the new pooch to Orchid.  Our new baby boy will be able to be his own pup because, darlings, we know, men are from Mars! Women are from Venus. Our new little Sumo male, (a friend just gave him the title) will enter our lives, his own man.

I am in the process of hiring a trainer, buying a crate, ordering the right food and buying the right toys and the perfect carry case. My new friend, Sandy, who is our breeder, has sent me all the necessary information.

I am a believer in listening to those who know more than I, so I plan to shop with her shopping list on and off line.

I’m Having a Naming Contest & You’re Invited!

I am planning a doggie naming contest to name our little Sumo boy.

I favor Hawaiian names, names that have to do with nature and inspiration.

Naturally, we have been toying with some names but I have an open mind and would love to enlist your help.

I am so excited that I will soon, once again, have a walking and writing partner. A little confidante that I can share my issues with, who will just kiss me as I talk. I have missed the companionship of my darling Orchid more than I thought possible, and as I write this, I have such a heavy heart that she is gone, forever.

I feel such a sadness that her life was cut short, but such is life, and I am grateful I was blessed with the best pooch in a million.

If I had wished upon a star, which you all know I do, I could not have wished for a more perfect companion, other than my Ultimate Concierge.

My heart is open to loving another pooch, and so is my Ultimate Concierge’s heart. My arms are open to having a new little puppy run into them and I will welcome my little Sumo with hugs and kisses and laughter and wonderful healthy treats!

Won’t You Help Us Choose a Name?

Help me, please, choose a name. Please comment below! The day is almost upon us and my Ultimate Concierge and I want to be able to gather our pup in our arms and say, “Hi…”

So what name will be on the tips of our tongues and on the top of our hearts?

Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  • Leighanne Giles says:


  • LuAnn Penland says:

    So excited and thrilled for both of you. If you light a candle and then light another candle using the flame from the first candle, you have taken nothing away from the first candle. So is the way of loving another four legged fuzzy. It takes nothing away from all the love you had and have for Orchid. This little Bamboo will have you wound his little baby paw immediately. So wonderful. 💖🙋🏻💖

  • Marcia Ashton says:

    My daughter-in-law is Hawaiian, and the middle name of my first Grand Boy is Kaimana. Kai means sea or ocean, and mana means power. Blessings on the new addition to your family.

  • Marcia Ashton says:

    My daughter-in-law is Hawaiian, and my first Grand Boy’s middle name is Kaimana. Kai means sea or ocean, and mana means power. **Blessings on the new addition to your family.

  • Tina says:

    Hello Beautiful Lady , I am so looking forward to seeing pictures of the new addition , a name I thought of is (Kona ) it means a gift 🎁!

  • Lynn Camp says:

    How about Aspen?
    Wishing you and your new love much happiness in the years to come!

  • Randi McAllister says:

    I like that you are already calling him Sumo. Perhaps you already have his name!

    Congratulations on your new puppy!

  • Judith Schroff says:


  • Cindy says:

    The name OLIVER popped into my head as the perfect “Little Brother” to sweet Orchid💜
    Whatevername you pick with be perfect.
    Wishing you all the best on this new journey.
    Boca Raton, FL

  • Sandy says:

    Glad that your heart will sing again with your new puppy! Hoping you will share some of the commands the new trainer uses for your pup. I loved the “stick around” instead of “stay” that I believe was used for Orchid. I like the Oliver name suggestion. Also Archie.
    With a happy heart for you, from Washington, DC Sandy

  • Karen says:

    Kale which means happiness because our furry family members have always made us happy.

  • Lori Lester says:

    Maui! Demigod (God of Fire) and hero in Hawaiian mythology who created the Hawaiian islands; and of course the character in Disney film Moana! Also, the Maori meaning of maui is magic, and he is SURE to be magical!

  • Karen says:

    Kaia, a Hawaiian name meaning “ the Sea”.
    Congratulations on your new puppy!

  • Karen says:

    Kaia, a Hawaiian name meaning “the Sea”. Congratulations on your new puppy!

  • Kathy Meyers says:

    Our sweet little Havanese is Oliver. My niece loves Hawaii and named their dog Kai.
    Two to think about. I can feel your excitement!

  • Karla Rush says:

    I think the name Keiki (meaning Little Boy), Makani (meaning Wind) or Ao (Cloud) would be great names. I I am so happy that you are adding to your family. Best Wishes!

  • Tina says:

    Oh, Honey, I love your column and how you inspire your readers! It is an honor to be invited to suggest names for the new member of the Good household. Here goes:

    Aumakua or IZ

    Thank you and we will all be thinking of you as you open your hearts and home to your new pooch!

  • Lori Lester says:

    Maui! Demigod and hero (God of Fire) who created the Hawaiian islands in Hawaiian mythology; and of course a character in the Disney film Moana! Also, the Maori meaning of Maui is magic, and he is SURE to be magical!

  • Lisa says:

    I so love your excitement & positive spirit on welcoming a new furry companion. I really think I may have the best ‘Hawaiian’ name yet…..hope you love it as much as I, Elvis, of course!!! You can’t think of blue moons & Hawaii without him!! ;). Lisa
    ….hoping many wags & warm xoxos to you & your favorite guy!!

  • Lisa says:

    I hope I am not repeating a previous post, but I think I have the perfect ‘Hawaiian’ name for your new furry, wet-nosed companion!! ELVIS, you can not think of blue moons & Hawaii without that name coming to mind!! Hope you love it as much as I, I’m humming right now with a smile…..;)

  • Micki says:

    Webster – name originated from Great Britain and indicated weavers as the family occupation
    Wheaten Terriers – are from Scotland
    Daniel Webster – great American who cared about education and proper use of words

    Since you, Honey, are a gifted weaver of words, Webster would be a most fitting name.

    I am happy about your upcoming arrival!

  • Carol Gilbert says:

    My niece lived in Hawaii for a while and named her second son Kaleo.

  • Louise says:

    Shiloh. After a beautiful pond in the mountains of Maine.

  • Claudia says:

    It’s not Hawaiian but our 110 pound puppy is named “Mister” it’s a perfect name for calling him and loving him. So we have a Mister and a Mr. (being my husband) in our household💕

  • January Roskelly says:

    Some how using the name
    Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
    Who had his own rendition of Some where over the rainbow…in memory of Orchard crossing over the rainbow bridge.
    Izzy or Kam…Listen to the song it will make you happy for her.
    Much happiness with your wonder baby boy.

  • Sue Hebert says:

    Liko (LeeKo) Bud of the flower

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Thank you, Sue, for taking your time to think of a name and writing to me. Your name is on the list. Warmly, Honey

  • Terry says:

    Since coconuts grow in Hawaii, what about “Coco” or “Niu” which is Hawaiian for Cocos Nucifera?

  • Connie says:

    All of the above are nice names, but boring, many are overused, but when you hold your new pup in your arms and he looks up at you, his name will become clear to you.

  • Jody Uhlarik says:

    I love Softcoat Wheatens! My little girl Riley Scout was born on October 21, 2017, she came home last December. She brings so much love in our home.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      How did you potty train her!!!!!! I am so happy for you. We are off to pick up our little bundle of joy Wednesday. Warmly, Honey

  • Theresa Levy says:

    Just to put my 2 cents worth in—Italian for Handsome –Bello, and brother in Hawaiian Palala. Whatever name you choose will be perfect. So happy for you and Shelly !!
    Pease send a picture . Love, Theresa

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Thank you for messaging me your thoughts. The perfume that I adore is Baccarat 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. I don’t think you will like it because it is flowery. I am in love…xoSusan

  • Kathy says:

    I have two Wheaton’s- McGregor and Clancy. They are the best pets with huge hearts and personalities! I am thinking this week that McCain would be a wonderful name- Mac for short!

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