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The Amazing Benefits of Coffee for Hair and Skin Care

Coffee with Friends

The Amazing Benefits of Coffee for Hair and Skin Care

Coffee remains one of the most popular hot beverages worldwide including in the United States. A recent study from the National Coffee Association revealed that 64 percent of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee daily. In short, Americans find coffee irresistible.

Today’s Coffee Trends

Statistics show that Finland is leading the list of top coffee-producing countries. In fact, Scandinavian nations make up the top seven on the list, along with Belgium, Luxembourg, and Canada rounding up the list. Finland averages 11 kilograms of coffee per individual annually, with Sweden a little below 11 and Denmark at 10 kilograms each year.

Coffee has emerged as an essential element of food and beverage culture, not only in the United States but the whole world as well. In the same manner, different coffee trends have cropped up such as specialty coffees with distinct aromas and flavors. Other interesting vogues include more knowledgeable coffee drinkers who want to find out the origins of their beverage, the method of roasting, and the best brewing techniques.

Coffee’s Calming Effects

More than these trends, coffee lovers want to know the benefits of coffee; such as what good it does to the hair and skin. Of course, there are also many published articles that point at the soothing effects of coffee. Some regular drinkers of this cherished beverage insist coffee has a relaxing outcome and can even encourage sleep.

Coffee’s Anti-Aging Benefits

Some research has stated that drinking coffee reduces the rate of all possible causes of death. In research on the habits of some 120,000 persons drinking coffee (men and women,) researchers studied their intake of coffee and analyzed their health results. Those who drank this hot beverage did not manifest any increased threat of “all-cause” death. Neither did these people exhibit the risk of heart disease.

Likewise, caffeine, coffee’s primary active ingredient, may not only be a stimulant but a potent anti-aging substance. Caffeine has been associated with likely causes of improving one’s heart health. It can protect the body against persistent inflammation which happens as people grow older. Researchers from Stanford University conducted a study that discovered that high amounts of caffeine can neutralize chemical reactions that may activate inflammation.

Treat Dark Circles Beneath the Eyes

Another remarkable benefit that caffeine produces involves improving blood circulation by tightening your blood vessels. This ingredient can absorb water that has built up and crucial in lessening inflammation around the eyes. Coffee powder can turn out as an effective remedy combined with other natural products in removing these dark circles. You can even apply coffee directly to your skin since this practice helps reduce redness, sun spots, and fine lines. On the other hand, tannins present in coffee contain lightening properties that may help minimize these unsightly circles.

Coffee Powder for Hair Growth

Continuing research also showed that topical application of coffee on your scalp can possibly prevent hair loss that comes with aging. It may even stimulate hair regrowth. For men, hair loss usually starts as the sex hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone responsible for damaging the follicles. However, women who possess an excess of DHT can also suffer from baldness. A 2007 study uncovered that caffeine helped stop the DHT effects in hair follicles of men. It triggered the elongation of hair tubes which led to longer and broader hair roots.

As a proven stimulant, caffeine enhances the circulation of blood going to your follicles. This brings about faster growth and stronger growth while giving the look of full and thick hair. Besides, coffee can help you achieve the appearance of soft and shiny hair. Try washing with coffee-infused shampoo to treat the dullness and restore hair growth.

More Benefits than Downsides

Going through these amazing benefits can convince you that drinking and using coffee produces more advantages than disadvantages. Other publicized benefits include helping ease fatigue and increasing energy levels. At the same time, it may improve a person’s physical performance by energizing your nervous system and helping break down body fats. Finally, it can boost adrenaline or epinephrine levels in your blood. And remember, always make sure to check with a doctor; if coffee is not right for you, there are many other solutions for you to try.

I hope you enjoyed today’s article on the benefits of coffee for hair and skin. Have you ever used coffee-infused products for your skin and hair? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page!

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October 23, 2020

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