Gorgeous Hands and Feet at Any Age

Story By Honey Good Contributor Maria Davies

A person’s hands say a lot about how well they care for themselves. If you’ve ever looked down and felt that your hands are looking older than they should be, you are not alone! In fact, it’s been said that nothing gives away one’s age faster than the hands!

This isn’t to say that our hands aren’t beautiful as they age, but it is to say that caring for hands (and feet) is an easy way to look and feel younger. Here’s how…

Caring for Your Hands & Feet With Professional Help

  • Develop a hand and foot care regimen and follow it, no matter where you are or how hectic you feel your schedule is.
  • Decide if you want to do the necessary care yourself or if you want to have a professional do it for you. We all know nail salons are now a dime a dozen but how do you find a great technician? That’s another story, but if you have an amazing technician and you’re willing to share, please post your city, the name of your salon, and the name of the technician you trust in the comments below. We would love to know who you trust! 
  • Decide if you want to wear polish or just have your nails cleaned and buffed. The nail buff manicure, often called the “anti-manicure,” is wildly popular in the fashion and entertainment industries, largely because it eradicates chipped polish and serves up glossy, well-kept nails for weeks.

What do you think, can you imagine life without polish?

If you decide to go artificial, i.e. acrylic or silk wrap, be sure to get regular fills as recommended by your nail technician,

Now, if you prefer to take care of your own hands and feet, or perhaps you must because that’s what your budget dictates, here are my tips & tricks for at home nail care…

Caring for Your Hands & Feet at Home

  • Set aside two hours, ideally once a week, for your hand and foot care regimen.  That’s how long it takes to do the job properly!
  • Start with a large bowl into which you add 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 cups of milk, and 2 gallons of warm water.
  • Put your feet and hands into the bowl and brush first your hands all over. Next, brush back of the hands, palms, and nails, then feet. Soak for a few minutes, leaving feet to soak while working on your hands.
  • Work on your cuticles first: never cut, just push back, and then file, even out, and smooth nails.
  • Work on feet, getting rid of callouses, and hard skin. Cut toenails evenly across the top.
  • Work some lotion on both hands and feet. Here’s one to try by Origins: Plantscription Anti-Aging Hand Cream.
  • Apply polish if desired, starting with a base coat for hands, then color. Make sure fingers and toes are completely dry before resuming any activity.

I make this process less boring by reading a book while my nails are drying.

Caring for Your Hands & Feet While Traveling

If you’re traveling, spend the few extra dollars to have a salon take care of hands and feet. Never use an excuse to neglect them. If it’s absolutely impossible to find the time for a salon treatment, remove all polish and keep nails filed, evened out, clean and bare.

Bunions & Hammer Toes

Now the issue of bunions and hammer toes. If the budget allows, consult a podiatric surgeon and have the problems corrected. The procedure is outpatient with some pain and limited mobility for a few weeks but the relief and aesthetic result is well worth it.

One more hint: the skin on your hands ages as quickly or perhaps even more quickly as the skin on your face. To minimize this process, use the same moisturizer on your hands as you use on your face. Apply the moisturizer after having hands in water (doing hand washables, washing vegetables while cooking, etc.) every time.

What are your thoughts?

How do you feel about your hands? Do you have tips for keeping them healthy?  Have a trusted manicurist you recommend? Do tell! You can comment below or connect with the HoneyGood.com community on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Let’s chat!