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The Shift: A Story of Attitude Change

Finding positivity change of attitude

Having a change of attitude and shift in perspective is the best way to solve a problem.

Recently, I was in a quandary and could only escape it with a much-needed mindset and attitude change.

With my problem weighing heavily, I called my best friend, Gail, for advice. I had an important issue that needed resolution. But how?

Darlings, Gail was able to teach me a valuable way to solve any problem. I decided to try her solution before I shared her advice. I followed her instructions, and darlings, to my amazement it worked. It worked because it is the best answer to problem-solving and almost any problem.

I had tried to solve my problem in the manner most of us tried but was met with 100 percent resistance. When I used my friend’s suggestion, the negative resistance faded away because what I discussed made sense and the situation reversed itself and turned positive. Thank you, Gail.

My Attitude Shift

Gail explained, “THE SHIFT is a tool one uses to change a negative situation into a positive outcome. It is a tool one can use time and again in any given situation where a person must SHIFT their negative mood or attitude ‘quickly’ before there is a train wreck.”

My girlfriend explained this theory, and darlings, I discovered it could be used for every type of problem. The problem can be a simple one. For instance, it can be between you and your computer and your passwords. I have 43 passwords, darlings, and when I cannot get into my Instagram account or my other accounts because my passwords will not work, I become very frustrated.

When you find yourself in a mindset that is negative or if you are stressed beyond belief, you SHIFT your mind to think positive and say to yourself, like I did, “Pull yourself together. I know someone I can call who can help solve my password problem.” I used the SHIFT tool for an attitude change. I calmed down and shifted my thoughts from negative to positive. After taking a positive approach, I survived!

A Family-Friendly Example of Attitude Change

Even critical misunderstandings can be solved with, A SHIFT. Let’s imagine you are having a family fallout that involves four members of the family. Unfortunately, their problems are affecting the happiness of others in the family. The group has all tried to solve the problem, but angry emotions are running so high the talks go nowhere. Enter THE SHIFT.

One of the four feuding members of the family writes:

I learned an important concept. It is called SHIFT. The idea is that a person or a group has to ‘immediately shift out of a detrimental and negative position into a positive mindset when the time is of the essence. In this case, we could not have a more urgent goal than TO SHIFT into a positive mindset for the other members of our family.’

That did it, darlings. The other feuding members realized that the fourth member made a significant deduction; that it was unfair to make the other members of the family unhappy over the problems of the four.

They loved their family, so it was time for an attitude change and to resolve their differences for all concerned.

Honey Good sipping coffee contemplating her attitude change

Always look at your situation through a positive lens. Your attitude makes all the difference.

An Attitude Change in Daily Life

Here is another example of A SHIFT.

This tale came via an email from my girlfriend, Gail, my instructor of the concept, TO SHIFT.  She told me she was on the phone for two hours with AT&T trying to get her new password and that by the end of the call, everything was solved.

About ten minutes later I received this email:

“AOL won’t accept the new password that AT&T gave me that took two hours of my time. I have to call them back! SHIFT, Gail, before you throw the computer down the incinerator and scream at AT&T.  Love, Gail.”

Can you relate to her frustration with AT&T? She was so upset, she was ready to throw her computer down the incinerator. I can certainly understand her desire to scream at them!

This woman is as peaceful as any woman I know. She was in despair mode but knew TO SHIFT, therefore saving her computer, her lungs, and her sanity.

The Lesson of The Shift

These are short stories with remarkable and valuable messages. THE SHIFT is so relevant a lesson that we should teach it to our grands and share it with our family members and those close to us.

Anger is a curse. Harboring anger is emotionally and physically crippling. As women over 50, we want to keep our minds open to new knowledge because of our desire to continually bloom.  We are bloomers who share our wisdom with all.

Have you used a similar technique to turn negative situations into positive ones? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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November 8, 2023


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  1. Barbara says:

    Please be more explicit about this concept. What exactly did the woman with computer problems do?

    • Susan Good says:

      I agree I could have explained myself better. The Shift is to move from what is not working out for you to what will work. You are trying to Shift your thinking away from negative (what is not working) to positive ( that will work.) Nothing is easy. You have to put your mind to it and find a solution that will work. The Shift does work with everything. I know. I use it often. Warmly, Honey

  2. Linda says:

    If only it was so easy! Nothing substantial here at all!

    • Susan Good says:

      Nothing in life is easy. Shifting an idea that is not working to a new idea does work. The shift is to move from negative to positive. Try it. It definitely does work but like everything in life you have to put your mind to it. I agree my explanation was not great but the Shift it. Warmly, Honey

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