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The Best Memorial Day Traveling Tips & A Facebook Live Announcement

packing tips

Packing! Most people dread the ordeal. If this sounds like you, join me this Thursday, May 24 at 9:30 AM CDT, for a Facebook LIVE event as I demonstrate my tried and true packing tips, share my airport style, and dish on travel beauty musts!

Trust me, you won’t want to miss it! 

What I Packed for a Recent Trip

In the last year, my husband and I spent some time in the Big Apple for business and pleasure. I accompanied my husband, who is part of an NGO under the real estate umbrella of the United Nations, to a luncheon and business meeting at the UN. Business attire was called for.

That evening we attended an intimate cocktail party at the home of a friend and went to an Italian bistro for dinner. We were with the same people so naturally, being girly, I wanted a different look. The next day we shopped and that evening the two of us dined, alone, at La Grenouille, the most glamorous, gorgeous and intimate restaurant in Manhatten.

The restaurant is French with gigantic bouquets of flowers, crystal light fixtures and it is beyond romantic. The crowd adds to the elegance. I dressed for the occasion, darlings. Here is what I decided to pack and a little advice from an avid packer.

For this particular trip, one elegant black suit with a silver clasp at the waist and a sheer Wolford black top underneath.

And for the luncheon, a pair of black trousers with an interesting top that was not a jacket but gave my outfit a suit look.

When we went shopping, I wore the same black trousers with a grey wool Wolford bodysuit and a sheer grey black and white sleeveless top over it to give it a different look.

One pair of shoes for four days. Black suede platform half boots that were comfortable. That was it.

Of course, I needed great earrings, an evening bag and my trademark silver and gold neckpieces as well as lots of undies, feminine nightwear, and a raincoat. Voila! Done.

My Packing Routine

I have my personal packing routine down to a science and it is guaranteed to work.

  1. CARRY-ON:  The 1st rule of thumb is to pack all medications, jewelry, belts, good evening handbags, laptops, chargers, sets of undies, small amounts of make-up and a great novel in your carry-on. Baggage gets lost and good items may disappear from your luggage.
  2. LUGGAGE: The 2nd rule of thumb is to pack all outfits (I pack for my husband, darlings) on hangers and cover them with plastic dry cleaner bags. Upon arrival, all outfits are removed from their plastic bags and hung in the closet.
  3. I pack all of my undies in ziplock bags from the Container Store or from my kitchen drawer.  Out of the suitcase and into the drawer of the hotel. This is my trick for not taking each item out at a time. It tends to be too time-consuming and frustrating when I want to go out and explore, not refold my undies.
  4. Sweaters go into Container Store see-through plastic bags that come in all sizes.
  5. Shoes go into see-through baggies.
  6. Cosmetics are in a hanging see-through long cosmetic bag that I can hang in the bathroom on a bathroom hook. I have girlfriends that pack their cosmetics in small Container Store see-through bags and then store them in a larger cosmetic bag. Not for me. I prefer to see everything in plastic in front of me.

Because of my routine, it takes little time to unpack and my clothing, in plastic, does not wrinkle.

Things I Always Pack

  1. My magnifying travel mirror.
  2. Extra Red Kabbalah Strings, our lucky charm, to guard and protect us in case ours fall off.
  3. My 27-year-old leather Chanel backpack. Hands-free everywhere!
  4. My tinted sunscreen, SkinCeuticals, SPF 50, has a perfect finish and is small for packing.
  5. My Apple MacBook Air.
  6. La Mer moisturizer.
  7. My curling iron.
  8. A small umbrella.
  9. Photo of passport and extra passport pictures and credit cards.
  10. A credit card without a foreign transaction fee.
  11. My ultimate concierge.

packing tips

What to Pack for a Cruise

First, know the dress codes for your particular cruise. Second, for first-time cruisers, you will probably not see your bags for the first five or six hours, so pack a swimsuit and cover up or a casual outfit in your carry-on so you won’t miss a half day of pleasure.

  1. Hanging make-up organizer because a typical cruise bathroom vanity has no room for cosmetics.
  2. Extra hangers if you don’t pack ‘my way.’
  3. A power strip for your computer, hairdryer, phone, or other electronics.
  4. Dramamine for motion sickness.
  5. Sneakers.
  6. Alarm clock.
  7. Cruise travel insurance policy and a picture of your passport, as well as extra passport pictures.
  8. Suitable attire for cruise ship formal night (a tux is no longer customary).
  9. Tote bag for shore excursions.
  10. A small umbrella.
  11. Reading material.
  12. Binoculars.
  13. Small bills for tips.
  14. Windbreaker.

How to Pack in One Carry-On Bag

My ultimate concierge and I were at O’Hare recently and ran into some close friends. They were on their way to New York for five days. Each had one carry-on bag for the entire five days. Period. I asked her for a few tips. She told me she layers her outfits and rolls many items.

There are many pluses to traveling with only a carry-on.  If you do decide to travel with just a carry-on, the first rule of thumb is to do your homework and invest in the best. Here are a few more pluses:

  1. Your carry-on will never get lost.
  2. You do not have to check your luggage or pay a baggage fee.
  3. You arrive at the airport and can immediately go right through security, avoiding the baggage claim and saving a lot of time.

What Will You Pack?

Memorial Day is just around the corner. Many of you will be traveling, including yours truly. Now is the time to do a little homework. Visit GOOGLE for advice and the Container Store for traveling products. I do hope I have given you a little help.

I hope you’ll join me and contribute to the conversation THIS THURSDAY on Facebook! In addition, I encourage you to share your thoughts on this story either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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  1. For over 25 years, I have packed only one carry-on…doesn’t matter if the trip was a weekend trip or for 3 weeks. Absolutely everything I needed fit in that carry-on. What I found simplified the process was that all the clothing I own/wear is black, white or grey. Everything can mix/match, and accessorizing is easy. Same thing for shoes and bags. Shampoos/conditioners,/hair products/ face cleaners/moisturizers – all these I squeeze some of the contents into individual ziplock bags which lay flat and do not take up much room. Makeup is narrowed down to the basics with 2 choices only. Jewelry – earrings and necklaces- 2 dress up, 3 everyday. I want my life to be as easy and simplified as possible and not having too many options and choices does just that for me.

  2. On a cruise in Alaska and in Sitka right now. My go to is Pinterest. So much helpful advice on what to pack!! I also used it a year ago when we were in London, Paris, Amsterdam. I wanted a light wardrobe and suggestions were so helpful!!

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