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What Do I Want to Do With My Life?

One question I have been considering for the past few days is what more can I do with the rest of my life? I have lived outside the box since I was a child because my curiosity to explore won over any fear of failure. And of course I failed at times, but I picked myself up and carried on. I know love, laughter, disappointment in myself and others.

Examining the Past to Illuminate the Present & Future

I faced serious illnesses and know the importance of taking care of my health. Learning to how to handle hardships, I accepted that which I had to accept by learning how to  pick myself up with resolve. I have been fortunate to travel the world and I love the arts. Moving to an island in the middle of the Pacific, I was later widowed and found meaningful love the second time around.

Now I am a loving grandmother to my husband’s family and the love is returned. I faced a family suicide, have daughters who lead nice lives and all of the grands have made my ultimate concierge and me proud. The love for my daughter-in-law is boundless, similar to the love I have for entertaining and worthwhile friendships. For that, I am thankful for all of you.

Waking Up with Positivity

Vulnerability is powerful and I have learned to say no. Satisfied and someone who counts her blessings every morning, I appreciate everything and have always lived in the present. I seldom notice my hair is grey and rarely think about my age in numbers.

Seeing the positive side of life in almost every circumstance, I look for optimistic circumstances. Each morning I arise excited to start the day. I feel I am incredibly lucky. So what could I possibly want to do with the rest of my life? Darlings, I want to continue to learn and I want to be of use to others.

Learning About Yourself

After the age of 50, it is a great time to take all that you know about yourself and ask yourself What do you want out of the rest of your life? Until this stage of life, you probably have had little time to look into the mirror and say, Now it is my time. With careers and family life, you were absorbed with many responsibilities and had little time to concentrate on your own desires.

I would like you to answer the questions below because I think they will help you recognize your needs. Use positive psychology. If you answer a question with an answer you do not like, think about the positive lesson you learned.

Questions to Ask Yourself

1.Do you enjoy the small things in life?

2. Are you a positive bloomer or are you feeling like a wilting flower?

3. Do you spend your time with people who fulfill your needs and make you happy?

4. Are you lonely? You feel lonely in a marriage or happy with your life, but lonely for knowledge?

5. Do you feel relevant and visible?

6. Do you look forward or do you live backwards?

7. Are you satisfied with your business or bored to tears?

8. Do you count your blessings? Are you grateful or are you always looking for more?

9. Are you satisfied with your journey and do you take action if you are not?

10. Do you learn something new everyday?

11. Are you ready to look to the future with anticipation and participation?

12. Are you taking time to please yourself on your personal  journey?

13. Can you pinpoint what is missing from your life?

After you have taken your time to answer the above questions, have the verve to incorporate new pleasures, activities and goals into your life after 50+. I want to continue to learn and help other women form outside groups of meet-ups beginning in my beautiful Chicago.

What I Want to Do With the Rest of My Life

As I mentioned in my first paragraph, my goal is to continue to learn and give back to others. So my darlings, I have decided to take a professional course in public speaking so I can begin to speak to women in Chicago. I want to formulate and put into action my dream of  helping  women to form outside groups under the umbrella of the Honey Good Network because I know women of all ages need other women.

We are nowhere close to being done, darlings. I want to expand my knowledge in the liberal arts, continue traveling and be a positive voice in my grands’ lives.

Street Style

What Do You Want to Do With the Rest of Your Life?

Now it is your turn to write a paragraph or two–or three or more–about your goals after 50+. Once you have put your thoughts on paper, tuck these pages away in a special place. When you have reached a milestone or need a positive refresher, visit your special place where you have tucked away your personal feelings. Or better yet, keep a journal to record your story from 50+ onward.

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  1. Another great article!! Maybe a secret to “aging gracefully” is having a purpose … positivity and so on! Good read

    1. Yes having a purpose in life is something I face everyday since my husband, my best friend died.
      I like to think I am a positive person, but struggle with the “purpose” aspect. THE questions you proposed certainly have me thinking.

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