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The Buzz: Coping With Change Over 50


As we patiently await spring’s arrival, the Honey Good community has recently held a lot of wonderful discussions about self-improvement, confidence, and reinvention, or in other words, continuing to bloom as vibrant and visible women. But as I was reflecting on this week’s shared stories, I realized that while it may be easy to talk about changing ourselves for the better, coping with change over 50 can be quite difficult, especially as we move through different stages of life.

What’s important is that we give ourselves grace, darlings. As long as we are kinder than days previous and have learned from yesterday’s mistakes, we are growing. We must always be moving forward and adapting. This is key.

So whether you are feeling your best self now or are on your journey to getting there, please know this community is always here to support you. In the meantime, here is the week in review.

How to Bloom Over 50

The word reinvention was on my mind this week because it seems to be the ‘in’ word in many articles written for women over 50. I read and listen to experts telling us that learning how to bloom after 50 is all about reinvention.

Reinvent means, via New Oxford American Dictionary: “Change yourself so much that it appears you are entirely new.”

If we reinvent ourselves, we will find a new meaning of happiness that ultimately will lead to a more fulfilling life. How depressing and unrealistic is that?

A far better word would be ‘reopen.’ It resonates positivity. It acknowledges that we have the opportunity to reopen possibilities because we are wiser. It is telling us not to get stuck because we are empty nesters, divorcees, widowed, retired, or living with a retired husband, but rather, because of our age and wisdom, we have the tools to continue to bloom.

Read on to find out how to shift your mindset from reinventing yourself to opening your heart to new possibilities.

Could You Become Car-Free?

This week, Honey Good contributor, Akaisha Kaderli, shared why this wasn’t a decision she and her husband, Billy, took lightly.

In fact, they discussed the idea of becoming car-free for several years. There were good reasons to do it: no more maintenance and repair costs; no more fees for insurance, license plate renewal, or registration; no more fuel expenses; and no more worrying about storing a vehicle in the States when they were enjoying their retirement and traveling overseas for months, or years, at a time.

But there were also some obvious downsides. They wouldn’t have the freedom to come and go on a whim, and they wondered how they’d manage to get around during warmer seasons.

So how did they ultimately make their decision? Read here to find out.

Why Women Over 50 Are Bloomers, Not Boomers

Do you ever notice there are women over 50 who continuously flourish and bloom? What is their secret? What are the emotional ingredients that make their lives delicious?

Let’s start by defining a bloomer…

She has her trials and tribulations, fears, disappointments, anger, sadness and human frailties, but she also has characteristics that make her a positively ‘blooming’ woman over 50. Find out what they are here. Are you currently flourishing?

5 Herbal Teas to Relax Aches, Soothe Pains & Improve Your Health

A visit to the tea aisle in your local grocery provides a mind-boggling array of teas, each claiming to boost this, brighten that and change your life for the better. It is difficult to know which one to try next!

Luckily, this week, Honey Good contributor, Erin Young, shared a handy guide that will help you during your next grocery trip by showing you which teas to try to relieve aching muscles, tired bodies and give a much-needed boost to the immune system.

So which teas are right for you? Find out here.

Making the Most of This “Spring” Season

With spring taking longer than usual to arrive, it can be easy to fall into a rut, both emotionally and when it comes to style. Who else is ready to finally put away those bulky sweaters?

But even if Mother Nature is taking her time this year, we can still make personal changes to help encourage spring along, feel more confident, and blossom ourselves!

This week I re-shared tips to help you embrace your gorgeous style and reclaim your confidence as a visible, vibrant woman over 50. You can read all about them here.

Have You Ever Noticed We Use Adjectives & Nouns to Describe Our Significant Others?

Lots of adjectives, right darlings! Great husband, fun significant other, devoted husband, etc. You know the adjective and noun I use to describe my husband, Sheldon Good… ultimate concierge.

I know you all love the description because you tell me in your comments. You are amused by my definition, and truth be told, the first time I used that phrase in my musings was when I asked myself, ‘How would I describe my husband?’ In a blink of an eye I knew and I smiled; he is my ultimate concierge.

Are you curious why? Read here.

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