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Saturday Style after 50 in Black + White

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Style is hardly ever black and white. Which is to say, darlings, there are no rules. This is something I’ve written about many times. Great style comes in all shapes and all sizes and all colors of the rainbow. Today, however, I am sharing some of my favorite black and white ensembles for Saturday style after 50.

I must admit that I often get complimented on my style.  I’m often asked what my secret is.  Today, I will share it…

I wear what I love, and I wear it with joy! I care little to nothing about what others think about my fashion choices.

Do I enjoy receiving compliments? Of course! I am a woman!

Do I need compliments to confirm the validity of my style choices? No way! I am a wise, mature and visible woman. The only one who validates me is me!

So, thank you…  when you compliment my style I believe you see my inner beauty, my joie de vivre, my compassion, my attitude of gratitude.

And, please know that when I stop you on the street to compliment your dress, your shoes, your bangles, the cut of your hair or the tint of your lipgloss, I am “seeing” the same in you.

Saturday Style after 50

Black and white outfits are timeless, and, with the addition of a favorite of-the-moment accessory, a classic look remains current. Such is the case with this lovely, yet very simple ensemble I’ve selected to share today (above). What puts it over the top, style-wise, is this charming, chic and unique Gucci belt complete with a pouch for carrying essentials.

So, let me tell you about this magnificent bag and why I love it. First of all, it is so practical. It’s ideal for traveling, walking around the city, or even storing essentials for an outing with the Grands.

But practicality does not drive many of my purchase decisions when it comes to style. My Mother taught me to buy only the best items, items that I adore, to take good care of them, and keep them for DECADES! This Gucci Marmont animal stud bag fits the bill.

Style after 50 in any season

I love this look, and I believe it is timeless. Case in point: This picture was taken on a much warmer day, months ago.

I am wearing a lovely blouse by Brunello Cucinelli. (Shop his collection here: Plus, I adore this crossbody bag from Louis Vuitton. Lastly, you know, darlings, that I love my heels despite breaking my ankle a few years back. These are Yves Saint Laurent, but there are many similar styles available currently for less than the designer brands… if you so dare, as I do!

Easy, breezy black and white

Black and white is never boring when it’s worn with PERSONALITY! I add personal touches to every outfit, like my favorite blue-hued sunglasses, a favorite choker because my neck is one of my least favorite body parts and, always, my red string.

This tunic is Jil Sander. The smile is all mine.

What’s your weekend style? I’d love to hear about your favorite designers, your style tricks or even answer your style conondrums. Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  1. I love that the “rules” for dressing over 50 no longer apply like in the past. I love classics but also fun, trendy pieces. I always want to be stylish but appropriate. I also run things by my 3 daughters and they give me their honest opinions and usually the go ahead.
    I received that same Gucci belt for Christmas last year and I love it and wear it all the time!

  2. The outfit with the red bag is stunning — shoes not my cup of tea, but as you indicate, you dress to please yourself. You justifiably must receive a myriad of compliments when out and about.

  3. Love your style and enjoy you and your generosity in sharing wisdom about fashion and life. Appreciate when you give the specific details about your wardrobe and beauty products! Thank you, Honey!

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