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Why I Named My Pooch, America Good!

Why I Named My Pooch, America Good!

Why I Named My Pooch, America Good!

It is Tuesday morning, election day in the United States of America. You will read my story Thursday, two days after the election; though I suspect we will not know the results because for the first time in history we are not playing by the law of the land. They blame this new turn in events on COVID-19 but I am suspicious. I love my Country but question the honesty of many of the people running it and running for office. Setting all that aside, I love America, the land of the free and the brave who fought to make her the greatest Country in the world. It seems apropos on this important election day to tell the story of why I named our pooch, America Good.

Two Years Ago

It was a beautiful summer day two years ago when my little unnamed puppy and I took our first stroll together to the park. The park was already filled with tennis players, joggers running around the padded track, and many pet owners with their pooches.

My custom was to mingle with the crowd of people and pooches but this particular day I wanted alone time with my new puppy. I was startled when I heard a voice say, “What breed is your dog?” I turned and faced a friendly woman with a large white lab. After telling her my puppy was a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier I asked her the name of her Lab. “Payton,” she said. I said, “Oh you must have named him after Walter Payton.” She answered yes and then I said, “I had a Doberman and his name was Patton, after General George Patton; but we called him, Patton.” We both laughed and she commented that she knew her husband would have loved that name.

On the Way Home

Not long after, my puppy and I left the park for home. The names Payton and Patton went through my mind and caused me to think of other famous names in the hope of finding a name for our pooch. I said out loud, “Edison, Washington, Kennedy, Jefferson, Lincoln, etc…” And, all of a sudden a thought ran through my mind. None of these men could have been famous without the support and help of every American citizen. It was the citizenship of our great country that made America great! Then, I looked at my little 8-pound puppy and told him, “Your name is dedicated to the real heroes of our great nation; the American citizen.”

I was so excited to tell my Ultimate Concierge that I picked America up and ran the few blocks home…

He loved the name! And he loved the symbolism behind the name. We were in total sync, as we are 99% of the time, with the name America for our Wheaten puppy.

The New World

In the year 1606 in London, John Smith, an opinionated young man, assembled a group of daring men together. “I have brought you to inspect the vessels in which we shall conquer Virginia.” He showed them the three ships; Godspeed, Discovery, and Susan Constant, that would carry them to the New World.

And, from that time on, settlers came from across seas from every part of the world to settle on this great land. Then, on September 6, 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the name The United States of America as a symbol of freedom and independence.

America the Great

Every citizen from the first early settlers to today is responsible for the greatness of America. No one man alone could be a hero without the support of every American citizen. And, as I said above, it is for that reason I named our pooch, America, to honor every American.

As I sat and watched the outpouring of thousands of Americans stand and wait outdoors in the bitter cold to acknowledge the importance of Democracy, I hugged my pooch, America, to me and said, “I wish you were able to understand the significance behind your name.” All he could do to respond was lick my nose. And, darling, that was enough.

How are you all doing? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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  1. I agree America Good is a wonderful name!The stress of 2020 and the dishonesty and confusion of this election is very hard to “shake off”. You are an inspiration to me. I am 81 and have been married 62 years. My mother’s maiden name was Good ! If writing was my talent I would have quite a story to tell Please continue to express your views. Thank you my role model.

    1. Do you have grandchildren? Let me know. I will send you one of my books to fill in your life for your grands. You can begin your writing career at 81 by writing your life story as a legacy to your family. Send me your address, too. And, remember, age is just a number. Stay safe.Stay well.

  2. Well said, Honey!! I named my dog, Stella, to commemorate my Italian heritage and my love of our family. My husband had named all our pets up to then, but this was my dog and my choice! I think our pet names have significance, and I enjoyed reading about your choice and the reasons behind it!

    1. I like the name, Stella, very much. One of our grandsons named his dog, Stella, after the beer! Thank you for enjoying my story. Be Safe. Be well. Warmly, Honey

  3. What a sweet story! I couldn’t agree more with your first paragraph. I too love my Country and sometimes worry that those at the helm don’t always have our (the People) best interest at heart, although I continue to have faith.
    Thank you for sharing the picture of your gorgeous dog and the name is perfect! 🙂

  4. This is a beautiful story, and so fitting at this time. I, too, despair at what our country has become during this election cycle. I don’t recognize this America, and long for a return to normalcy, whatever that is…
    That being said, America is still the greatest country on earth, And I feel blessed to have been born here. Give your sweet pup a belly scratch from me.

    1. your comment was so appreciated and gave me a sense of calm mixed with joy. I will give America a ‘tummy rub from you.’ Warmly, Honey

  5. Hi Honey!
    I love your adorable pooch❣️I too am disgusted with this election. Although, it doesn’t come as a complete surprise considering how this year has been going. Our government needs to get back to serving the people of the United States..not themselves. I hate politics. They always seem to have an agenda and honesty goes out the window. It will take an act of God to get rid of all the corruption going on today. All I do is pray that this all comes out ok and our beloved country survives the craziness.,
    We need to get back to basics. And to feel secure and loved like a lick from America on your face! 🐾🐾
    Take care,
    Mary Jane

  6. Your wisdom, intuition, and reasoning really impress me .
    I get this story and a lot of other things that you write .
    We too are in sync, perhaps not 99%😊
    Here in Perth , Western Australia we are very fortunate as Covid is seemingly ‘ under control’. Things are slowly getting better and easier .
    My friends and I are grateful but also very mindful that things can change .
    We have a lot of news coverage of events in the US . What happens in your country affects us too.
    May all go well for you and your loved ones .

    1. Dear Irene, Trump will fight.The Democratic Party was always the ‘party of the people.’Now it is a corrupt group and the ‘party of the elite.It is the party of the movie stars, athletes,Black Lives Matter that is not for Black Lives at all, the Mogels of SM, the Press, The TV stations except for FOX, theCEO’s of big banks and corporations. Donald Trump came into office (he was shocked he won) and fought for the American citizen to make America Great Again. And, he kept every promise he made to Americans. And, Americans did not forget and came out in droves the week before the election. Sure he has a big mouth! He roars because for 4 years the left has not given him one day of peace or recognition. And, then came COVID-19 and he tries with scientists and doctors to fight the mystery of the disease.I have a feeling that Americans will unite behind him for an honest outcome of our election. I think we, American citizens, will win and wrongs will be righted.We need Trump. He is good for America. Biden and his crew are good for themselves. God Bless America and Australia. Sending warmth across the Sea. Honey

    1. Thank you, Jeanne! I am fiercely authentic. I take a stand because someone has too! Right? Sending friendship and warmth, Honey

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