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I'm Honey!

As a woman who has lived through many passages and learned through my larger than life experiences (positive and negative), I’ve discovered how to take a big empowering bite out of life.

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Passages After 50

Diligently working on my Macbook Pro“What would I do without all of  you?” I often ask as I gaze at my tech friends in the early morning hours. My answering thought is that I would wilt away for so many different reasons if they were not around to let me express my thoughts.   

Every woman wants to be relevant. Whether it is swinging a golf club for a lower handicap or playing cards with friends. Whether it be passing on her wisdom to grands, joining a book, movie, or card group. Or, like in my case, writing. Every woman needs mental and emotional nourishment to feel visible; enlightened. Remember, dear reader, eighty percent of your beauty comes from within.  

Women 50+  must have interests. You must have an open mind to seek new endeavors and expand on the old ones you enjoyed. You must not retire from life; instead, dive into it. You are at the age to have the freedom to hone in on ‘you.’

Do expand your horizons. Expanding your curiosity will give you purpose and purpose gives you relevancy. And with it, you become a visible and enlightened woman. 

My Story

It was several years ago that I hung up my golf clubs and left the card table. I stopped shopping till I dropped, leading charitable events, and belonging to organizations.  

Do I miss what I left behind? Yes. I miss the almost daily dose of bonding with friends. Even though I continue to sub at card games and I do have a few lunch dates. There is no time for golf. I belong to a movie group, and am going to take an active role in a charity of choice. And of course, I socialize along with my Ultimate Concierge at dinner. I have very close friends, thank goodness, and tons of acquaintances that add interest to my life.

If my family lived nearby – none of them do – I would spend time with them on a consistent basis. But the kids and grands are scattered across America. They live in Arizona, Texas, California, Idaho, and New York. A real loss.  

I used to love to entertain at home but Elsewhere robbed me of the desire. 

So you are not the only one who had to pick herself up and start all over again.

Since I have discarded or been robbed of many of my endeavors, what has taken over to enlighten my life?

Writing! I am a writer and love what I do. 

My Essential Writing Tools 

First, let me introduce you to my constant companions and the role they play in my life.

The Cast of Characters: 

Essential Writing Tools, Apple Desktop

Ms. MacBook Pro, 13 & 12

Essential Writing Tools, Apple Desktop

Ms. Apple Desktop, 21

They each have a name because they are my helpmates. And, when they become problematic – and they do – I send out an SOS to a human friend, a webmaster. “13 is impossible! Help!” He immediately goes on the App Team Viewer to take a look at 13!

My tech friends provide me with the tools I need to write my musings. Ms. Keyboard is attached to my soul.  She allows me to express my feelings to you and other friends and my family. Also to any place and person in the world of my choice. Most importantly, Ms. Keyboard gives me the power to communicate. 

My journal entries are over 1000 in number and have allowed me to open my world to myself and to you, dear reader. 

Oh my, what I have learned about being authentic about myself and my life. It is a WOW. I highly recommend journaling. You won’t come into answers for a long time but I can assure you, one day you will look up from an entry and say, WOW, as I did. Journaling is like putting a puzzle together. If you are honest and don’t suppress your vulnerability, the pieces fall in place before your eyes.

A Day in the Life 

I want to share with you that I am a creative person and creatives have a hard time with discipline. 

I usually wake up at 4:00 AM. because it is the only time when our home is quiet.  I am raring to go. I grab my cell phone and head for the kitchen to prepare coffee. My mind distracts me on the way. It tells me, “make a grocery list, don’t forget to call this one, that one and other ones; oh where is my list?” I stop at the office door, instead of marching to the kitchen, to find my list and the rest is history. Don’t ask what I do in the office! It could be one of 100 things. I finally arrive minutes to an hour later at my intended destination, the kitchen.

Yesterday was a calamity. I made coffee and then decided to read the packaging on the new brand of coffee my housekeeper, Rosa, sent me from California. She sent me two huge bags a few weeks ago. During the reading, I saw they advised storing the coffee and the beans in the freezer. Thinking the bag of coffee beans wasn’t opened, I reached up for it. When I took it from the shelf, 10000 beans spread all over the kitchen floor! I shouted out and my Ultimate Concierge came running into the kitchen to see what happened. 

Calamity Ensues

Within 20 minutes, I had another ‘oh no.’ I took out a sealed container of milk to add to one of my favorite mugs filled with steaming coffee. It had a plastic wrapper. Instead of taking my little product that unseals tops, I reached for a knife sitting on my counter. The knife had a sharp point that not only unsealed the plastic wrapper but stabbed me in my hand by accident. Again, I yelled, “Oh no!” and added,  “I just stabbed myself,” and again my husband ran into the kitchen. Blood all over the white kitchen floor, blood all over me. My Ultimate Concierge kept shaking his head, trying to help. We had a very difficult time stopping the bleeding! 

Day in the life of a bloggerI am not the type to fall apart. After the coffee beans were picked up and my hand bandaged, I went on with the process of making my coffee. I opened up the kitchen cabinet that houses many of my mugs collected from different countries and places of interest. I chose a different mug each day depending on my mood.  

Coffee, essential writing tools

Essential Writing Tools, Mugs from around the worldBack to the Day!

Aside from writing my musings for the day, I spent a great deal of time in discussions with Leigh, my editor. I had a Zoom meeting with the team that is designing my new website. It will go live around January 15, 2022! I decided on my fonts, colors, and the site style. Also, I had a round of discussions with my assistant and Susan concerning the hiring of a Social Media Marketing Manager. 

Then I had lunch with two girlfriends. Up next, I started the process of winter and summer travel plans with our travel agent at 5:00 pm, after a day’s work. The day finished with dinner out with my ultimate concierge.

Sweet reader, that is the reason I write my musings at 4:00 AM! I must have peace and quiet. The only time I have these necessities is when both our condo in the sky and my mind are quiet. There is so much going on during the day and I must have peace, quiet, and stillness when I write.

What Journaling Does for me

  • Forces me to exhibit discipline and focus because I have deadlines to meet. 
  • Teaches me to be more organized. Not to mention improve my spelling, grammar, and punctuation.   
  • Allows me to explore my creative side.
  • Opens my world because it is a thoughtful form of communication. 
  • Ignites my opinions, ideas, and thoughts
  • Improves my ability to recall information and enlightens me. 

Writing lets me into your lives. There, I narrate a message by informing and explaining the passages of life we will all encounter after the age of 50 +.

Writing is storytelling and I take pride that I am an authentic storyteller.   

My Tech Friends and Writing

I would never have become a writer without my tech friends. Not since the printing press and television has any invention been so life-altering for the entire world population, than has the Internet. The world of technology is revolutionary. 

Ms. iPhone, Ms. 12, 13, and 21, Google, Apps, and everything in between has opened up my world.  I will always adore and take care of my tech friends. They have created a space where I can feed my soul and never ever feel invisible. 

In conclusion, my technology friends have helped me become an enlightened woman, a curious woman, a smarter woman. And most of all, happy. Because I feel relevant, purposeful, and very visible. 

What keeps you feeling purposeful and visible? It means so much to me when you share in the comments.

Warmly, Honey

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October 31, 2021

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Dear Honey,
    I’m sorry about your accident, hoping to hear that you heal quickly. You asked the question “What keeps you purposeful and visible?” I believe in keeping busy….Monday, Wednesday & Friday I meet at the gym with my personal trainer, Tuesday night is Bingo with friends, other days are occasional lunches with those that I don’t see often. Of course I don’t wear makeup to the gym, but otherwise I like to dress and wear makeup to the events that I attend. That in itself makes me feel visible. I am planning several trips over the holidays to see my two daughters and grandchildren. Like your family Honey, they all live in different states. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels.
    Much aloha, Bonnie

    P.S. – I also journal….

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I am glad you feel visible and thank you for inquiring about my hand. It is fine! Have a marvelous Thanksgiving!Sending you much aloha. Warmly, Honey

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