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Live By Your Own Light

Live by Your Own Light

In order to live by your own light, you have to know who you are. At your age, darlings, I hope you do.

I am not speaking about your daily responsibilities that often drive you up a wall. I am talking about knowing and liking what makes you tick. It is a powerful feeling.

Recently, I was at the Chicago Association of Realtors Annual Inaugural Gala. My husband, Sheldon Good, is the founder of its Hall of Fame that is reserved for those professionals who make outstanding contributions to the real estate industry. One individual was inducted on this very special night.

The Inductee: A Very Special Man

I had the pleasure of sitting next to the inductee, who is 88 years young! His vitality was catching, and he was never without a twinkle in his eye and a big smile on his face as we conversed about interesting topics over dinner.

He then spoke at the podium, without a note, to over 700 real estate professionals! I marveled at this man and instinctively knew that he was very special.

And so, my last visual, before I closed my eyes that night was this gentleman’s smiling face. I knew, as I lie in bed thinking later that evening, that he was a man who had learned to live by his own light; that quality of being at ease with yourself and your world.

So, this morning I sat at my desk with my fingers on my keyboard, the sun slowly rising over Lake Michigan, the boats in the harbor that sent my mind across the sea to my beautiful Hawaii, the Trump Tower rising gloriously in the sky with the sun striking it perfectly, and I became quiet in thought with no interruptions in my life at the moment. At that moment, I thought to myself, “How do I live by my own light?”

How I Live By My Own Light

I decided to jot down what I learned over the years and into the now and gift my list of knowledge to my grandchildren… a workable keepsake framed and signed by their Honey.

I vowed to explain to them what I have learned throughout my life that has given me the mental power to ‘live by my own light’ in order to save them undue angst as they go through their journey of life.

I know you have devised your own manner of living by your own light, however, I thought I would share my list with you.

Dear Grandchild of Mine,

You will reap personal rewards if you are passionate about life. Live your life to its fullest! See the glass half full! Appreciate your blessings! Live your life with honor.

Here is your grandmother’s guide; her honey-isms!

  • Feel Gratitude.
  • Create boundaries.
  • Express love.
  • Laugh!
  • If you don’t love it, live without it.
  • Do not speak with a forked tongue.
  • Seek out people in your life who have your values.
  • Stop trying to please everyone.
  • Have a thirst for knowledge.
  • Be soulful.
  • Love nature.
  • Dream!
  • Take time out to simply be.
  • Nurture friendships.
  • Family first.
  • Make your home your palace of comfort.
  • Take risks.
  • Don’t quit.
  • Be charitable.
  • Travel the world.

Your goal, dear grandchildren of mine, is to be your ‘authentic self.’ Not an easy task, but it is worth its weight in gold because it will give you the power to reach for your own light.

I love you to the moon and above!

Love, Your Honey

What Would Be on Your List?

Do something GOOD today: Gift your grandchildren your list of how they can live by their own light.

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    1. I applaud you because once you find your own light – you will own it and there is no better feeling. It is powerful.


  1. I loved reading this one! Such perfect advice to leave your grandchildren and to us all! You definitely live by your own light. I’m learning to do just that each day as I get older. Inner peace! Blessing to you and your ultimate concierge❣

  2. Honey, just wanted you to know that I really needed to read this from you today! I am going to visit my son tomorrow. He lives far away from me in another state. He is getting married next year. There are so many wonderful things in your story that I will share with him when I see him. Thank you Honey for all your heartfelt stories!

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