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The Razzle-Dazzle of Life & Your Exquisite Mind

By Honey Good. Once again, I’m flying with my husband, Shelly. In the last three weeks, we have flown “home” to Chicago (from Palm Springs) so we can spend quality time with my treasured, aging mother, then back to Palm Springs and now to New York. Shelly has a meeting at the United Nations where he is an NGO representative representing The International Real Estate Federation housed in Paris. From New York we will fly back to Chicago to spend Passover with our families. Ten days later, we will be back to Palm Springs with Orchid to live our “other life.”

Some people might find this type of agenda daunting or exhausting, but I love it! It makes me feel young and alive and reminds me that age is just a number. I love all the adventures we plan and the time I get to spend with family and dear friends.

As I’m flying through the clouds onto this next adventure, I think about three words: razzle, dazzle, and exquisitely. I think continuing on new adventures, learning and experiencing new things is part of the “razzle-dazzle” of life! Secondly, I have a philosophy: we should all age “exquisitely” in both mind and body. It is important to keep adrenalin pumping at all stages of life!

We all confront issues that are not dazzling. We all have problems that creep up unexpectedly — believe me, I have had my fair share too. This is all the more reason that you must incorporate “razzle-dazzle” into your life, whatever that may mean to you! It could be as simple as a walk with your pooch or as elaborate as a trip to a far off country.

To help you think about different ways you can incorporate “razzle-dazzle” into your life and help your mind and body to age “exquisitely,” I have pulled together a few ideas to jumpstart your imagination!

  • Act upon your hidden talent or desire. Embrace it! Have you always wanted to learn about gardening – start now! What about experimenting with home décor – what’s stopping you!? Start up a small business – age just gives you more wisdom and resources to do so. Go back to school and get your degree – it’s never to late. Keep learning and continue being curious. Keep your mind active!
  • Step outside your comfort zone. It’s very easy for us to get into a routine; human beings like routine. But you limit yourself that way, so step outside your box and try something new! Even if it’s taking a new route to work or trying a new food, it will help to expand your mind.
  • Make good on your promise. Finish what you start. Use your resilience. We are far more resilient than we may believe. Trust me on this one.
  • Remember, age is on your side. The older you are, the wiser you become. You grown and learn more about yourself everyday. You know what “razzle-dazzle” tickles your fancy. Let inspiration lead to reality.

As I said, both our minds and bodies should age “exquisitely.” As we age, our mind continues to increase in beauty. I know I have attained the beauty of wisdom, and I’m sure you have too! Given this knowledge, it is far easier for me to put into action the life I want to live – an exquisite life indeed! I have salt and pepper grey hair, 20 dynamite grandchildren and I never feel old. I feel exquisitely beautiful because I am a vibrant woman who sees positivity and opportunity in all situations — thanks to my exquisite mind that searches for beauty in everything!

Don’t forget to challenge your mind and provide it opportunities to grow and you will continue to amaze yourself at what you can do. Go out there and find the “razzle-dazzle” that excites you and wake up every morning knowing that you are exquisite!

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