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– Warmly, Honey

Proactive Action is the Call of the Day

Sharing My Thoughts With You

My Darlings, I decided to send you my unedited video (see below). I just had the desire to talk to you about little things that came to my mind; to share my tidbits of information. I talk about my thoughts and my conversation with a pharmacist and our doctor. I am doing this because I truly enjoy sharing.  

I am always nervous when I do a video because I am somewhat shy and far from a professional but I don’t let fear stop me. I plunge, Darlings. My Honey Bee’s at laugh and tell me to be myself (who else could I be, I ask myself!) because they say no one cares if I make a mistake and it just shows you are human!  

So, late yesterday I picked up my phone, sat down at my desk, turned my phone to video, took a deep breath, put a smile on my face and started to ramble my thoughts, to you. Click play on the video below to watch! I hope you smile with me. 

Thoughts on Coronavirus

It took a week for me to digest the grave situation the entire world is facing because of the Coronavirus. It is beyond my comprehension that countries around the world with millions of brilliant scientists and doctors have no idea how to contain this contagious virus, let alone find a fast cure and/or at least a preventative measure to save the population from the virus. I ask myself how could any country in this age allow a virus to infect the citizens of the world?

Aside from the real possibility of contracting the Coronavirus, the multiple sets of fears we Americans are experiencing are unconscionable. We now worry about our children and Grand’s. Every American is losing their money and their savings and thousands are losing jobs and businesses and the isolation from human relationships is a nightmare. 

Being Proactive, Hope and Attention Are My Way of Coping

Once I  grasped the situation, I settled into a new way of life. I knew for my happiness I would be proactive and hopeful and manage my Ultimate Concierge’s and my personal life with as much wisdom as I could muster. And, I have been doing just that. I hope you have all settled into what is best for you, too.

Of course, I continue my normal routine save for lockdown. I have always been proactive and hopeful. But prone to distraction. I have found during the last several days that it is important to stay focused, to pay attention and not be distracted from the many things I do during the course of my day. If you are prone to distraction, practice staying focused. It feels like a sigh of relief. 

Be Present

Do try being present in the moment; to listen carefully to important updates on the Coronavirus, to listen carefully to your doctor, the pharmacist and to others with wisdom. Pay attention to staying away from people in the market (the only place I go), keeping your hands away from your face, washing your hands often and for twenty seconds, your clothing should go into the washing machine when you return from the market, etc… Paying attention to all details will give you comfort because you will be in control. At a time like this, taking control of oneself will make you feel safe. 

I am managing my life and my Ultimate Concierge. I am passing on knowledge to my family and you and others. I am hopeful and proactive and actually learning to pay attention to detail. I am in as good a place as I can be at this time. And that is good. 

How are you all feeling, my Darlings? 

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  1. When I get anxious about the outbreak and the slowness of government to address the problems I focus on what I am grateful for. I also have shopped so we don not have to go out for 10 days…but more than ready to share with neighbors. I do worry our KY governor may threaten to close veterinary practices to deal with demand for surgical masks. If pets need procedures get them done soon.

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