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The Buzz: A Renewed Sense of Hope

The Buzz

This week has been another great one here at Honey Good! I hope the same can is true of yours!

One of the topics on my mind this week has been that of rebirth. As I touched on in my story yesterday, I call the month of May the ‘month of rebirth.’ The flowers, grass, and trees all come back to life right before our very eyes! It’s incredible, isn’t it?

The vibrant colors and greenery always renew a sense of hope and gratitude for the months ahead. What flowers do you plant each year to help encourage that spirit in the spaces around you?

Do you keep plants inside or do you have a designated green space or yard to grow a beautiful garden? What flowers are your favorite? Do you cut them and give bouquets away all summer long or just let them do their thing out in the sunshine?

I always look forward to hearing from you, dear readers, and today is no exception. Please share your thoughts in the comments below and enjoy today’s week in review!

The Week in Review

Sayings Passed Down From Mothers to Daughters

In the days leading up to Mother’s Day,  I wrote mainly about my mother, the person who gave me a first kiss and the person who taught me my first lesson.

It was in the wee hours of the morning last Sunday when the saying, “Like Mother, Like Daughter” was on my mind.

I pondered over the saying wondering how much positive influence my friends’ mothers had over them. I thought of one of my closest friends who is not at all like her mother. How did my friend escape her mother’s influence?

As I reflected on the Yin and Yang of this Mother and Daughter, I thought I understood. My friend loved her mother, but probably did not like her attitude or behavior and decided at a young age that she did not want to emulate her.

Still, when I hear that saying and think about my mother, there are so many things I want to… read the story!

Is Eating Street Food Safe?

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli’s greatest joys in traveling is the eating of street food. They can’t imagine going to faraway locations where everything has exotic new flavors and only eating off a sanitized menu at a name brand hotel.

In fact, they figure why limit themselves and their experiences out of an exaggerated sense of caution?

However, they aren’t careless about food and water choices. Instead, they have nearly three decades of world travel experience and want to share their perspective with you. Read the story!

Tips for Going into Business After 50

There are challenges, leaps of faith, and many reflections.

I was asked to write about the ‘ins and outs’ of starting a business as a woman over 50, so I decided to tackle this subject, no holds barred!

In thinking deeply about this topic, my reflections revealed that on a most positive note, you shouldn’t let your age hold you back. On a serious note and warning, you shouldn’t tread into waters you know nothing about because in most instances you will drown.

This week, I shared my thoughts on going into business after 50… Did you miss it? Read all of my tips here!

Gorgeous Hands & Feet at Any Age!

A person’s hands say a lot about how well they care for themselves. If you’ve ever looked down and felt that your hands are looking older than they should be, you are not alone! In fact, some say nothing gives away one’s age faster than the hands!

It’s not that our hands aren’t beautiful as they age, they are! And caring for hands (and feet) is an easy way to look and feel younger. This week, Honey Good contributor Maria Davies shared how… Read the story!

How a Simple Circle Can Represent, Strength, Love & Gratitude

Jewelry is weighted with meaning. Dare I say, if jewelry could talk, each piece would convey the story of how your jewelry drawer became their home.

Our emotional attachment to our jewelry is laced with an assortment of emotions and memories ranging from love, joy, friendship, good luck and beyond. I think our passion for our jewelry and its sentimental meaning tends to grow deeper each year for women over fifty.

This week, I shared the story about how my collection of Hermes bangles has come to represent not only gratitude but… Read the story to find out!

Your Thoughts on the Week in Review

Have a beautiful weekend! I encourage you to share your thoughts either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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