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Haircare and Haircuts After 50+

The Power of Our Hair

Many people, especially women, hold their hair near and dear to them. All of us have experienced bad hair days and felt terrible because of it. I know that as we age, the change in our skin and hair can oftentimes be a sore spot for a lot of us. Thinning hair and bald spots can be embarrassing. It is terrifying when you’re showering and hair loss becomes more than the average amount.

Why are we so terrified of hair loss and change, my sweet readers? I think it often boils down to how it represents youth and beauty. Hair is something that also becomes part of our identities. We can style it any way we want–to show our personalities or even express a big change in our lives. I am positive we have all chopped off our hair at least once when we went through a change or turned over a new leaf in life.

How do we have healthy and wonderful hair after 50, darlings? How do we stay confident and enjoy our hairdos just as much now as we did in our 20s? Well, we must take care of it from the inside out! This includes having a great diet, regular cuts and keeping up with nourishing treatments.

Nourish Your Body From the Inside Out

Within my Amazon Prime Day post, I mentioned how taking care of our skin from the inside is just as important as taking care of our hair from the outside. This means making sure you are getting the right doses of biotin, keratin, collagen, vitamin B and folic acid. These will keep your hair strong and healthy. You can get all of them in a simple supplement or buy powder for your morning protein shakes. Find some great ones HERE on Amazon.

Hair Care Dos and Don’ts

There are so many ways you can take care of your hair after 50. I’ve written of this in a prior blog, my darlings, which you can find HERE. To review, there are several ways to ensure your hair stays glorious on its own. These include:

  1. Ditch the blow dryer to maintain healthy, shining and undamaged hair
  2. Go gray to avoid adding harsh chemicals to your hair during the coloring process
  3. Cut back on shampoo to allow your natural oils to perform the job they were intended to

Now, besides these, we must also take care of our hair with our shampoos and with treatments. One of my favorite brands is Kerastase. They have a variety of options for all different types of hair. If your hair is damaged from years of coloring and blow-drying, you can buy their products that specifically help to restore your hair. If you need to continue blow drying or choose to color your hair (which is also fine) you can buy products to protect it from damage while keeping it shining and young! I encourage you to browse their collection for the products that best describe your hair and its needs.

For thinning hair, I love Apivita’s Women’s Tonic Shampoo. It’s really wonderful and will help to thicken your hair. Find it HERE. If you’re looking for a daily solution to make your hair look thicker and fuller, try a great styling mousse like got2b fat-tastic Instant Collagen Infusion Mousse.

How Often Should I Cut My Hair?

Along with our internal and external haircare, darlings, we must also make sure to maintain our haircuts. To keep hair healthy and strong, we should be getting it trimmed after 12 weeks. If your hair is particularly brittle, try every six to eight weeks and see if that helps keep your hair in perfect condition.

Haircut Styles After 50

I think as we get older, we often wonder what kind of haircut and style is appropriate for women after 50. Do we get the coveted ‘mom’ cut, or can we still have fun and wear our hair any which way we like? Of course, the answer is: whatever is your preference, darlings! However, there are some styles that help you remain youthful in appearance without trying to fit in with the Millennial generation.

Medium Layered Haircut

A medium layered cut is shoulder length with layers that move shorter as they go up to the scalp. This look is easy to maintain and easier to style. It looks wonderful on a long, square or round face. This is a great style for any age!

Short Layered Bob

A short layered bob is a sharp and edgy cut that is, by definition, short and layered. This is a great look for a round face and also looks fantastic with side-swept bangs. If you don’t like to keep your hair long and you want an easy style, this might be for you. If you feel daring, try a feathered bob with height at the crown. This adds a fun style while elongating your face.

Textured and Shoulder Length

How I keep my hair looking fabulous after 50

Textured and shoulder-length hair is a great look and one that I like to keep. I love shoulder length because it’s not too long, but it’s also still long enough to style or put up if I’d like. Add some texture and face-framing to give your hair subtle depth and show off your highlights and lovely cheekbones.

Find more wonderful styles HERE. There are so many to choose from!

You Are Not Alone

If you find yourself scared of hair loss or thinning, please know that you are not alone. I hope this list helps you find a few new products and styles that will help you feel confident in your hair. And always remember to consult a professional cosmetologist or dermatologist with important questions or concerns you may have. Lastly, you are beautiful and wonderful! Thank you for reading.

What haircare products and hairstyles do you love? Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.


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  1. I suffered a great deal of hair loss in 2015. I was in my early 60’s and was on a very strict diet where I lost 50 lbs. I felt better but I looked awful. I did see a dermatologist for an unrelated issue but he was more interested in my hair. The loss was in front right on top and I used to agonize over this. He told me that my condition was primarily due to stress and that when the stress went away my hair would rebound. It was a tough period with a move, selling 2 houses and being on the brink of retirement which my colleagues did not make easy for me. Now, I’ve regained all that weight and have other issues but I’ve been retired for 18 months. Just recently I noticed my that my hair has indeed returned almost to its former volume! I only wash it twice a week, found a great stylist and my hair has never looked better. There is no replacement for healthy eating and the relaxation of retirement.

    1. What a lovely and informative story.Thank you for sharing. I am glad you are happy in retirement. Warmly, Honey

  2. I started noticing hair loss a few years ago. My beautician told me the following: wash your hair @ most every other day(& I live in the tropics!); when shampooing, work the shampoo into your scalp with finger tips, using circular motion: when drying, bend over, pull towel over entire head in 1 direction only, don’t rub. For those of your readers who don’t have access to the wonderful products you recommend, pure coconut oil rubbed into scalp with your finger tips every other hair wash, every alternate, use a plant based cream, gel or pomade. I like Garnier Fructis Curl Defining spray gel, available just about anywher in the world.

    1. Thank you so much Maria for many things.Your stories, your involvement with Moxie and your advice. Warmly, Honey

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