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Winter Sunglass Styles That Will Help You Feel & Look Younger

Just because summer is gone, doesn’t mean we don’t need to wear sunglasses! Winter sun can still be harsh and we need to protect our precious eyes! Today on the blog we have the wonderful Sophie Armstrong. With a passion for sunglasses, she takes us through some great looks and teaches us how to pick the right sunglass style for our face shape. 

Easy and Affordable Style

Sunglasses are an easy, affordable way to add a fashionable, fun twist to your signature look. Slipping on a pair of sunnies is an excellent way to glam up an otherwise simple outfit. It can make your outfit look more sophisticated and youthful at the same time.

However, not just any pair of sunnies will do–choosing the wrong type of frames or lenses can take your look from classic to old-fashioned in a snap. It’s important that you choose the right kind of sunglasses to make you look fresher and younger.

Keep reading to see the top styles which can help you look fab while keeping away the extra years!

Choosing a Shape

The shape of your sunglasses can drag the eye up for a more youthful, younger look. Round, oval, square, or cat-eye frames can complement your best features, making you look sharper and brighter. It’s one of the main ingredients when it comes to achieving the kind of style that you’re going for.

Below are some options that you might want to explore, depending on the shape of your face.

Aviator Shades 

sunglasses, fashion, ray-ban, aviator sunglasses

Aviator shades are a good way to look streamlined, stylish, and adventurous. Traditionally used by pilots to keep the glare out of their eyes while flying, these shades are one way to add that extra pizazz to your outfit, equipping you with the confidence that it takes to face the world.

With this style of shades, you can feel like a maverick who is ready to take on any challenge. A tribute to icons like James Dean and Tony Stark, these glasses are a bold statement that will make anyone look more rugged and youthful. This style of sunglasses was made popular by Ray-Ban and is now considered a staple in any fashion wardrobe.

Cat-Eye Sunnies

sunglasses, cat-eye, old fashioned

Take it from Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe who are forever remembered for their beauty. Their unique kind of elegance and style depends on how accessories emphasize your best features. For instance, classic sunglasses can bring out your beautiful, bright smile.

Cat-eye sunnies are one of the most flattering silhouettes when it comes to sunglasses and eyewear. Its rounded body compliments any face shape, drawing out the curve of a cheek and edge of a jawline as needed. By slipping on a pair of cat-eyes, you can get the confidence to face the world and give every challenge your best shot!


sunglasses, ray-ban

Keep up with the 80s trend sweeping the fashion industry–put on a pair of these babies and find yourself transported back to an era of young love and romance like the movies Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. The laid-back shape of these glasses is easily customizable with hip prints and patterns, making it the perfect accessory to spice up your style.

It’s also the most gender-neutral style of sunglasses, making it perfect to give to friends and family as gifts. Wayfarers can also mesh with a lot of outfits–whether it’s swimwear or a work blazer. It can take you from a lunch meeting to afternoon cocktails to a party at midnight in no time.


sunglasses, clubmaster, ray-ban

The ones for all of the intellectuals looking for a great way to give good eyesight a fashion-forward spin. This fun take on the traditional horn-rimmed silhouette allows you to highlight your eyes and give you that fresh, wide-awake look, even if you might be feeling tired and worn down after a long day at work. Its half-frame style lifts the face, making you look younger in an instant.

Oversized Square Frames

Gucci, Sunglasses, Square Frames

This fun, modern option represents the rebirth of sunnies in modern style. An adaptation of the traditional 70s silhouette popularized by icons like Elton John and Janis Joplin, this oversized option hides eyebags, wrinkles, and smile-lines while still giving your outfit that sense of elegance and sophistication. These frames make any outfit special. The shape also often comes in a range of sizes, giving you the option to choose which one is the best fit for your face’s shape, length, and width.

Selecting Your Lenses

Switching up your lenses can help you become more comfortable when wearing shades. It can also help you maximize your sunnies experience, depending on where you plan to wear your sunglasses.

You can choose a light-coverage lens for days spent indoors or under the shade, while you can choose heavier, darker lenses when you’re at the beach or on a picnic.

Reflective Lenses

Perhaps the boldest, most youthful option, reflective lenses add that touch of glamour to your regular sunglasses. They also have the most coverage, making them perfect for protecting your eye area from sun damage on days spent outdoors. You can also choose to customize the color of your reflective lenses. Some of the most fashionable colors are blue, pink, yellow, and orange.

Rose-Tinted Lenses

Living la vie en rose gives life that certain je ne sais quoi. Rose-tinted lenses are a flirty option that instantly makes any pair of sunglasses more feminine and playful. Perfect for days by the pool or brunches by the cafe window, looking out onto the square, this option is one of the most unique and versatile.

Pink can also give your outfit that pop of color it needs to make it more fresh and youthful.

Transition Lenses

This is a great option for those who wear prescription glasses and think that wearing cool, trendy sunnies are out of the question. These modern lenses ensure that you don’t have to choose between perfect vision and youthful style. They automatically get darker as you move into sunny areas and then clear up when you’re indoors. This is a two-in-one option that flexes according to your needs.


Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting old. Sunnies can help you look younger in no time. By choosing the right frames and lenses to bring out your most youthful features, you can stay on top of your game.

What is your favorite style or brand of sunglasses? Comment below or join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.

Sophie Armstrong has a passion for solo traveling and fashion with a love for sunglasses. She’s always hunting for a new adventure and experience and she prides herself on finding the best local hotspots and untouched secrets anywhere she goes.  



Warmly, Honey

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