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A Tribute To My Dear Friends On National Friendship Day

A Tribute To My Dear Friends On National Friendship Day

It’s National Friendship Day, a day to tell your friends how much you treasure their gift of friendship. It is a day to look into the mirror and think about the role you play in the friendship. Are you allowing time for your friends? Are you creative with your gestures? I think today is a day to reflect on the importance of friendships.

There are several types of friendships. Today is a day to review yours.

A Good Friend

Before I began my hobby of writing, I was, in my personal opinion, a great friend. I am not bragging or looking for compliments because being a good friend just came naturally. I enjoyed never forgetting to remember people and important dates. And, truth be told, looking back I believe I enjoyed remembering my friends with cards and gifts more than they enjoyed my gifts from the heart. Not that they did not enjoy my gift, they did, it’s just that every gift had its mark on them. And, they were very personal, genuine, and from my heart.

I would spend as long as it took to find the perfect card, the perfect gift, and the perfect color wrapping paper. On a trip to Ireland, I recall I walked down to the Ring of Kerry. The walk was filled with rather large-sized stones so I had to keep my eyes pointed to the ground or risk a fall. I noticed two rocks in the shape of hearts among literally hundreds of others and immediately thought of gifts for my daughters! Then, I carried them back to the USA and on each rock, I wrote a personal note in red magic marker and saved them for Valentine’s Day gifts. I was splendidly happy and so were they.

I Choose Friends By Their Actions Towards All Mankind

It is important to me that my friends treat service staff with respect. I listen, watch, and judge to see if they are respectful and appreciative. For example, I don’t want to be friends with anyone who lords their power over a taxi driver who accidentally makes a wrong turn. I don’t want to be in the company of a person who berates another person. When people are kind to those who help them, it is a signal to me that they have strong self-esteem and are kind. I admire people who respect others regardless of their station.

Some Of My Dearest Friends Will Surprise You

As my hobby became a business and my business began to grow, I had less and less time to give to the many women in my life. While they were enjoying life together as empty nesters, I was sitting alone at one type of best friend…my computer! I have three, each with a given name.

There is my 13-inch laptop, 13. I take her into our bedroom at night so I can write when I cannot sleep. Or, I carry her into our living room in the early morning of the day to watch the sunrise in the East. There is my petite 12-inch laptop, 12, who is my traveling sidekick. Her size makes her easy to carry when I travel far away to distant lands. And then, there is my 21-inch, 21, my large desktop that I love to pieces because she is stunning. She sits like a queen in her space where I can overlook my beautiful Chicago’s cityscape and Lake Michigan. 12, 13, and 21 are all Apple Computers, and I do consider them best friends because I can connect with all of you. And, they see no evil, they hear no evil, and they speak no evil.

My Ultimate Concierge & America

My dearest friend in all the world is my Ultimate Concierge, bar none. He is my best girlfriend. Why? Because he cherishes me. He does not have to tell me. I feel it. And, I know. Wherever I am he is all around me. His smile and grit. His joy of life. He is thrilling beyond words. And, he is my most valuable possession. As long as we are together, my life is complete.

I cannot leave out my joyful pooch, America. Sometimes I think he thinks I am a female Wheaton Terrier! My Ultimate Concierge says to me, “Look at his adoring eyes when he sees you.” He cannot stand to be without me and I feel the same towards him. He makes my little heart pitter-patter. Yesterday, I was under the weather, and he did not leave our bed all day and night. He is my Romeo and I am his, Juliet.


I have many wonderful and interesting acquaintances in my life. After experiencing women-friends for years, I think acquaintances make marvelous friends because the relationship is less intimate. As well, I have a collection of acquaintances who light up my life for different reasons. I look forward to spending time with them and we borrow thoughts from one another we might never have gathered in our heads if we had not crossed paths.

For example, one of my acquaintances is an astrologer, another a shopper who knows where to find the best buys for everything even in foreign countries, another a Habad Rabbi who had a magical impact on my life, another a French woman who taught me how to refine my style, a southern friend who exposed me to the charms of The South; Waiters, housekeepers, librarians, doormen, and taxi drivers who share their stories with me from wanting to know my perfume scent to politics! I could write volumes about these women and men.

Me, my grandson Jack, and Shelly

Members Of My Family

Members of my family are best friends. As well, my family is blended but not in my eyes. They are mine and most of them make my heart sing. My son-in-law calls me ‘his bestie’. My grands call me Honey, and I feel their love and respect. I can’t forget my daughter-in-law Jami, we are very very close, sharing everything. And my daughter Jenny! We walk alike, look alike, talk alike and give each other the same cards for occasions without knowing!

My Dearest Friends

There are my dearest friends, living all over the world. I would hop on a plane for any of them if they needed me. They are a bouquet of mixed flowers…all ages, all religions, all nationalities, and all from different backgrounds. But, they all have one thing in common. Their actions are built on kindness. There is Sheila, Barbara, Kay, Sharon, Susan, Florence, Norma Jean, Jenny, Jami, Annie, Katie, Skylar, Elizabeth, Emily, Patti, Lori, Ellen, Phyllis, Judy, and more. As well, I cherish all of the women at Honeygood.com and on my private Facebook group, GRANDwomen with Moxie! Today is National Friendship Day, and I love you all.

How do you celebrate the friends in your life on National Friendship Day? Please share with me in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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August 1, 2021


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  1. Myrna Odwak says:

    I cherish your friendship and miss you terrribly. I worry about where your are living. Hope you find a safer place and forfill your dreams of being near water…you are a special lady, and I’m thrilled to have you as a friend. Wishing you the best!
    Stay healthy, happy and safe!….Love, Myrna

    • Honey Good says:

      I cherish you, too. And, miss that smile, your million $ smile. I chose that photo on purpose because all the women at the table have heart. You are a keeper, not an acquaintance. I am fine. I do not miss the desert at all. Neither, I am surprised, does Shelly. We love our home in the city. Please come visit. I would adore that. Maybe with Susan and LOLO. We can play cards and have a ball in the city!!!! How are you. Write to me at susanfgood@gmail and we can email back and forth. Sending love and friendship across the miles. xo Susan

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