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How to Find Your Personal Fire Within

How to Find Your Personal Fire Within

Is there a magic formula in lighting one’s personal fire? Being a romantic with a strong spiritual side and one who does think a woman’s dreams can come true, I do think each woman over 50 has her own magical moxie, her own personal fire, her desire, that creates her positive fire within. I also think a woman’s personal fire within escapes her when she gets hung up on her imperfections. Why not take a rain check on your imperfections and concentrate on your positive desire and drive to find your personal fire within?

How does a woman find her personal fire within? That shouldn’t be a hard question, but it is because every woman has her own manner. I do feel there are certain qualities a woman has after 50, some to a greater degree than others. A few of these traits include self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence, and a sound self-image with drive and desire.

The Adrenaline Rush That Never Fades

Let’s go back in time when you were an eight-year-old little girl. What did you dream of becoming?

I remember I dreamt I would lead an exciting life. I felt joy because I just knew I would. It was my dream and every time I thought about that dream, I experienced a little girl’s adrenaline rush. I didn’t know what I would be or where I would go; I simply knew I would.

It was my dream and no one could take that away from me–not my teachers and not my parents. Maybe just maybe we discover our inner selves at a very young, innocent age. Maybe our dreams are really our reality. I don’t know. But, I can tell you this: I still get that adrenaline rush for every exciting situation that comes my way.

I think you probably had your dreams at an early age. We were so pure at age eight. We didn’t have any thought of imperfection to stifle our dream, our emotional fire within. Consider taking your time to write down what you dreamt about when you were eight. I think you may surprise yourself.

How To Find Your Personal Fire After 50

This is a great time of the year to reflect, especially during our time in self-quarantine while COVID-19 is happening.

After the age of 50, we enter a new and exciting passage of our life: time for ourselves. This change can be as refreshing as the seasons if you allow yourself to continue to grow your personal fire within after the age of 50.

I think most of us at this stage of our lives own our personal fire within. I also think we continue to discover ourselves and this produces a weaving in of a new self imbued with moxie.

A Combination of New and True

For example, my true self is sensitive, empathetic, resilient, loving, and self-sacrificial. My new self, developed over the past few years, is more assertive, daring, and bold. I seesaw between my new and my true self because I consider this powerful self- growth. Combining these characteristics is a big part of my personal fire within.

I think knowing your desires and having drive is fundamental to finding your personal power within because you must recognize who you are and what is important to you. After a woman turns 50 plus, she has acquired her personal strength, personal power, personal confidence, and competence. Now you have to take your lifelong lessons and use them to your advantage. You’ve got it; now use it!

To Continue Lighting Your Personal Fire Within, Consider the Following…

  1. You want to be proactive and self-assertive rather than passive and dependent. It is not easy, but when you open your mouth and express your thoughts and views that are not popular with the group just a few times, you will physically feel your power and trust me it feels exhilarating. You go, girl!
  2. Explore new ideas that have piqued your curiosity. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet, even soaked! Exhilarate in the world around you for personal growth.
  3. Your relationships with your mate, family, friends, and co-workers should be based on equality. You have opinions. You are a teacher, a sage, a woman of worth.
  4. Take power over your existence, the you in you, while being open to constructive criticism. I have learned so much by listening to others guide me when I need guidance.
  5. Gratitude grants you latitude. Be thankful. Show appreciation. Smell the flowers and bloom and I promise you, you will find your ultimate personal fire within.

Finding your personal fire depends on you. Thrive on your positivity, your drive, and your desire rather than your imperfections. Look forward to the years ahead with the thought of continuing to embolden your personal flame!

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How would you describe the personal fire that has been lit within you after 50? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page!

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  1. Hello Honey, I LOVE this post. Thanks so much. To be honest, I only sense a few glimmering embers in there but I would love to re-ignite that fire. ha! Gosh, Life has thrown quite a lot of wet blankets on it, though! I know, it’s up to me to rise up again. And again.. sigh. Anyway, Thanks again. Love your work.

    1. We all sigh…as a matter of fact they say sighing is healthy for us. But, I know what you mean. You answered your own question. It is up to you. So, make a plan. What would you like to do? Join a group that interests you? Take a class in something that makes you curious? Travel if you can? Seek out an old friendship? I have given you a few ideas. Hope they help to motivate you. Warmly, Honey

      1. Hello and thank you for those ideas! Some ideas, like travel, are out of the question, but reconnecting with friends from a time when my fire burned brighter is for sure something that costs almost nothing in terms of time and money (long distance is not a problem thanks to Skype, etc) , and pays back dividends of inspiration. Thanks to you I have scheduled a “garden gate” (we imagine that we are talking across the garden gate as opposed to hundreds of miles) phone or skype chat with my best friend from college. LOVE your attitude, your Beauty (Inner AND Outer), and Thank You for your work.

        1. A lovely way to rekindle the fire within and I am genuinely smiling on the plan you made.Enjoy! Warmly, Honey

  2. I went back to school and got my bachelor’s degree at 53. I graduated at the top of my class which included all students in both their regular day program as well as part-time program. I managed to get a job with a six figure salary and became the main breadwinner.
    When I retired 12 years later I was truly worn down from the discrimination I felt because of my age. After such motivation and striving to get ahead in my field it’s astounding that I do not miss work in the very least. What I do miss is getting up everyday and getting dressed for work and feeling good about myself. I miss the sense of direction and the feeling of having something to look forward to.

    1. How proud you must be of your accomplishments. And, what a let down to be exposed to because of age. Age discrimination is Universal and a very serious problem for many women in all walks of life.That is why we have to find a purpose at every stage. What was your career? Write back to me and we will then take this a step further together. Warmly, Honey

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.I will attend to this today. It may take a few days though. Again, thank you and I am so sorry. Warmly, Honey

  3. Actually my fire was lit shortly after 35. My husband who was the fire in our relationship (and in who’s shadow I lived) left me and our two daughters for another woman. I felt lost, but little by little doing things on my own successfully I began to feel like I could handle my life. I took up running and completed two Honolulu marathons. By the time I reached 45 I had put my daughters through private school and sent them off to college. I have been on my own ever since having gratitude and appreciation for all that I have accomplished.

    1. A great short read. Good for you Bonnie Zehme. You are a GRANDwoman. You have set a grand example for your daughters. You can thank yourself for your accomplishments. A grateful person is a happy person. Warmly, Honey

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