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Weekend Musings: Best Olympic Photos, Overnight Oats, & Much More!

Weekend Musings: Best Olympic Photos, Overnight Oats, & Much More!

Happy Weekend, everyone! I hope the first week of August treated you well. I know it’s still been very hot in a lot of places, but I hope you are staying cool.

With August here and September around the corner, fall will soon be on the horizon. I’m sure your grands are thinking about back-to-school clothes, outfits, and books. Maybe you are thinking about October, beautiful fall leaves, and cool weather. With the turning of the seasons, I often go deep into thought, thinking about how I’ve changed during each one. Summer is a time for vacation and relaxation, fall turning over a new leaf, winter is full of holidays and time with family, and spring is about blossoming once more.

So, this weekend I spend in reflection, thinking about all of the things I’ve accomplished so far this summer. I hope you will do this as well.

Now, on to my Weekend Musings…

The Best Photos from the Tokyo Olympics

With a total of 98 medals so far, America has 31 gold, 36 silver, and 21 bronze. It’s been such a nice time watching our country show its sportsmanship and win all kinds of medals. There is such pride in the Olympic Games, and it’s nice to see each flag flying high and people cheering on their countries.

The Olympics bring together 11,000 athletes from 200 countries—participating in 33 sports. And, these Olympics are unlike any other with the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a fan of the Olympics and have been watching, I came across the best photos from the Olympics so far. And, I just had to share!

Check them out, HERE.

OVERNIGHT OATS | 6 Easy Ideas!

Are you a big fan of breakfast? I know I am. Every morning I make breakfast for myself and my Ultimate Concierge. We drink coffee and eat avocado toast with tomatoes. I just love my mornings with him and my pooch, America.

However, sometimes I like to switch breakfast up. Upon looking for some great breakfast ideas on YouTube, I came across this one for 6 different overnight oat recipes. If you haven’t heard of overnight oats, it’s a cold breakfast (great for summer), that you make the night before and store in the fridge. Then, you enjoy them the next morning. It’s also great for meal prepping. Enjoy!

How Extreme Heat Affects Our Pets

I know many of you are animal lovers as I am. You have dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and much more. With the summer heat, I’m sure they are struggling just as much as we are. If it’s summer where you are, or you live in a location that is very hot, there are ways in which you can help your pets stay cool and survive extreme heat.

Have you ever been to a pool and touched the asphalt with your bare feet?! Or I’m sure you’ve been at the beach where the sand is scorching hot! Now imagine if you were a dog and touched your bare paws on that hot surface? Not fun at all!

I found this article on National Geographic about how heat affects our loved pets and how we can help them. It gives some great tips and tricks. I hope you will read it and help them stay cool! I got America little booties to keep his feet protected on our afternoon walks.

Read all about it, HERE.

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