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Weekend Musings: Queen Elizabeth’s Diamonds, HG Newsletter & Much More!

My darlings, I hope you had a fun Halloween week–and happy November!

What was your favorite costume you saw amongst the trick-or-treaters? Children are so creative these days, it’s so fun to see them all dressed up and having fun. 

This week has been full of work, travel and much more! I went to New York City to support my Ultimate Concierge, and now we are back in my beautiful Chicago enjoying the last of the fall weather. As well, my best wishes to those on the West Coast in the thick of wildfires. I hope you all are staying safe! 

Cozy Fall & Winter Drinks

Do you love sitting by the fire, warm and cozy with a hot drink in your hand? If you’re like me, I know you do! I looked around on the internet to find a drink I believed my readers would love and guess what darlings? I found one! 

This Hot Cranberry Tea will hit the spot. And you could also share it with your Grands when they come over to visit. 

Let me know if you make it! 

Queen Elizabeth’s Diamonds


How does Queen Elizabeth keep her diamond collection sparking? Well, with a mixture of gin and water, of course! 

This wonderful article on Town & Country magazine is a great read! I learned quite a few things about Queen Elizabeth, including that she enjoys bargain hunting. That means she is a true lady, darlings, and knows a good deal is always a wonderful thing. 

The Honey Good Newsletter 

Darlings, I’m so excited to share that I’ve begun a monthly newsletter. I wanted to be able to connect with all of my readers and share more interesting information and fun monthly reads with you. 

We will be launching our first one next week! If you’d like to get them sent to your inbox, please SUBSCRIBE HERE

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you even better. 

This Week’s Roundup of Blog Posts Include:

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