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Weekend Musings: Royal Exit, Reinvention, Oscars & Much More!

Halfway Through January! 

Darlings, can you believe we are already halfway through January?

Doesn’t it seem like we just celebrated New Year’s Eve? Regardless, I hope you are celebrating every day with gusto, and you are following all of your dreams. Life moves so quickly and we must take advantage of every single moment. 

I hope you enjoyed this week’s articles all having to do with “reinvention”. We want you to take care of your mind, body, and soul here at Honey Good, and we aim to provide content that does just that! 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “Leave” the Royal Family


In possibly the biggest news this week, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have begun to transition out of their senior role in the Royal Family. 

After the news broke gossip, of course, swirled, as well as thoughts about this huge move from the couple. Many believe this stems from the bullying and feuds between members of the Royal Family, though those claims have been denied. 

To read the full statement from Meghan and Prince Harry as well as the complete timeline and explanation of events, read this great article from Cosmopolitan HERE

What do you think about Meghan and Harry “leaving” the Royal Family? 

2020 Oscar Nominations 

Are you a movie buff? If you are, you probably enjoy Awards Season in Hollywood. 

This week, the 2020 Oscar Nominations were announced with a few snubs and lots of drama. As well, no women were nominated in the “Best Director” category, and the diversity amongst nominees was low. 

Who do you think was snubbed this year from a nomination? 

See the full list of nominees HERE

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  1. Good Morning ☕☕
    I feel very sad for Meaghan and Harry
    I’m sure this was a very hard step for them !!!
    We dont know what was going on behind closed doors 🙁 just all the assumptions that have been written about the whole situation

    We cannot judge unless we know all the facts ….maybe they did try to talk but werent listened too or were pushed aside
    We have no idea what was going on for all those months in that palace.

    In life when u make a decision what is best for you not everyone is going to agree with you but at end of day we all want to live our best life ❤❤and sometimes it means to step away from certain things or situations in your life to keep healthy environment for everyone .

    Enjoy your weekend 🧚‍♀️💚xo L

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