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Style is a woman’s biography.

True style is not the photos you glance at in Bazaar or Vogue magazine. Style begins and ends with a woman’s inner beauty.

What is style? Take, for example, some of the outstanding women of the world; Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth, and the late Barbara Bush. They were ravishing and glamorous because of their inner beauty’s shine. Eleanor Roosevelt was outgoing, empathetic, rational, principled, and judicial. Queen Elizabeth is steady, optimistic, and a peacekeeper.

The fact that Barbara Bush was the second Lady and the First Lady, and the mother of the 43rd President. Not to mention, of Florida’s 43rd Governor, gave her permission to wear her fake pearls that were laced with worldliness. These three women basked in inner style.

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I recall meeting President George H. Bush at the Claridge Hotel in London. My Ultimate Concierge and I were having breakfast. He said to me: “See those two men? I think they are secret service. They are wearing earpieces.”

At that moment, who came straight toward us? President Bush! He was a very handsome man. The President had to pass our table in order to leave the dining room. He had style and charisma. He wore a Burberry Trench Coat. I have a black Burberry coat with a zip-in liner. It is often my travel coat. Sun, rain, cold, warm, it is a keeper! I recommend a woman have one in her wardrobe.

My Ultimate Concierge stood up and said, “Good morning Mr. President. It is a pleasure meeting you. I would like to introduce you to my wife, Susan.”

The President looked at me and said, “Good morning, Susan.” There was a short amount of chit chat and then he left to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth! I can still see him now. His posture was elegant. He had his inner power. You felt it.

The next two nights I saw Barbara Bush. I did not have the pleasure of meeting her. Her outfits were not exactly fashionable. All three nights she wore the same outfit in a different color! The first night she wore a pink lambswool coat with matching pink shoes and her pearls of wisdom. The second night she wore the exact same outfit in baby blue.

Her outfits were old-fashioned, which surprised me. What did impress me was her posture and her ‘natural silver hair.’ I could feel her authenticity. I saw past her outerwear. She had style.

Honey Good Style


Let’s talk about a woman’s outer style. 

A woman’s outer appearance is important because it uplifts her self-confidence. It creates her visual profile; how she wants to be perceived.


Our sense of style starts when we are young. We usually have a role model. My style began at my mother’s knee. My mother grew up in Chicago. She was and is  a ‘city gal with style.’ As that little girl, I would watch her layout her outfits and accessories. Believe it or not, I watched my father, too. He dressed conservatively. He loved beautiful fabrics and the finer things.

You must remember I was raised as a small-town girl in Kankakee by the Sea. My mother, on the other hand, grew up and shopped in Chicago. She learned real style. In my formative years, my mother and father were influential in teaching me what was to become ‘my style.’

My father had an appreciation for the finer things. He did not discuss his attire but I noticed his choice of fine fabrics. My father did not have the wardrobe of a King with closets filled with suits, shirts, ties, and shoes. However, he had a King’s taste in fiery.  

I replicated my mother’s outer style and my father’s appreciation of textures. I gravitated to what I visually liked and as I matured, so did my style. By the age of 30, I came into my own. And, to this day my style has never changed. Fashion is not in my vocabulary. Style is. I don’t fall for the fad of the year. That is fashion. 

My style is basic and conservative with an edgy twist. I have an eye and I play it to the hilt. 


  1. A basic man’s styled pantsuit with my Ultimate Concierge’s tie.
  2. A few long feathers woven into my hair.
  3. Hightop yellow leather Gucci tennis shoes with a silk Pucci print dress in yellow, white, and grey.
  4. A red flower fastener in my hair with an all-white outfit.
  5. A Dior rectangular scarf wrapped around my wrist into a bracelet.
  6. A man’s watch.
  7. Sunglasses with a blue tint; a marvelous accessory.

We, unfortunately, allowed ourselves to live in Elsewhere because of Covid 19.

Before the virus, we were invited to a black-tie event. The decor was done in all black! Black bouffant draperies, linens in black, and low lighting. Every woman and man was dressed in black! The room was a maze of black. To my taste, it was very unattractive.

There were two women in white. One of my girlfriends and I.

I wore black straight-legged pants and a white silk long-sleeved top that stopped at my waist and trailed into a long train. The top has French cuffs with pearl buttons and the front of the blouse had concealed ones. Instead of wearing a black bowtie, I wore a maroon velvet bow tie that gave the outfit its edgy flair. I accessorized with the bow tie, earrings, and my wedding ring. My maroon velvet tuxedo tie was ‘the edge.’


How do I perceive real style? It starts with the inner me. A big smile with my red lipstick, sparkling eyes, great posture and interest in others. You see darling, in order to have real style, it must start with the inner you. Be you to the hilt!


Look inside your closet. Think about the clothes that make you happy, give you self-confidence and your attitude! Give away those items that no longer suit your fancy. Trust me you will not miss them.

Now, Invest in basic clothing and drop-dead gorgeous accessories. Always remembering that the most important feature in your attire is ‘you.’ That is style!

Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth, Barbara Bush, and my mother had and have style. My father, President George H Bush and my Ultimate Concierge had and have style.

The definition of style: The quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one’s actions and tastes.

Embrace your inner style, darlings. And let it shine through you to make the world happy!

What’s your idea of style? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments.


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June 1, 2022


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