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The Buzz: It’s All About the Little Things

The Buzz: It's All About the Little Things

After a fun week celebrating freedom, stars and stripes, it’s nice to get back into a regular routine… right alongside my ultimate concierge, of course!

How was your holiday, darlings?

The weather has been extremely warm here in Chicago, so we’ve been taking extra care to stay hydrated and apply SPF so we can continue to enjoy the sunshine, as well as each other’s company. It’s all about the little things, isn’t it?

In case you missed any stories this week on, I hope you enjoy the week in review!

The Week in Review

Finding Strength & Spirit in the Unknown

A conversation with a good friend brought up a story from many decades ago about a young girl who traveled with her small baby to an unknown place. She was probably scared, she was probably ill-prepared, and yet, she took a leap, and landed on her feet.

Do you have any idea who that young woman was? More importantly, do you know how she found strength and spirit in the unknown… and how you can, too? Read the story!

Do You Need $2 Million to Retire?

Many financial experts say that you need $2 million in investments in order to retire!

Do you have it? Do you really need that much money to retire? Or maybe you need even more?

This week, we shared the scoop… and the answers may surprise you. Read the story!

How to Remain Visible & Bloom After 50

Unfortunately, many women over a certain age feel invisible. This is a natural occurrence as we age. We look in the mirror and study our faces and our bodies and no longer love what we see.

Why is this?

Luckily, with just a little effort, we can achieve or accomplish anything we desire. Find out how… Read the story!

The Ten Best Vintage Skincare & Beauty Tips to Try Today

You have plenty of technology to deal with on a day to day basis, right?

That’s why this week, we discussed “old-fashioned” beauty, as in tips + tricks that helped previous generations look and feel beautiful.

Here’s a look back at the ten vintage skin, hair, and makeup hacks that are making a comeback… Read the story!

Swimsuit Season Must-Have Styles

Feeling great in a bathing suit is doable at every age!

Taking care of our health, maintaining our sense of self-confidence and embracing our wisdom, wit and wonderfully unique take on life after 50 help us to feel great about our bodies, no matter our ages.

And, flattering, affordable bathing suits help, too!

This week, I rounded up a few one-piece bathing suits that I love… Check them out here!

The Problems in a Blended Family

Picture this… you’re in a loving relationship with your significant other and everything has gone as planned. That is until it’s time to blend your two families together.

Are you questioning how to proceed?

Trust me, darlings, when your mate has adult children, it doesn’t always go swimmingly.

This week, I shared my personal experiences and advice with all of you so you can maneuver this transition with confidence… Read the story!

Tell Me About Your Week!

I’d love to hear how your week was… the good, the bad, the ugly! Share your thoughts and experiences with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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