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Weekend Musings: Stunning Homes, Daring Jewels, Haunted Castles & Much More!

It’s almost Halloween! Do you celebrate, my darlings? 

It’s always such a fun time of the year, especially if you have grands. Dressing up and going trick or treating can create such fun and exciting memories. As well, did any of you try the Apple Crisp recipe from last week’s musings? If so, I want to hear in the comments if you liked it! 

This week we had some great Contributors on the blog, with their mastery ranging from dating advice and doggie tips to stylish sunglass suggestions! So many great things to learn from wonderful experts. If you haven’t read them, scroll down to see all of this week’s blogs and links. 

Stunning Homes In Chicago

Inside a modern home in the Chicago metropolitan area with stunning open architecture

You know I love my stunning city of Chicago. I’m so blessed and grateful to live in this wonderful place, and in my beautiful home. I do, however, always love looking at the gorgeous real estate in my area. It’s like candy for the eyes! 

Who else out there enjoys looking at homes in their city or in other places? It’s a fun way to see what architecture and interior design are in style. 

This fun article in The Week gave a look into 6 wonderous homes in Chicago!

I hope you have as much fun exploring the spaces as I did. 

Using Jewels to Protect Power 

Catherine the Great looking fierce with her beautiful jewels

I love the history you can learn by watching TV or reading articles.

A new miniseries on HBO starring Helen Mirren all about Catherine the Great recreates some of the Empress’s fantastical jewels and allows audiences to experience her power through her accessories.

This exciting article from Town and Country discusses the power that jewels can encompass, and how Catherine the Great used them to her advantage. As the article states: 

“Jewelry was all about messages. It was political. The wealth and prosperity of the region during her reign was chief among the stories she wanted her jewelry to tell.”

I thought this was interesting because it’s very true! Think about how clothes and jewels make statements to those around you, even today. Catherine used her jewels to cement her power and display her wealth and strength. 

For more on this interesting topic, click HERE.

6 Haunted European Castles You Can Stay In

A haunted castle in Europe where you can spend the evening

Do you believe in ghosts? 

With the theme of Halloween, I thought this list of 6 Haunted European Castles You Can Actually Sleep In was fun to look through. 

Many castles and locations around Europe are said to be haunted, and if you have the stomach for it, you can enjoy a night amongst the spirts and historical, old stone halls. 

Would you stay in one, darlings?

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  1. So many wonderful links for my Saturday reading! Thank you! I especially liked reading about Catherine the Great and never knew about the Hillwood Estate Museum in DC! I have forwarded it to friends and relatives so they go visit it! And seeing such beautiful buildings for sale in and near Chicago was fun, too! The castles are pretty unique, but I’ll take Scotland’s first, but then that’s my ancestry, too! [A bit partial to the pet-friendly McMillan Hotels!] Keep smiling, Honey! Love your posts!

    1. OH! I am so glad you enjoyed. We are going to start a newsletter on Saturdays that is going to be even better. Stay tuned. Warmly, Honey

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