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Why Women Over 50 are BLOOMERS, Not Boomers


There are women over 50 who continuously flourish and bloom. What is their secret? What are the emotional ingredients that make their lives delicious?

My Idea of a “Bloomer” Rather Than a “Boomer”

She has her trials and tribulations, fears, disappointments, anger, sadness and human frailties, but she also has characteristics that make her a positively ‘blooming’ woman over 50. Find out what they are. Are you currently flourishing?

She Dances With Nature, Her Partner

I define her as a woman with strong roots that give her inner strength.

She is rooted in her values, and her calm spirituality provides her life with balance and harmony.

She is tied to nature, her feet firmly planted.

She is attracted to the color green, sitting in the cool and warm colors on the color wheel. Cool brings calm while warm stimulates activity. Green represents nature, putting women back into balance with self.

She Blooms With Optimism and Purpose

What makes her bloom? Her optimism.

She looks at the positive side of her opportunities. Her positivity drives her to successful outcomes. Even when failure strikes, her optimism and purpose turn her adversity into opportunity.

This bloomer greets life with enthusiasm. She loves deeply and is concerned for her fellow man. She forgives. A bloomer is passionate about her home, her family, and her well-being.

Authenticity Blooms Within Her

She is her own woman and not what others expect her to be. She is authentic. This authenticity gives her power from within to speak up and speak out, regardless of the attitudes of others who might wish her to speak otherwise. This woman flourishes at every age. She blooms.

She Welcomes Change and Blooms

A bloomer moves forward, lives outside the box, and does not allow herself to get stuck in a rut. Fear is not her partner; curiosity is. She welcomes new people into her life and grows. She travels in real time or through literature, she often says “yes!” and jumps at new opportunities. She is constantly blooming.

She is Above All… Filled With Gratitude

She is thankful for everything, expresses her gratitude, shows her appreciation and returns kindness and love. She is a happy woman and spreads joy.

Final Thoughts

My musings were written today because, darlings, we all have a relationship with ourselves. We are the ‘mistresses’ of our fates.

Please reread my musings; jot down where you are strong, address one item where you are weak and then go to work.  If there are two items or more you want to add to the list, do that. Work your way down your list. When you feel beautiful within, you are a blooming woman over 50.

Let’s bloom together. They’ll have to stop calling us “boomers” because we can’t be put in any one box. We blossom, we grow, we are bloomers. Join us.

What are your thoughts? Let’s talk! I want so much to hear your opinions and feelings. I also want you to speak up so that women our age remain visible. We have a responsibility to share our wisdom, wouldn’t you say? Share yours either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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April 10, 2018


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