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Weekend Musings: Fall Decor, Saving State Parks & More!

Today we talk fall decor, the troubles of state parks, and much more! 

Changes & New Beginnings!

If you missed my Ask Honey article on Thursday, then you don’t know that my Ultimate Concierge and I made a big step this week. We sold our home in Palm Springs. Yes, it is worth celebrating!

I don’t know what we will do next, but right now I have everything I need and I am a happy, joyful woman. As a task, I encourage each and every one of you to look at what you have and enjoy and be grateful for every single thing. It will make you smile, I know it!

Now, on to my weekend musings…

12 Festive Ways to Feature Fall Pumpkin Decor in Your Home

It’s fall, and with fall comes Halloween and Thanksgiving. Since COVID-19 is still a big factor, decorating can be a fun way to make your living space fun and festive. And, give you a little change in scenery.

If you’re looking for unique ways to decorate, explore these ‘12 Festive Ways to Feature Fall Pumpkin Decor in Your Home” from Better Homes & Gardens.

Send me pictures if you use any of them!

Meet the Animal That Lives for 11,000 Years

I love getting the National Geographic newsletter. So, today on weekend musings I’ve included a couple of headlines for you. The first one is about animals that live much longer than any human. Can you believe there is one that lives to be 11,000 years old? How amazing! But, can you guess what it is…

A deep-sea sponge from the species Monorhaphis chuni!

Yes, a sponge is an animal. I didn’t know that either.

Read all about 11,000-year-old sponges and many other older animals HERE

How Will America’s State Parks Survive 2020?

“In an unprecedented year of pandemic and natural disasters, cash-strapped state parks now face funding cutbacks.” – Miles Howard, National Geographic 

If you are a state park lover as I am, you know how important it is that our parks are here for generations to come. For our grandchildren to see, as well as their children and grandchildren.

Read the article HERE for more information, and how you can help keep our parks alive.

I have always believed that together we can make a difference.

This Week’s Roundup of Blog Posts Include:

Chef AJ – The Guru Professor of Vibrant Health!

9 Wonderful Sleeping Tips For Women Over 50

The Best Face Primer for Women Over 50… and Why You Need One!

The 6 Easiest Ways To Stay Fit As You Age

Today on Ask Honey – New Beginnings & Journeys

7 Reasons to Start a Self-esteem Journal & How to Do It Right

Products & Services I’m Loving Right Now!

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Enjoy, Darling!

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September 26, 2020

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