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New Experiences, New Wonders & New Connections

My ultimate concierge and I are cruising the Mediterranean onboard the Seabourn. Weeks before we left our apartment in the sky, I had been looking forward to experiencing a new type of travel: cruising. I am a woman who is enthusiastic about forming connections with others and similarly has wanderlust in her DNA so the novelty of cruising gave me a new feeling of exhilaration.

Aboard the Seabourn With New Wonders

We have been onboard the Seabourn for four days and I am as happy as a kid in a candy shop. I want to tell you why. I am experiencing two types of positive emotional feelings. I am as calm as a cucumber and curious about each day’s new adventure. What could be better?

Well there is more. The ship is beautiful and new. The suites lack nothing.

The closets are large and the bathrooms are spacious with a wonderful working shower, a bath, double sinks, shiny granite countertops, lovely bath products and ample shelving. There are two televisions: one is giant and the other is just right. A comfy bed with fresh new linens and tons of pillows, a sitting area, a desk and a makeup table are all also within our room. Need I go on?

There are more than 600 guests and a crew of over 400. The waiting period to disembark has never been more than five minutes. After a day of touring, we return to the dock and there awaits our chariot, a Seabourn boat to carry us back to the ship!

Impeccable Service

There is no waiting time for breakfast, lunch or dinner despite the number of people on board this beautiful ship. The food is scrumptious and I can honestly tell you this because I have been fortunate enough to dine in the top restaurants in the world. Delicious rack of lamb, grilled salmon, caviar and divine desserts are served nightly. If you would like to make changes, the kitchen and staff are at your service.

Lunch and entertainment at the pool are delightful. I feel so happy listening to the music and munching on lunch with my husband and friends. I know I am on a vacation on the Seabourn because my every need is met and the surroundings are lovely.

The attention and assistance from the staff are pure perfection. My definition of perfection is a staff member with a smiling face and an upbeat personality who makes me feel comfortable in their presence. Every staff member I have met has far exceeded my expectations.

The Emphasis on Guests’ Wellbeing

A few days ago, I had an accident. I forgot there was a step leading from our bath to the closet. When I stepped down, I felt  all of my weight on my left foot. It was more than an ouch type of pain. I knew I did not break a bone, yet I felt I should see the doctor because I knew I injured myself. After x-rays and an exam, I was told I sprained the ligaments in my foot.

You can take the girl from Chicago but you can’t take the Chicago style from the girl. Of course I’m still wearing my blue sequin sandals with my Medisure ankle support!

Per the advice of the doctor from South Africa and the nurse from Nova Scotia, I was given a prescription for pain and a sock to hold my foot tight. I was both advised to use ice packs and keep my foot elevated. However, what really impressed me were the doctor’s words, “We will send your x-ray to a radiologist in the US to ensure my diagnosis is correct.” When traveling on the Seabourn, your health is of the utmost importance.

The staff is from all over the world. They live on the ship for four months and off for two and then return if they chose. I am enjoying making their acquaintances, learning about their lives and I feel special they remember me with over 600 guests onboard. They are so polite, so well brought up, so tuned-in and so helpful. I know the Seabourn goes out of its way when interviewing prospective staff.

From Ankle Injuries to Computer Connections

The evening of our arrival, I went to the computer room to set up wifi. You know, darlings, you are truly on my mind whether I am home or away. Setting up wifi on a ship is complicated because you can only be connected to one device at a time. I was, naturally, having trouble switching from one device to another because there is a format you must follow in order to disconnect a device before reconnecting the next.

The first evening, Emily, a lovely girl from Lincolnshire, helped me. I was so frustrated because I wanted to write my stories and answer your comments but I couldn’t get the wifi to transfer from my iPhone to my MacBook.

The Story of Sarah

I called the operator to connect me to Emily. I wanted to make sure she was in the computer room before I carried my computer from Deck 11 to the Computer Room on Deck 4. Dreading going down, I thought I had no choice until I heard the operator say,

“Oh Mrs. Good, I have some time to come up to your suite and help you.”

“You do! And you would do that for me?” I exclaimed.

“Yes, Mrs. Good I would be happy to come help you.”

There was a knock at our door and in walks Sarah, a soft-spoken young woman of 24. What a charming young woman! Remember, darlings, I recently wrote that women can tell if they like one another within five seconds. Well this was one of those positive five second meetings!

Online and Interpersonal Connections

Sarah connected me to my wifi, which serves as a perfect analogy for how we’re now connected as friends. I gave her a tip and also a $2 bill for good luck. I told her to keep it in her wallet to protect her. She was so grateful and darlings, so was I!

Yesterday, late in the day when we returned to our room, I glanced at our bed. Sitting in the middle of the bed against several white pillows was a little stuffed bear! I limped over to it and there was a note from Sarah! Her note read:

Dear Mrs. Good,

I would like to wish you a speedy recovery. If there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I phoned Sarah and told her I would put the little bear on my keepsake shelf with the special I love you gifts given to me by those I dearly care for and vice versa.

“Oh Mrs. Good that is so meaningful,” Sarah said.

A Thank You For Sarah

Later that evening I wrote her an email to show my gratitude for the gift of the little stuffed animal bear:

Dear Sarah,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift. I am touched and appreciative.

I wish all the young women in our world could be like you. Always be proud of who you are because you are very special. I know!

Have a wonderful day, Sarah and once again, thank you for the gift but most importantly, for your thoughtfulness.

Warmly and as always,


I received a note the following morning:

Good Morning Mrs. Honey,

Always my pleasure to be able to make you smile and remember that I care about you and most importantly your health.

Just a small gesture to make you feel a little better. This is your holiday and you shouldn’t have had to experience this, as it can affect what you wish to do throughout the days.

Thank you so much for your kind and caring words, Mrs. Honey you have made me glow from the inside out and I’m extremely appreciative and grateful to have met you. An inspiring and true lady who I can see from that is passionate about women around the world and the world itself.

Mrs. Honey, I hope we will find time to meet before you leave, as I would be really appreciative of this.

Do enjoy your day, keep smiling and shining on.

Warm Regards,


Connections Fostered Through Gratitude

My stay on the Seabourn will be filled with warm memories of Sarah, the crew, the ship itself, my ultimate concierge and our friends. I am grateful.

You see, darlings, a young woman and a woman who could be her grandmother connected. Age made no difference in the start of this new friendship. Actually, our difference in age added to our friendship because we learned from one another and isn’t that one of the most important facets of life: to learn?

I will certainly be back on the Seabourn one day because my heart also belongs to the Seabourn Encore.

Making connections with new friends onboard the Seabourn Encore.

Who have you connected with recently to start a new friendship? Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. You look so happy and relaxed !!!
    Im so happy i found your blog just started following u a few weeks ago

    Thankyou for inspiring me everyvday

    Past 2 years been very challenging

    Starting a new life at 56 after a divorce and the passing of my mom same year

    Thankyou for showing me life is good 🙂

    1. I am smiling. You are so welcome and I am so glad to have you.I am glad you are meeting your challenges. We all have them and confronting them, in your case, healing from loss, is so hard.Continue writing to me if you care to and I will always answer. I have on line groups of different interests. If you are interested contact Susan. She can be reached for deeper explanation and how to sign up (free) and join. Warmly, Honey

      1. Thankyou for taking the time to write u put a smile on my face in return
        So glad u had a great adventure and reflections on your cruise i beleive when a incident happens its telling u to slow down and enjoy the moment and whats around you its like a pause 🙂 L

    1. It was enchanting!!! My foot still bothers me. We hare home andI am going to rest it. Thank you for caring. Warmly, Honey

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