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Weekend Musings – My Coronavirus Survival Guide & More!

Darlings, it’s been an intense few weeks with the Coronavirus, and I just want to let you know that I’m here for you. There is nothing we can’t get through. We are strong, we are grateful, and most of all, we are staying positive. 

We must look into the future with a smile. Does that mean we can’t feel our fear? Of course not, but we can acknowledge it and then move on from it. 

And, I hope my weekend musings bring a smile to your faces! But, remember to stay indoors!

Coronavirus Survival Guide

Last Sunday I was inspired to write a Coronavirus Survival Guide. If you missed it, read it HERE!

A few weeks ago I found out I had been exposed to the Coronavirus. It was a fearful moment, but I called my doctor right away, then put myself and my family in self-quarantine. We are doing great, and so far we have not had any symptoms of the virus. 

Please read my article to see how I’ve been dealing with this strange time, and how you can too! 

How to Help Others During the Coronavirus Outbreak

If you are feeling sad, Darlings, helping others is always a way to smile. Right now, many people all over the world are feeling scared, helpless and do not know where to turn. 

If you are one of them, or you want to help your fellow neighbor, this article in Town & Country gives some great ideas. 

Even if you cannot donate money, you can be responsible for how you are dealing with this pandemic, and how you care for those around you. 

Stay safe!

Quarantine Blues? Take An Online Walking Tour!

I just found out that there are online walking tours! Immediately I thought, oh my gosh, what a fun way to ‘travel’ and ‘explore’ from the comfort of your own couch. 

Simply go on to YouTube and type in ‘Online Walking Tour’. So many options will pop up for you to enjoy. I’ve included two different ones below to get you started on your journeys! 

These are also great for those who have limited mobility, not just for self-quarantine! 

I do hope you enjoy!

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  1. I attended an online 3 hour yoga retreat today put on by the yoga studio I’m a member off. It was great and very calming.

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