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Serendipity Is No Accident

I am quite certain every woman experiences serendipity. Serendipity is an individual’s ability to recognize something valuable or delightful when he or she least expects it. The word is referred to as magic and oftentimes coincides with a lucky event. However, for many women, it may go untouched and even unnoticed.

Serendipity is in the Eye of the Beholder

A serendipitous experience is in the eye of the beholder. A woman who sees her glass half full recognizes every serendipitous experience as a valuable gift and chases it until she owns it. She has a resilient attitude and is aware of its presence. She makes her magic moments come alive.

On the other hand, the woman who sees her glass half empty is limited in her ability to act when serendipity comes her way. In her mind, a lucky surprise is uninspiring and therefore she never realizes her good fortune. The moment passes and with it, her chance does too.

To take this a step further, the woman who sees her glass half full says yes to every serendipitous experience. The woman who sees her glass half empty says yes, but.

So darlings, I think the easiest way to take advantage of your lucky moments is to avoid using the words yes but. Instead, dare yourself to say yes!

Seeing My Glass Half Full

Serendipity Is No Accident

I don’t believe serendipity happens by accident. I know I am surrounded by it. It is a mindset that builds up over the years in women who are resilient, curious and positive. A woman who experiences serendipity never blocks new things from entering her life–not even an Apple watch she had no desire to own until…

The Apple Watch

A month ago, I went to the Apple store because my phone needed to be repaired. I had to wait and of course, by luck, I got into a discussion with a woman wearing an Apple watch. This is a watch I had no desire to own because it seemed too complicated and not feminine enough for my taste. Before we parted, she told me she owned 60 watch bands and explained how her watch improved her daily lifestyle.  I was impressed.

It must have been psychological because suddenly I began noticing scores of women’s wrists walking down the Chicago streets. Tons were wearing Apple watches. Onboard the cruise ship, I noticed the color of bands from light pink to black. When I saw the pink band, I had an aha moment, realizing they were more feminine than I thought.

I began questioning women on the benefits of owning an Apple watch and even noticed a woman in the Barcelona airport wearing a band that was made with pearls and rhinestones. Of course, I asked her questions. She told me she buys all of her watch bands on Amazon and then opened her handbag to take out rhinestone squares that fit over the watch to make her Apple watch face dressy! She proudly showed me her rhinestone band–and the costs were minimal.

Connecting the Dots

My close girlfriend Lori and I were traveling together on this trip. Although she does not own an Apple watch, she told me we could buy Hermes bands. Later on, another woman told me the watch face could be purchased with the Hermes name on the watch itself.

An innocent encounter with a stranger at the Apple store led to connecting the dots over a month’s time and now, yes darlings, I must have an Apple watch.

I took the time to research the unknown. I know it was serendipitous that I sat next to a lady with an Apple watch. However, it was no accident that I pieced together all of the information. I was open to asking tons of questions. I explored all the angles and came to my decision.

Allowing Serendipity to Waltz In

Serendipity appears in all of our lives often. All you have to do is open your eyes to it, learn to trust your instincts and be a little vulnerable. Force yourself out of your comfort zone and say yes.

Lastly, don’t forget gratitude because it creates and attracts more positive energy. When things are not perfect, a reason to be thankful always pops into my head. The clouds dissipate from my mind and I reestablish my positive mindset, which allows serendipity to waltz in.

Oh, by the way, how many of you have Apple watches? Lori and I are going to purchase Apple watches. Stay tuned, we’ll share our experience with you!

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  1. I recently purchased an Apple Watch. To be honest I wasn’t even looking for a watch, but I was in the store and saw the watch with the light blush pink band and bought it. I love it! My ring doorbell is connected to my watch and so I know when someone is at my door at my condo when I am not home. Also, I am hard of hearing and I get calls on my phone. It vibrates and rings and then I talk into my watch. I can also read my emails and it reminds me to walk and breathe to help me stay healthy. Wow, that’s a lot. Enjoy your watch!

    1. Now I am really excited. Thank you for educating me further. I will let you know when I finally do purchase one.Warmly, honey

  2. Love my Apple Watch and you will also. Please blog about it when you decide to get it. I’m excited for you.

  3. I love my Apple Watch. I was also unsure about purchasing one however decided to go with it when I found out you can get the different bands, I have a lovely leopard pattern, also a few different colours for day and a couple of evening bands.
    I was super convinced when I was working and had to open a branch that I had only worked at a couple of times and had the alarm code on my phone which I left on my bed at home. Having a panic I suddenly thought to try my watch to call someone and even though my phone was about 20km away I could ask Siri to call someone from that office and they gave me the alarm code. crisis averted and the office was opened and patients looked after before the rest of the staff arrived. That was my big convincing moment. Have fun with it.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I will keep you in the loop after the big event occurs. 🙂 Warmly, Honey

  4. I’m anxious to hear about your experience when you decide to take the plunge. The bands are lovely, my daughter in law has quite the assortment. I’m just not sure that I want the bother of a watch now that I’m retired. I have a hard time knowing what day it is and let my inner self tell me the time. So it will be interesting to see your take on the benefits of having one.

    1. ‘Time’ will tell how I will do!!!!! Finger’s crossed. I will keep you posted. Warmly, Honey

  5. This is very amusing to me, I feel you wrote this special for me ( but is not the first time) I love watches, but really an Apple watch was the last thing in my mind. All of the sudden I want one, and when you wrote about it I start laughing considering i being in the hospital for almost two weeks.
    and I think i am the one to miss the opportunity to get one, because my glass was half empty, , Serendipity is not accident, like you always said I am still smiling . Thank you ………

  6. I just want to say that nothing annoys me more (ok, maybe a few things) than seeing people wearing watches that you have to guess what the time is. I’m referring to those that have no numbers or even dashes where the minutes should be. They are not watches; they are bracelets in the shape of watches. So, I hope this Apple watch you are all talking about can actually tell the time. Enjoy!

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