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We Use Adjectives Before Nouns to Describe Our Significant Others

Have you ever noticed we use adjectives before nouns to describe our significant others?

Lots of adjectives, right darlings! Great husband, fun significant other, devoted husband, etc. You know the adjective and noun I use to describe my husband, Sheldon Good ultimate concierge. I know you all love the description because you tell me in your comments. You are amused by my definition, and truth be told, the first time I used that phrase in my musings was when I asked myself, ‘How would I describe my husband?’ In a blink of an eye I knew and I smiled; he is my ultimate concierge.

I know each Friday I write a survival story. Today, my musings on survival have a bit of a twist because of a maître d’ who seated four of us next to a table of two couples, causing an unexpected, delightful event. He also, by happenstance, seated one of the women — who is the reason for my story — facing our table. So darlings, I decided to take a detour and write about how I am ‘surviving’ beautifully without having to learn a lesson or ask advice.

It Began Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday night we had dinner with friends at one of our favorite restaurants in Palm Springs. Suddenly, at the next table, a woman leaned over and said, pointing at Shelly, “You’re the ultimate concierge!” We must have all looked shocked, but I had the biggest smile on my face.

This woman is Ruth. Ruth is a faithful Honey Good reader, and she got up from her table and came over to talk. She recognized my husband’s red glasses! Then her husband came over and wanted to know how to be an ultimate concierge! Needless to say, we had a delightful conversation.

I agree that the title I gave my husband is extraordinary! I may be the only woman in the world who refers to her spouse or significant other as her ultimate concierge.

The Story Behind the Name

My husband is devoted to me, and vice versa. We are best friends. Best friends enjoy pleasing one another. I am blessed to have a husband who is a caregiver in the sense that his commitment to me is 100%. There is nothing he would not do for me, and, darlings, I do not have to ask!  Oh yes, my darlings, he cares 24/7, to my delight and once in a while to my vexation!

I am musing on our American flight as it soars through the sky to my beautiful Chicago. A quick trip home for a most important occasion, my mother’s birthday. My ultimate concierge leans over to me and asks, “Did you order a cake for your mother’s birthday party Saturday night?”

Now darlings, how many husbands would ask that question? I

answer, “No, I forgot.”

“Well, write down what you want and I will call Kathy and order it,” Shelly replies.

I smile. That, my darlings, is what I call an ultimate concierge.

Daily Happenings of an Ultimate Concierge

Early this morning, as I was finishing our packing, my ultimate concierge entered the room with a freshly cut up orange and half a banana. “You need this, Honey,” he said smiling and walked out.

As we were leaving our home, he noticed I was wearing a winter coat and ‘suggested’ I change into a trench coat. He had checked the Chicago weather.

At the airport, he always arranges early boarding even if we are sitting in the last row so I will not have to stand in line. He always puts me in front of him as we walk down the ramp. On every flight, he helps me get myself organized and always holds my hand on take-off. He cares.  An hour into our flight, we share a sandwich and he offers me his last bite. If that is not an ultimate concierge, I don’t know what is!

An Ultimate Concierge is Selfless

My ultimate concierge does everything to make me happy and I am not demanding. After 27 years of marriage, he still opens my car door, pulls my chair out, helps me make dinner or keeps me company when I am cooking, and always giving me ‘a little advice.’ When we are having dinner in a restaurant and I give the waiter my order on how I like my salmon prepared, he will interject, “She likes the top of her salmon seared.”

Sometimes I mention to him that I would like a little bit less of his ‘concierge-ing,’ but he looks up at me and says, “I can’t help it. I care.” And darlings, I melt because he really does care.


He tells me every day he loves me and that I am beautiful even when I have no make-up on. He is a decisive man and always takes time to guide me to the right answers. He is my rock when I need comforting and always considerate of my feelings.  If I am not home on time and have not phoned, my cell will ring and I hear, “Where the hell are you? I was getting worried.”

My husband is very macho; very manly with a type A personality, and yet, there is a side of him that ‘gets me as his woman.’  He understands my feminine mentality; my needs.

I appreciate him when he caters to me. I want a strong man by my side to protect me and guide me and support me. He is the ultimate.

Marriage is a Two-Way Street

That does not mean that our life together is always a utopia. That would be idealistic and unrealistic. But, in all sincerity, my husband is my ultimate concierge because he is a selfless man who lives to please me. He is my rock; I can count on him to handle everything.

In return, I love him to the moon, appreciate him, revere him and am endlessly grateful for his love and caring ways. Marriage is a two-way street, and as we all know, in order to get, we have to know how to give. I give back.

Every marriage is different. Your marriage may be as great as mine despite your husband not being ‘the ultimate concierge type.’ But you may not be interested in living with a man who caters to you. Please don’t demean your marriage or partnership and wish you had what I have. I just got really lucky when I married Sheldon Good. And I am forever grateful.

For Ruth

To my new friend, Ruth, who is the reason for this story, I am so glad you came over to our table. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet your husband, who I can tell is very special. And I am so glad the four of us are going to have dinner together. How special is that?

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