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Beauty Over 50: How Semi-Permanent Makeup Makes You Look Younger

This post is written by HoneyGood.com Guest Contributor, Tilly Grant. Tilly walks us through different types of semi-permanent makeup and how it could make you appear younger. Thanks for the information, Tilly! 

Honey Good at her makeup counter with expert advice for semi-permanent makeup

Women of a certain age can be reluctant to experiment with their looks.

Women after 50+ can often have a style they like or one they’ve worn for years. The desire to experiment with your style might fade, but in some cases, especially in recent years, women like to change it up. From their looks to the clothes they wear, the color and style of their hair, to the way they do their makeup–trends have no age limit.

Neither does semi-permanent makeup, which has established itself as a great choice for anyone who is tired of reapplying makeup every day, yet doesn’t want to give up the enhanced look that comes with it. Semi-permanent makeup encompasses a whole range of permanent and semi-permanent beauty procedures that result in the long-lasting illusion of wearing makeup. For instance: cheek blushing, lip blushing, microblading for eyebrows, and even permanent eyeliner.

One of the reasons women–including Helen Mirren–opt for semi-permanent makeup is because it can make them look younger.

Beauty Over 50 means feeling the best about yourself

How Can Semi-Permanent Makeup Make You Look Younger?

The goal of semi-permanent makeup is the same as that of regular makeup: enhancing natural beauty and hiding possible imperfections. As we age, skin loses elasticity, which results in a saggy look, especially around the eyes. A precise eyeliner line in the right place can lift the eye and open it up, providing a fresher look.

Eyebrows are a very prominent feature, so a suitable arch can totally transform the face. One of the biggest benefits of microblading is the fact that color stays on for up to two years. That means there’s no need for dying gray hairs!

With age, many women lose the natural blush they had as young girls, as well as the natural color of their lips. Lip and cheek blushing are techniques that can give you back the blush without looking like you’ve slapped on a ton of makeup. And none of these will smudge, run or wear off, regardless of what you do!

If these results sound appealing, read on to find out a bit more about each procedure. For even more details on semi-permanent makeup treatments, visit PMUHub.

Cheek Blushing

Rosy cheeks are one of the first thoughts when we hear youth.

Cheek blushing can recreate this look so realistically, no one will tell you’ve had any work done. The technique involves injecting pigments with a needle machine in the skin. This allows that natural, healthy, makeup-from-within look.

If you choose an experienced artist that can help you select the best possible pigment color for your skin tone, the results (which last anywhere from six months to two years) will make your cheeks fuller and minimize the saggy look.

Lip blushing, semi-permanent eyeliner and microblading are a few permanent makeup options for women over 50

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is, in a sense, very similar to cheek blushing. Natural, flesh-colored pigments are injected into the lips to give them back their rosy color, which sometimes fades with age.

A slight ombre effect, lighter in the center and darker towards the edges, adds volume to the lips, making them look plumper. Their shape can be modified slightly, camouflaging the lines around the mouth. The results are subtle but do wonders for your overall look and last up to two years.

Permanent Eyeliner

Cat-eyes have been a beauty staple for almost a century. Now there’s a way around the time and energy-consuming, daily reapplication! Permanent eyeliner can modify the shape of the eyes, making them seem more open, while dark pigments add volume to the lashes, which can thin and become more sparse with age.

The shape of the line is completely customizable; a skilled artist will recommend the best one for your features. Permanent eyeliner lasts about a year.


Microblading eyebrows entails drawing brow hair-like lines through the skin, between the natural hairs, regardless of how thick or sparse they might be. This adds volume and texture to your brows. The shape of the arch is modified to best complement your unique facial features.

Thick brows are extremely popular among young women, so they can automatically make you look younger. A sharper arch can lift the face, providing an age rewind effect. These results last up to two years.

Love Yourself No Matter What 

Regardless if you chose to have semi-permanent makeup applied, if you chose to wear regular makeup, or if you wear no makeup at all, you must do what you feel is the best for you!

The most incredible thing about being a woman today is you have a choice in how you want to live your life. Always make a decision based on how you feel about yourself and never how society feels about you. You are beautiful!

Have you tried any of these techniques? Let us know in the comments below!

Tilly Grant is a freelance writer and a beauty blogger from San Francisco. She enjoys reviewing and writing about various beauty treatments and products. In her free time, Tilly loves cooking and spending time outdoors. For more information, visit her on Facebook.



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October 30, 2019


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  1. Joyce Lee Fowler says:

    I have had permanent eye liner for years and love it. Had something done to eyebrows did not like it, not what you are suggesting, but would be interested in trying that.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Everyone I talk to loves their permanent eye liner. I don’t know any women over 50 who have done microblading. But, I know younger women and it is important to go to a real artist. I see the different work. Warmly, Honey

  2. Janie says:

    I had brow microblading done last year, when I was 66 years old. I love the results, as my natural brows were thinning and gray and it was taking a lot of time to get them tinted and fill them in daily with makeup. I am now considering having the eyeliner and lip color.

  3. Lybrows says:

    How can one choose the best pigment?

    • Honey Good says:

      Ask a clinician for the correct answer, please. I think as a layperson that the pigment should match your actual skin tone. Warmly, Honey

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