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Weekend Musings: Defying Gravity, Haircare & More!

Days Gone By

Can you believe it’s the middle of August already, my darlings? It’s nearly time for our grands and children to head back to school, maybe some of them have already experienced their first week. Summer really flies by when you are having fun. I hope you are enjoying every moment and soaking up the sun–with sunscreen applied, of course!

Defying Gravity

Have you heard of Simone Biles, sweet readers? If you haven’t, then let me tell you all about her. Simone is an American artistic gymnast who has been dominating her sport over the past few years, including several gold medals from the 2016 Olympic games. She has not stopped there, however.

This past Sunday, Simone won her sixth US women’s gymnastics national title. It was really something to watch. Not only did she win, but she also attempted moves so difficult that many other gymnasts do not even have the guts to try it–men included! These included a “triple-double” during her floor exercise and sticking the “double-double” dismount off the balance beam. By completing these moves, she made history!

Watch her gravity-defying moves and learn more about the incredible Ms. Biles HERE.

Coping as a Tool of Enchantment

Here at, we often talk about loneliness and how to combat this feeling as a person over 50. We also try to help each other cope with the daily stresses of life and any other issues with which we may be struggling.

This week, our guest contributor was the wonderful Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein. She shared her personal experiences of using her strengths as coping skills.

I thought her blog gave wonderful insight on how we can cope with our stress using positive memories, walking and really looking into ourselves to discover our preferred coping methods.

Please do read her blog to find out more. Click HERE.

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