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Be bold: Why you should wear red after 50

I was once told red is a power color. It takes a confident person to wear red because it attracts attention. It just so happens that red is a fantastic color around the holidays as well. So let’s talk about the color red and why as a woman over 50 you should definitely be wearing it.

Having the confidence to wear red

I’ve talked a lot about visibility as we age. Many women our age have said they no longer feel visible and relevant, but as women over 50, we should want to be vibrant and visible. There is no need to be a shrinking violet because of your age, darling. One of the ways we can take hold of that visibility is through our fashion. Gone are the days when women of “a certain age” should feel they need to stick to modest or bland colors ( for more fashion faux pas click here). Wear what you love and if you love red WEAR RED. And if you aren’t so sure about red, but found a beautiful piece of clothing that’s red WEAR RED. It really is that simple. I am a big advocate of wearing what you makes you feel good because when you feel good you look good. It is a bold color. Red really is a power color. So feel your power and embrace the color.

Red is also back in fashion. It was popping up on runways for the 2017 fall and winter season so wearing red will be right on trend this winter.

Incorporating red into your look

And now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about some practical ways to incorporate red for the holidays or all year round.


I adore bold lipstick and what is more classic than a red lip. It is also the way to wear red with the least amount of commitment.

MAC in Ruby Woo – Buy it here: $17.50 at Nordstrom

Tom Ford Lip Color  in Spanish Pink  – Buy it here: $54 at Nordstrom

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery – Buy it here:  $22 at Nordstrom

Scarves and wraps

If you are a woman more usually drawn to neutrals a scarf is a perfect way to add a pop of red to an ensemble.

Left: Women’s Free People Kolby Stripe Fringe Scarf – Buy it here: $48 at Nordstrom

Center: Ralph Lauren Rope Cable-Knit Wool Scarf Wine One Size – Buy it here: $115 at Ralph Lauren

Right: Echo ‘Radiance’ Eyelash Fringe Wrap – Buy it here: $39 at Nordstrom


Another subtle way to play with red is in your jewelry and accessories. I have a beautiful modern floral pin that I often wear on my lapel.

Left: Sonia Rykiel Heart Pin Brooch – Buy it here: $65 at Orchard Mile

Center: Women’s Baublebar Noel Statement Necklace – Buy it here:  $58 at Nordstrom

Right: Zenzii Garden Party Earrings – Buy it here: $38 at Anthropologie  

I always have a little red in my life, darlings, because of my red string. It is my protector. If you haven’t read about my red string the story is here. I always feel better with a little red on so I hope you will consider it, especially around the holidays. Be bold and be you!


November 29, 2017


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  1. Maria says:

    You are certainly correct about the power of color. A few years ago I was in a store on a particularly cold overcast winter ‘s day. Everyone, including myself seemed to be dressed in head to toe black. Then a woman walked past, all head to toe black but carrying a vivid orange/red handbag and bright red lipstick. She looked smashing. I still wear alot of black but always make sure it’s punched up with either a bright lipstick or pashmina. When I needed a new winter coat I made sure it was any color except black/brown/navy or grey. Ended up with a coral red coat and I feel great wearing it. It must look good because of the compliments it receives. The coat is simple in design but the color makes all the difference. There’s no need to feel invisible unless you want to. Maria

    P.S. I think we regular readers need an update on how dear Orchid is doing.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I have a red coat, too. And, I love to wear black with red lipstick and the idea of a red-orange bag just completes the look.
      Orchid is holding her own. Thank you for asking. Her Liver condition is now 100 percent better. The feelings in her legs are getting worse but she is eating very well, drinking lots of water, wagging her tail and kissing. She is like a child with polio. Warmly, Honey

  2. dianne says:

    I love a punch of red, esp. around the holidays…I do not want to become invisible. Living in a country setting in Central IL (although I have a NYC daughter – so get the best of both worlds) I can get away with lots of fun flannels (I dress them up with riding boots and leather jackets…born and bred in Detroit, so this city girl still gets her edge on!). I love red buffalo plaid check or other red plaid – a Ralph Lauren girl at heart (even though I can’t afford his pieces – I love the look and Bass Pro has quality flannel shirts – on sale now $25!). I find scarfs, capes and bold rings are another way to add color. If I don’t add color to an outfit, I like to make sure I have at least one interesting accessory or have some texture to my outfit. Clothing is art that reflects our inner self. I am interesting and laid back, with a fun side…so I like to present that to the world so they know what to expect from me! I seem to draw young adults to me and sometimes it starts with them liking my style…even though I am not trendy like them! It then goes deeper than that, and it’s good to know that generation “sees” me…It’s a good thing they do because at 60 I work w/young adults in my volunteering and on the job! It’s all about confidence! We aren’t ready at our age to shrink back into the background, so we need to speak with our clothing for that dynamic first impression, because sometimes that’s all others have to go on! I don’t want to be dismissed in the first seconds of meeting someone! 🙂 You definately wouldn’t be dismissed – I am sure even at first glance many would want to get to know you! (Glad Orchid is feeling better and has a loving home.)

  3. Jane says:

    I’ve seen a lovely red dress, I used to love wearing red, but my OH thinks it’s an angry colour (and I’m angry enough 😁). At 58 (pushing 59) am I too old to carry off a red dress to a family wedding, or should I just stick with black and dress it up with some red accessories?

    • Honey Good says:

      If you feel comfortable in black wear black with red accessories. Please wear what makes you personally uplifted and happy. I truly like your idea. Warmly, Honey

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