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3 Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Let’s talk about 3 eco-friendly decorating ideas for your home!

3 Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Since the dawn of time, we humans have decorated our homes in various ways. These cultural traditions are still with us, from how we style our surroundings right to our habit of sending each other thank you flowers or notes.

Bringing things we find beautiful into our lives and the lives of those closest to us is a fundamental human expression. It lets the world know who we are through artistic and emotional demonstration in our lived environment.

Just like with so much else, this creative drive is buried somewhere deep inside of us, and there’s no sign it’s going to stop anytime soon, either. We are creatures of creative habit, and that’s a really cool thing about us.

Repurposing Materials Is Very Eco-Friendly

Finding new ways to use materials is a no-brainer when it comes to environmental thinking, and it’s pretty fashionable right now too. Seeing an object in a new context can be fun, as well as a way of showing off your creative side.

Not only can this mean using a picture frame in an unusual way, but it can scale up to more significantly too. There’s a trend towards using reclaimed timber, for example, which could mean that even more, substantial renovations can also be repurposing.

Some builders and carpenters work exclusively with timber that has been stripped out of older buildings and the like. They can easily remove paneling and work surfaces from an old site and transform them into a new work surface for your kitchen, for example.

If you’re looking for wooden trimmings to spruce up a room, it can either be sourced from woodland or a forest somewhere or salvaged from existing timber. It’s pretty clear which of these choices is the most eco-friendly.

Bamboo Can Do Almost Anything

As a sustainable material, bamboo is second to none. It can be fashioned into practically anything you’d like it to be and grows at an incredible rate. This means that we have an almost inexhaustible supply of extremely versatile stuff.

For furnishings and the like, bamboo makes a highly suitable kind of timber. This is because of its ability to be molded and shaped through various techniques. It also makes a highly durable and attractive flooring material if you’re thinking about your floors.

Even for a host of smaller decorative items, bamboo is a perfect substitute for all kinds of plastics, as well as for slower-growing timber options. In either case, it’s an environmental win to be able to replace the destructive use of materials like that.

The added benefit of bamboo is that it tends to outlast most other materials, making it less prone to constant replacement. Our disposable use of materials is one of the leading problems of modern consumption, so bamboo is dream material.

Opening Up the Room

Very often, we think of decoration and renovation in terms of bringing things into our homes, but taking things out works well too. It can be shocking how much of a change can be made to a living space just by removing clutter.

If you’re standing in a room and feel that it desperately needs a coat of light-colored paint, maybe you could even save on the paint by simply emptying stuff. It could save your pocket, the environment, and your room in one step!

We all get attached to all our belongings because they have memories threaded through them, but sometimes there’s a very fine line between homeliness and hoarding. Clearing out now and then can be beneficial in many ways.

Just swapping some of the functionality of our rooms can have the same kind of effect too, and bring a freshness of change to the environment. It isn’t always necessary to gather more stuff to change the decor when removing stuff might work just as well.

Final Thoughts on Eco-Friendly Decorating

Now, more than ever before, our minds have become focused on the impact we have on our environment. For generations in the past, refuse and waste simply got collected and effectively vanished, but this isn’t how we see it anymore.

Finding ways to satisfy our urge to decorate while being less wasteful is more of a priority now, so it’s fantastic to see how many ideas folks are coming up with. Novelty is at the core of this trend, and we hope it continues for a long time.

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August 2, 2021


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