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What Makes A Woman After 50 Special?

What makes a woman after 50 special? The feeling of envy rather than the joy for another woman’s personal achievement is something to which many of us can relate. When women meet other women who seem happier, more confident or successful, it is easy to feel threatened. Darlings, you have your specialness. So, don’t back away from the specialness in other women. Embrace these types of women, and you will bloom two-fold.

This is my philosophy, darlings. When you meet a woman, you admire for her wit, her style, her accomplishments, her charm, take the necessary steps to seek her out. Surrounding yourself with this type of woman will make you happy.

Who is this woman? What makes her powerful?

When a woman approaches you, she communicates who she is because of her style. It has nothing to do with a pretty face or expensive clothes. It is her walk, her smile, the tilt of her head, her posture, her inviting outreach, her accomplishments, her intelligence, her joie de vivre that sends a message to you that she has that unique attitude; she is someone to appreciate, not fear. She shines. Don’t dismiss her. Open yourself to her.

What Makes A Woman After 50 Special? This is how to feel powerful!

Darlings, it is an inside job to feel personal power, and unfortunately, if you do not, there is no pill to solve your ailment. You need self-esteem, and that is something that CAN be developed at any stage in life. Here’s how…

1. Focus on who you are. Start with making wise choices that are good for you. Learning to say ‘no’ is hard for many women, but doing so is powerful and will elevate your self-esteem, your self-worth. After you hear yourself say ‘no’ you will smile inside yourself. You are asserting your feelings, and it is uplifting to find a voice for the true you in you.

2. Giving back and helping others less fortunate is a powerful way of raising your self-esteem. Giving the unfortunate a sense of self, making them happy, is incredible and you will definitely feel lifted. A powerful woman gives back.

3. Feel joy in helping your friends. I have a close friend who enjoys seeing me happy. This is powerful. She wants to share her wisdom. She is a powerful woman because, truth be told, not all women want to help other women. I am of the same nature. When one of my close friends is honored, I am honored. When I can help a friend, I am as happy as she is. It is a powerful feeling. This power is what makes a woman after 50 special.

4. ‘Live your truth.’ A wise woman takes the time to explore and understand her feelings. You must know YOUR TRUTH. You will feel your awesomeness and your power.

5. Do not try to measure up to another woman. Instead, compete with yourself for personal growth. A way of doing this to reach out to other women whose company you find delicious. You will grow another notch through them.

What Makes A Woman After 50 Special? A vignette

A photographer is coming to our apartment this week to do a photo shoot. I was given an assignment, for the article, to invite six women to join me in the shoot.

And so, I thought and thought and thought and thought… for over two weeks, darlings!

Eventually, I came to the conclusion I would choose powerful women friends of different ages who have those qualities I respect and value. They have their individual ‘personal’ attitude and style that piques my fancy. One of the women happens to be my mother.

I invited them because they are each individual in different ways and I wanted to show my appreciation, through my invite. I am saying without a word, ‘thank you for your friendship. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for pushing me to grow. I honor you.’

Having women friends in your life that you admire is a must after 50, darlings. If you don’t have that type of quality of friendship, do what one of the women in my photo shoot taught me several years ago…delete!

I do not want you to take the word ‘delete’ as cold-hearted; I am so warmhearted my temperature is way past 98.6. It is essential to live your life to the fullest. Having powerful women friends who light a fire under you is fulfilling. You deserve to give this to yourself. I promise you will be happier because you will continue to… bloom. And that is what makes you special.

Have you developed the self-esteem and friendships needed to continue BLOOMING?  Do tell! I would so love to hear from you on Twitter, FacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.


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September 25, 2018


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  1. Jane says:

    I just had to let you know, how much I enjoy your blog! I saw one of your posts on Instagram and then subscribed to your blog, now I’m hooked! I enjoy your articles, topics and your fantastic sense of style. You are an inspiration to all of us women over 50! ( I just turned 52, last Saturday).

  2. Connie Fowler says:

    I find you so inspirational, Honey. You write really well, and have such uplifting things to say to help us become the best we can be at any age. I hope you will share the photos of your home and your empowering women with the rest of us.

  3. Micki says:

    Have you developed the self-esteem and friendships needed to continue BLOOMING? Do tell!

    Proverbs 31…The Bible is The Best Source for helping each person fully develop. Can’t say enough about how this book continues to help me see what I need to and not to do. Great guide for becoming the best version of ourselves!

  4. Rhonda McNeill says:

    I SO want a mug like you have!
    How much we DO know!

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