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Welcome to January – A Month for Daydreams

Darlings, let’s welcome in the New Year with anticipation, for we know January is the month to look ahead. Are you aware of the first step? Daydreams.

honey good in flower shop day dreaming

Choose to daydream this January.

Daydreams are filled with wondrous merit because they expose your inner yearnings. They are not silly. They are very telling. 

I pay close attention to my daydreams because I have learned that my dreams are authentic desires which can turn into fresh new beginnings.

Therefore, why not ask yourself, “If you could do anything in 2024 what would it be?” And, sweet reader, never think your aspiration is unattainable. Trust in yourself. You owe this to the you, in you. 


I am entering, like some of you, a transformative year. My hubby is still drinking Ensure instead of Chevis.  

I could be discontented with my present situation. But I am not, because I dream of ways to make our life as good as it can get. At times I am swept up in sadness and frustration, and I cry. This is healthy. 

Because of my DNA and life experiences I pack my daydreams, my realistic optimistic inner thoughts, with new ideas that give me an adrenaline rush, and I pursue it full force. And, that is the answer…be a persistent woman.  


Often times a woman crushes her own daydreams because of fear of the unknown. This is a pessimistic attitude. A realistic optimist believes her daydream can become her reality. She has hope, a plan, and fortitude. Remember, sweet reader, you only live once. You can make yourself do anything you want, just like the Little Engine that said, “I think I can, I think I can.”

From the time I was a young girl, I have followed my daydreams. I would come up with an idea in my head and with resilience I would ride my wave—never with fear of the unknown but with realistic optimism. This has boded me well through every stage of my life. And, it can bode you well, too. 

honey day dreaming at park

While walking, showering, or relaxing, take moments to daydream.



There is no exact timeline to following your daydreams. I have lived with a daydream for months and even years before I was certain that my new direction was sound. The daydream sequence is as important as the actual nod of… it’s a go. 

At other times, I instantly know my daydream was sound, and I plunged.  

We woman are intuitive and wise. We know! 


My late husband dreamed of moving to Honolulu, Hawaii. My answer for almost five years, “I cannot and do not want to leave our families.” During this time frame we vacationed in the Islands with our children. One day, after daydreaming about a possible move for years, I said to him, “I am five years older and ready for an adventure. I have decided I want to move with you to the Islands but with one caveat: if I am unhappy I will return home.”

In following this daydream, I made one of the best decisions of my life for myself, my husband, and our children. The exposure to a new lifestyle, the move across the sea, finding my way in a new city of a million people, Honolulu, as a young married woman with no friends or family grew my confidence. And, I was happy. I would move back to the Islands tomorrow. 


The moment I first laid eyes on my ultimate concierge I wanted to be his wife. He picked me up for brunch. His first words as he helped me into the car, “I feel I have known you.” My first feeling? A heart that went pitter patter. After a two-hour brunch, he said, “I have been widowed for six years and finally made a list of what I need in a wife. You fit all categories as long as you are not crazy.” I looked at him and replied, “If there is one thing I do know about myself, I am definitely not crazy!” I immediately knew the moment I saw him I wanted to be Mrs. Sheldon F. Good. The best decision of my life. And, it happened before either of us said a word.

So, go figure! A five year and split-second daydream both worked.

The morale of both stories, do your due diligence while you daydream, all the while trusting your heart, it knows. And, nothing good happens by accident. You have to climb the stairs. Riding the elevator is for sissies.

If you are ready to climb the first step towards your daydream, you’ll want to download my free workbook. It will guide you in setting and achieving your goals. You can download it here for FREE.

reach your goals, download Honey Good's new workbook to help with growth during transitions

Reach your goals! Click here to download my new e-workbook.


My ultimate concierge was in a hospital for 59 days. His broken hip healed well, his new pig’s valve is functioning perfectly. Two surgeries and a major complication coupled with isolation and lying in bed for so many days wreaks havoc on any person’s body. Recuperation takes a long time and is hard work. People who have been bedridden and isolated from the world for so many days suffer from deconditioning. Deconditioning affects every part of the human body.  

He is fortunate, after leaving Northwestern Hospital, to have been accepted at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab hospital for physical and occupational therapy. It is the #1 facility in the USA, in the top 5 in the world, and in walking distance from our condo in the sky. We are fortunate to have SR so close to our home. People of importance travel to Shirley Ryan. Christopher Reeves, Superman, spent three months at the institute. 

I am sure some of you are facing similar situations with partner or have your own health, family, monetary, or social problems. Do not let yourself despair. Daydream ways to activate your mind in positive ways so you can live in harmony with your situation. Let go of impossible illusions and replace them with possible solutions. 


On a ‘personal’ level my goal in 2024 is to guard my health, write a book, and possibly speak on women’s issues through The Speaker’s Bureaus. These are positive and exciting dreams that are whirling and twirling in my head. I am sure that I am going to do podcasts; interviewing guests on Honey Good on topics that interest you. Listen to my previous podcasts here.

I am also going to get involved in a charity. After searching in my daydreams for the perfect calling for over a year, I think I have finally found my niche. 

My ultimate concierge’s ‘personal’ goal is to spend three hours a day, three days a week at Shirley Ryan’s outpatient facility to continue his rehabilitation. 

As a couple ‘our personal goals’ are no longer in dream mode. To be home together after two months being apart is a lovely start. Later this year, we have scheduled a 24-day European cruise with friends in June. Finger’s crossed. And, we are set to stay on Fisher Island in Florida beginning February 15th. Finger’s crossed. 

honey and shelly good kiss on cheek

Being together is a good start to making my daydreams come true.


I refuse to see a bleak future, because I am an optimist who believes in a better future. I know it will only arrive with hope and a lot of hard work. It’s worth it to turn my wishes into reality.

Darlings, we have a choice when life throws us unpleasant disruptions. It begins with a positive daydreaming sequence. Ultimately your daydream will become reality. You then begin your performance. Your performance, or purpose, is your positive power.  A woman’s positive power is potent. The combination of the three P’s is an elixir, a potion of beneficial juices that run through a woman’s veins. I know the feeling and it is yummy. 

How each of us finds our elixir is personal. I suggest repeating a relished daydream while lying in bed, driving your car, taking a shower, sitting at your desk, or walking your pooch night after night. When you feel your daydream is actionable create a personal statement for your goal for 2024.  


“My ultimate concierge’s and my path in 2024 will be filled with wondrous intrigue, as a couple, that will lure us into pursuing positive gains at a slower and gentler pace.” Amen. 

My personal goal for 2024 is to have constant hope. Amen.

What is your personal statement and goal for 2024? Write it in the comments and make it a reality.

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January 7, 2024

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  1. Sandrala says:

    Honey, YOU are one of my female role models. I am in the process of formulating my goals for this year. At 74, single & a dialysis patient, I have many options of directions to go. The world is still at our footsteps! You go, Girl!!

  2. SoCalAllison says:

    Sometimes hope is all we need to move onward. I changed my Little Engine to day: “I KNOW I CAN!” It moves me forward every day. At my lowest time medically and personally, I headed out every morning 3x a week for physical therapy at 7:30am. It began my day early and with good people who encouraged me. It kept me going. For 28 weeks, they worked with me to strengthen my muscles do they could relearn what they once knew well. May your husband also find that strength of purpose and fulfillment with his therapist team. Life is what we make of it and those whom we surround ourselves with make the journey more pleasant and inspiring. May 2024 be a blaze of vibrancy & good health to you both! Blessings!

  3. patricia nisenholz says:

    41 years ago my children and I followed my husband’s daydream to Chicagoland from NJ where our families were. I made it very clear: ONE year & if we 3 were not happy ~ we were going back. The rest as they say “is history”. Best decision EVAH!

    • Susan Good says:

      I love the word, EVAH! If you don’t mind may I use it in a story? Have a good one in Chicagoland. Warmly, Honey

  4. janice gineris says:

    Happy to read that you are getting the original honeygood back! Tough times and endless wanderlust do go together. You are making it work! Bravo!!!

    • Susan Good says:

      I am smiling, soul sister! Thank you for your optimistic message. I just love, love, love, the word, wanderlust. It can affect every part of one’s day from cooking the perfect baked potato to traveling the world. Sending friendship and …wanderlust to you xo

  5. Joann D'Angelo says:

    Blessings to you and your husband❤️
    A positive attitude is key, and you Honey, have that in the bag!

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